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Toronto is one of the beautiful cities in the world. in this Presentation you will find about Toronto.



2. History 'Toronto' means 'place where trees stand in the water. Toronto grew slowly in the initial years and was used by the British primarily as a naval base In 1998, the current City of Toronto was amalgamated from its six prior municipalities and regional government. 3. Area It is the largest city of Canada and provincial capital of Ontario. The City of Toronto covers an area of 641 square kilometres (247 sq mi) and is bounded by Lake Ontario to the south, Highway 427 to the west, Steeles Avenue to the north, and the Rouge River to the east 4. Population Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. In 2004, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ranked Toronto second, behind Miami, in its "List of World Cities with the Largest Percentage of Foreign-born Population It is the most populace metropolitan area of Canada. Its population is about 5.6 million. 5. Religion Islam (5.5%) Roman Catholicism (33.4%) Hinduism (4.1%) Judaism (3.5%) Roman Catholicism (33.4%) Anglican Church (5.9%) Buddhism (4.0%) Sikhism (4.0%) Secularism (16.6)% 6. Economy Its stock exchange is worlds 8th highest stock exchange. The citys budget for the fiscal year 2008 was $8.17 billion. It is the 3rd largest financial centre in north America. Almost all major companies in Canada have their HQ in Toronto. It is 10th most economically powerful city ahead Madrid & Mexico. 7. Communication There are a hundreds of channel available in different Languages. The cable provider is Rogers Cable Network. 48 radio channels and 9 types of newspapers are available in different languages like English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French and as well as Hindi and Urdu. The Rogers is the best and largest telecommunication service provider in Toronto. 8. Transportation Inter city bus service. Intercity and out city train services. Toronto Pearson's international airport, the most busiest in Canada. Best global airport by a UK company. 9. Media Largest media market of Canada , 4th largest of N.Amrica Wireless Toronto and some other companies are providing free wireless net facility. There is not a single place where u cant able to talk through wireless connectivity. The Toronto media is as strong as The States, like States has CNN and Toronto has National Geographic Channel. 10. Culture It is a multicultural city. Chinese , French, white, Asian, African, means all types of peoples have their own societies. Tourism generates $400 million every year. Almost more than 1 million peoples are migrated from different part of the world. 49% of total population born outside Canada. 11. Business It is the one of top financial city in the world. Top industries are Film, Manufacturing, banking, mortgage companies, etc. It ranked as the most expensive city to live in Canada. It is considered as the Economic Engine of Canada.. Most of people like to do their own business. 12. Discovery of insulin by Banting & Best Invention of PEBLUM Anti-rabies vaccine University of Toronto has more Medical Faculty and Students/Ph.D.s than Harvard 13. This presentation has been downloaded from My Perception


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