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Presentation about UX deliverables and design process for dev/haag Meetup on Jan. 21, 2011.


elements ofuser experiencea tour of user experience deliverablespeter boersmadev/haag, January 21, 2011events4,000 p a r t i c i p a n t s20 c o u n t r i e s50 c o n s u l t a n c i e sconsultinge x p e r i e n c eresearche x p e r i e n c edesigne x p e r i e n c estrategyhundredso f a r t i c l e sr+d8b o o k sthousandso f r e a d e r sAdaptive Path helps teams and organizations create products and services that deliver great experiences to improve peoples lives. three locationsclients world-wideelements ofuser experiencea tour of user experience deliverables20012011moreelements ofuser experiencea tour of user experience deliverables?DesignResearchStrategyProcessEvaluationManageBusinessDesignStrategyResearchProcessManageBusinessStrategyEvaluationDesignResearchtheseinfluence theUser Experience too!typicalUser-Centered Designelements ofuser experiencea tour of user experience deliverableselements ofuser experiencea tour of user experience deliverablesBusinessDesignResearchEvaluationStrategyManagePitchScenariosPositionService DesignRoadmapPrototypeRequirementsReviewTestScopeOptimizeEstimateBetaConceptDetailed DesignSketchPersonasCompetitionProcessRolesStepsInterviewsBusinessPitchScenariosEstimateDesignResearchEvaluationStrategyManagePositionService DesignRoadmapPrototypeRequirementsReviewTestScopeOptimizeBetaConceptDetailed DesignSketchPersonasCompetitionProcessRolesStepsInterviewspitching is all abouten-vision-inga tour of user experience deliverablesBusinessPitchScenariosEstimatemanyanda lotare good first guesses!outputassumptionscalculationsexplanationsriskswhen possibleinput for estimatesscope itemsrequirementsapproachteam skillsexperience with subjectexperience with clientexperience of clientwhen availableexample outputassumingwe design 10 wireframes(5 complex + 5 medium) + 15 componentswe estimatewe need 320 hours(5x16 + 5x12 + 15x12)butwe dont know the developers documentation needsoutputassumptionscalculations(explanations)risks1. make estimates honest2. use margins to wow clienta tour of user experience deliverablesBusinessPitchScenariosEstimateBusinessPitchScenariosEstimateStrategyPositionCompetitionStrategyPositionCompetitionknow your enemy(Sun Tzu, The Art of War)a tour of user experience deliverablesStrategyPositionCompetitionResearchPersonasInterviewsbusiness stakeholdersaskwhat is the idea?will it help you reach your goals?will customers accept it?why now?how fast can you move?and find out value of answersask: what is the idea?ask: why now?and find out the value of answersusersaskwho are you?what do you use now?how do you feel about it?when is it a good/bad day?what should it be like?and find out value of answersCan you please describe your role? Hardware Engineer System Engineer Field Application Engineer Software Engineer Board Engineer Test Engineer Quality Engineer Component Engineer Other Engineering role Program/Project Manager Purchase Manager Purchaser Sourcer Do you use social media as part of your job? Yes. I often use social media for work. I rarely use social media for work. No. I never use social media for work. 0.00 0.50 1.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 General Product Information Application Information Block Diagrams (or other visualizations) Sustainability Environmental Information Price Rich Media (Videos, Interactives, etc.) What information is most important to you? (1 = most important / 3 = third most important) ask: who are you? etc.What is the size of the organization where you work (all locations combined?) Less than 10 employees 10 to 100 employees 100 to 500 employees 1,000 to 10,000 employees 10,000 to 100,000 employees More than 100,000 employees and find out the value of answersyou are not the usera tour of user experience deliverablesResearchPersonasInterviewswhere do they come from?find personas in the dataa tour of user experience deliverablesSketchDesignConceptDetailed DesignResearchPersonasInterviewsSketching with markersYellow markerFatRegularSmallGray markerSharpie markersStart hereMore attentionDepth:Pop forwardPush backLook at me!Its not about HOW to sketch, but WHAT to sketchyou can never havetoo many sketchesa tour of user experience deliverablesSketchDesignConceptDetailed Designa personal, retail bankwhere you learn about, configure and buy products & servicesalone, based on stories, or with an advisorwww.BigDutchBank.comis...LifePlayLearnBuyflow: confirm appointmentexpress concepts assentence, model or flow(or a mix)a tour of user experience deliverablesSketchDesignConceptDetailed Designifthe level of detailin your design specification goes up like this:thenit may be time to write more formal design specification documentsmake design specificationsmatch the needs of the projecta tour of user experience deliverablesEvaluationPrototypeTestDesignConceptDetailed DesignSketchuse what you like:paper, PowerPoint, Excel, Axure, Flash or HTML,butprototypea tour of user experience deliverablesEvaluationPrototypeTestobserverfacilitatorparticipanttry any of theseremote usability testing toolsread this book1. test early & often2. have a test strategya tour of user experience deliverablesEvaluationPrototypeTestManageScopeOptimizeBetaeasy hardcontributeessentialquickwinrepair qualitywinner!pickjust a few of these for your project!1. classify scope-items2. select the winnersa tour of user experience deliverablesManageScopeOptimizeBetaManageScopeOptimizeBetaexperimentto learn what worksfor your designa tour of user experience deliverablesManageScopeOptimizeBetaProcessBusinessPitchScenariosEstimateDesignResearchEvaluationStrategyPositionPrototypeTestConceptDetailed DesignSketchPersonasCompetitionInterviewsProcessService DesignRoadmapRequirementsReviewRolesStepsManageScopeOptimizeBetaBusinessPitchScenariosEstimateDesignResearchEvaluationStrategyPositionPrototypeTestConceptDetailed DesignSketchPersonasCompetitionInterviewsProcessService DesignRoadmapRequirementsReviewRolesStepsA B?A B21 3 4C D2a1 3 52b4b4a4c6SITEMAPwireframesrequire-mentsusability testScreenFLOWproto-typedesignprinciplesPersona1 2 3 4PersonaSITEMAPwireframesrequire-mentsusability testScreenFLOWproto-typedesignprinciplesA Buserresearchconceptdesigndetaileddesignprototype & evaluateC Duserresearchconceptdesigndetaileddesign prototype & evaluateuserresearchprototype & evaluateprototype & evaluatePersonaA B21 3 4?userreseachconcept designdetaileddesignprototype & evaluatePersonaSITEMAPwireframesrequire-mentsusability testScreenFLOWproto-typedesignprinciplesdont copya design process diagram;create your ownuser experience design processesProcessService DesignRoadmapRequirementsReviewRolesStepsBusinessDesignResearchEvaluationStrategyManagePitchScenariosPositionService DesignRoadmapPrototypeRequirementsReviewTestScopeOptimizeEstimateBetaConceptDetailed DesignSketchPersonasCompetitionProcessRolesStepsInterviewsQuestions?peter boersmaelements ofuser experiencea tour of user experience deliverablespeter boersma