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<ul><li><p>Top TenGoogleTips for TeachersMolly Wilson</p></li><li><p>#10Canned Responses</p><p>Save time when emailing parents and fellow teachers by saving common replies as Canned Responses</p></li><li><p>#9Never Forgetto Attach a FileForgotten Attachment Detector notifies you if you have mentioned an attachment in the body of an email and try to send it without the actual attachment. </p></li><li><p>#8Save webpages as PDFs</p><p>This bookmarklet lets you save any webpage as a PDFs - a perfect backup for those days when the server is down</p></li><li><p>#7Create Graphs from SpreadsheetsDisplay student information in pie, bar, line and scatter graphs by using Google docs spreadsheets- great for data chat presentations and student projects</p></li><li><p>#6Google ScholarSpecify Google searches to only yield results from academic literature-Help students find reliable resources when researching</p></li><li><p>#5PicasaCreate web albums of class events and happenings-Share pics with parents and faculty through email invitations</p></li><li><p>#4Google SketchUpEasily draw and manipulate 3D figures-Adds dimension to any geometry lesson</p></li><li><p>#3Google Earth 5View the galaxy, ocean floor, shipwrecks, cities and terrain all in 3D-Travel the world without leaving your classroom</p></li><li><p>#2Add video to your presentationsEnhance your lessons by easily adding video through Google docs-Take one-on-one instruction to a whole new level</p></li><li><p>#1Google Wave-Communicate in real-time to collaborate with colleagues.-Share videos, photos, maps and more while editing documents.-See your revisions take place through live messaging</p><p>-Students and Teachers can work across the globe from within the classroom!</p></li></ul>