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Workshop delivered at the CILIPS Annual Conference, Mitchell Library, Glasgow on Tuesday, 7 June 2011 by Jason Miles-Campbell


  • 1. Ten Top Copyright Tips for Librarians and Information Professionals in the Digital Age
    CILIPS Annual Conference
    Glasgow, 7 June 2011

2. Hi!

  • Jason Miles-Campbell JISC Legal Service Manager 3. 4.0141 548 4939

6. Copyright in One Slide
Copyright controls copying and other restricted acts
You must own copyright, or have the permission of the copyright holder, in order to do the restricted acts
A few education/library relevant exceptions
7. Who Owns The Copyright?
The author / creator in general
The employer (s.11 CDPA 1988)
Commissioned materials:contractor has copyright unless otherwise stated
Assignment and licensing
8. I Just Want Some Content
Use out-of-copyright material
Use open licence copyright material(though be aware of conditions!)
Use copyright exceptions
Use blanket licence
9. I Want THAT Content
Check it is in copyright
Consider whether an exception applies
Consider the use of a blanket licence
Obtain permission directly
Do not ignore copyright
10. Top Tip 1
Facilitation, not Compliance
Copyright is good!
How to use other peoples stuff online
11. Top Tip 2
Look in the Pantry!
Find out what youve got before you go shopping youve got ingredients already!
Blanket licences
Open licences
12. Top Tip 3
Let Users Deal Fairly
Where circumstances and purposes allow, let users do itfor themselves
13. Top Tip 4
The Examination Creation
Exemption for examinations
14. Licensed to Inspire
Top Tip 5
Licences are key
Licences set bounds
Blanket licences
Negotiating licences
15. Top Tip 6
Spread the Licence Word
Find out what licences you hold
Understand whatthey allow
Tell your staff
JISC Legal resource
16. Top Tip 7
Make Holdings Into Usings
Change of focus
Having isnt enough
Understanding reusein the digital world
17. Ask!
Top Tip 8
Seeking permission isnt always tough
Prepare for noand silence
Consider acentral function
18. Copyright on the Agenda
Top Tip 9
Efficient, effectivee-learning
Support andassistance
Clear ownership
19. Born to Make You Happy
Top Tip 10
Sources of information and guidance
Who is it at your institution?
JISC Legal
Licence providers
Lots of help!
20. More Help!
The JISC Legal Copyright Webcasts
Available at:
21. Sources of Support JISC project, with many useful, practical guides, forms and templates Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
22. Sources of Support
The Licensing
23. Sources of Support collective licensing organisation UK Government-backed home of intellectual property on the Internet
24. ?
Any Questions?