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Workshop delivered at the CILIPS Annual Conference, Mitchell Library, Glasgow on Tuesday, 7 June 2011 by Jason Miles-Campbell


<ul><li> 1. Ten Top Copyright Tips for Librarians and Information Professionals in the Digital Age <br />CILIPS Annual Conference<br />Glasgow, 7 June 2011<br />79<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Hi!<br /></p> <ul><li> Jason Miles-Campbell JISC Legal Service Manager 3. 4.0141 548 4939</li></ul><p> 6. Copyright in One Slide<br />Copyright controls copying and other restricted acts<br />You must own copyright, or have the permission of the copyright holder, in order to do the restricted acts<br />A few education/library relevant exceptions<br /> 7. Who Owns The Copyright?<br />The author / creator in general<br />The employer (s.11 CDPA 1988)<br />Commissioned materials:contractor has copyright unless otherwise stated<br />Assignment and licensing<br /> 8. I Just Want Some Content<br />Use out-of-copyright material<br />Use open licence copyright material(though be aware of conditions!)<br />Use copyright exceptions<br />Use blanket licence<br /> 9. I Want THAT Content<br />Check it is in copyright<br />Consider whether an exception applies<br />Consider the use of a blanket licence<br />Obtain permission directly<br />Do not ignore copyright<br /> 10. Top Tip 1<br />Facilitation, not Compliance<br />Copyright is good!<br />How to use other peoples stuff online<br />Confidence!<br /> 11. Top Tip 2<br />Look in the Pantry!<br />Find out what youve got before you go shopping youve got ingredients already!<br />Blanket licences<br />Open licences<br /> 12. Top Tip 3<br />Let Users Deal Fairly<br />Where circumstances and purposes allow, let users do itfor themselves<br /> 13. Top Tip 4<br />The Examination Creation<br />Exemption for examinations<br />Summativeassessment<br /> 14. Licensed to Inspire<br />Top Tip 5<br />Licences are key<br />Licences set bounds<br />Blanket licences<br />Negotiating licences<br /> 15. Top Tip 6<br />Spread the Licence Word<br />Find out what licences you hold<br />Understand whatthey allow<br />Tell your staff<br />JISC Legal resource<br /> 16. Top Tip 7<br />Make Holdings Into Usings<br />Change of focus<br />Having isnt enough<br />Understanding reusein the digital world<br /> 17. Ask!<br />Top Tip 8<br />Seeking permission isnt always tough<br />Prepare for noand silence<br />Consider acentral function<br /> 18. Copyright on the Agenda<br />Top Tip 9<br />Efficient, effectivee-learning<br />Support andassistance<br />Clear ownership<br /> 19. Born to Make You Happy<br />Top Tip 10<br />Sources of information and guidance<br />Who is it at your institution?<br />JISC Legal<br />Licence providers<br />Lots of help!<br /> 20. More Help!<br />The JISC Legal Copyright Webcasts<br />Available at:<br /><br /> 21. Sources of Support<br /><br /> JISC project, with many useful, practical guides, forms and templates<br /> Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988<br /> 22. Sources of Support<br />The Licensing<br /> 23. Sources of Support<br /> collective licensing organisation<br /> UK Government-backed home of intellectual property on the Internet<br /> 24. ?<br />Any Questions?<br /></p>