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  • 1. Google Tips for Teachers Top Ten By: Amy Vaughn

2. 10 Google Scholar This is a wonderful resource to give students. This would help teach students where to get a good resource and what qualities a good resource would have. 3. 9 Google Squared I used this link with every subject and there was something available. I think that this would be a wonderful asset for any classroom. 4. 8 Picasa This would be a wonderful asset for the classroom. The teacher could control images being used in the classroom as well as the endless possibilities. Some uses could be newsletters, reports, and subject albums. 5. 7 Google Books This would be good for quick resources for classroom research. This would help the student narrow their search field. 6. 6 Google Groups Students will be able to collaborate outside the classroom with more ease. Collaboration is a must this day and time. Students would be able to share materials for a class project. 7. 5 Google Custom Search Engine This is a wonderful tool for any teacher. A custom search engine can be created for your students to search. 8. 4 Google Mobile Application The students and teachers can use this technology to do quick searches to increase learning. 9. 3 Access Google Books This would be great for the classroom teacher to use the Androids and iphones to their advantage. The teacher can assign on line books for the students to read and they can be accessed by other technology as well. 10. 2 Google Wave This would be a great communication tool for any school. Teachers and administrators can work and collaborate together on projects. 11. 1 Blogger I feel that this would be a wonderful way to communicate with the masses whether that is the parent or the student. 12. References Fancast Image. Late Show Top Ten Image. Retrieved from the World Wide Web February 6, 2010. Theme Songs Hut. 2009. Late Show Theme Song. Retrieved from the World Wide Web February 7, 2010.