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  1. 1. Now that you know how important SEO (search engine optimisation) is in your online business life and how to be successful in online marketing,
  2. 2. the next step that you should do is to know some of the best local SEO strategies that are available.
  3. 3. These local SEO tips will surely help you get onto the right path towards your online marketing success. If you will be able to know what these local SEO practices are and the tips that go with them, there is a huge chance for you to be a very successful online marketer in the industry that you are in.
  4. 4. Before you can move on and learn the best local SEO tips, we must primarily focus on the word local and its relevance to Google. Why local?
  5. 5. Have you heard of Google Pigeon? If you havent heard all about Google Pigeon yet, this will be your first step to know briefly what it is and how it can help you.
  6. 6. Last July 24th of this year, Google has introduced to the whole world its new local search algorithm and its called Google Pigeon. This algorithm has created closer ties between the core and local algorithms.
  7. 7. For big websites, this is a cause for alarm. But, for local businesses, it has a huge positive impact on them. The new algorithm affects search results within Google Web Search & Google Maps.
  8. 8. If this will give local businesses the edge, international businesses should be fair and square in their respective local SEO campaigns to keep up with the competition.
  9. 9. According to various sources including Google, this kind of algorithm prevents spamming and discourages black hat SEO practices such as keyword stuffing and invisible text, to name a few. This will give fair play to everyone.
  10. 10. If every business do fair and square SEO for their respective listings, each of them will have a chance to compete in the international market. In short, be visible first in your own local listings to be visible in the international listings.
  11. 11. If you want to be ahead in the competition, you should practice these SEO campaigns by learning these SEO tips.
  12. 12. You have to ensure that all details about your company should be visible on all of your websites pages.
  13. 13. Every time a user navigates throughout your website, detailed information about your company from your companys name, contact information, a little information about what you are offering and how they will order from you should always be visible and updated.
  14. 14. That means that you need to stay focused on your webpages, on-page SEO. It is also important that your UI or User Interface and UX or User Experience are executed perfectly so that users can interact with you as they go along sifting through all your pages.
  15. 15. You should go to directory listings and get your local citations from there. Just like in the Yellow Pages of a telephone directory, your business should also be promoted online through these online listings.
  16. 16. Google has provided all businesses with Google+ Business Page. You also need to fully utilise this one as it is even more reliable and reputable than your website and the directory listings combined.
  17. 17. Once you have done this, people will find your listing on Google, then, they can access your Google+ page, learn more about your company and your products or services and, eventually, learn how to get in contact with you and place their order.
  18. 18. Google also recognised these sites to be very credible and respected. Optimising your social networking pages can also give you the respect, reputation and credibility that your website deserves.
  19. 19. Just make sure you also put all the details about your company and never forget the importance of smaller details like pictures, images, or videos. Make sure all the information about your company is complete and updated.
  20. 20. Google loves to read reviews that your customers leave on your website. So, make sure that you encourage your customers to make their own reviews about you, your company and the things that you offer online.
  21. 21. Another important tip for local SEO that you should not overlook is the value of mobile marketing. You should see to it that your website is responsive.
  22. 22. A responsive website is a type of website that can be viewed at any screen size not only on your desktop PC or laptops screen but also on smaller ones like those of your mobile gadgets like iPhone, Android phones and tablets.
  23. 23. Google loves it when your website is responsive. Remember, most people these days carry their mobile gadgets with them and they would surf the internet or even buy online using Smartphones for convenience.
  24. 24. PPC or pay-per-click ads can also help you with your local online business campaign. It is important that when a user has made a search query and your site pops-up search results, as well as ads.
  25. 25. Always do your keyword research religiously and continuously. Keyword optimisation is also a major key in successful online business ventures.
  26. 26. Always do your keyword research religiously and continuously. Keyword optimisation is also a major key in successful online business ventures. If you keep on doing keyword research, you will also improve your site, your PPC ads and landing pages.
  27. 27. Keywords are basic things that will make people find you. If you know what they are looking for and how they type it on their browser, you will really get to the top and ahead of your competitors.
  28. 28. These are just some of the top local SEO tips that you need to learn and youve got to learn it by heart. You may have to have somebody like an SEO company to help you with your SEO campaigns.
  29. 29. Yet, it is much better that you also learn these tips. After all, it is your website, it is your business and it is you who will gain financially from it and not other people, right?
  30. 30. References: Black Swan Digital Perth, Western Australia 1800 252 257