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  1. 1. Top Tips for Local SEO 1-888-240-0606 | [email protected]
  2. 2. Todays marketing world has come full-circle, now emphasizing the value of local SEO and local search. This is due, mostly, to the growing use of mobile devices to access information about local products and services.
  3. 3. Local SEO doesnt mean just slapping your city name on the beginning or end of your researched keywords
  4. 4. Always enlist the help of professional SEO companies if you are unsure of how to approach local SEO Local SEO Tips 1
  5. 5. Check every directory listing available. Ensure that your business name, contact information, and details are identical on every site. This ensures continuity and increases your search rankings and credibility. Local SEO Tips 2
  6. 6. Never leave a page of content un-optimized. Your domain name, keywords, business contact information, and even your syndicated articles and blog content need to be optimized for local SEO. Local SEO Tips 3 The more you optimize, the better you will rank.
  7. 7. Encourage your customers to post reviews, and respond to them accordingly. Not only will this help you build credibility, but it will build your local presence and help you see how your business is doing. Local SEO Tips 4
  8. 8. Social media engagement is a must. Engage with your audience, provide relevant, authoritative information, and make sure that your social media marketing is on point for the best local SEO results. Local SEO Tips 5 For more Information Visit: