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Toyota Hilux Brochure


Sleek and advanced, yet robust, tough and formidable, the Hilux has been changing the shape of your world. It equips your drive with remarkable power and extraordinary torque, so you can navigate and conquer the most challenging landscapes with ease and confidence. And because of its legendary durability and reliability, you can count on the Hilux to deliver you, and your cargo to your destination time after time.



130 380 110 TORQUE (Nm) OUTPUT (kW) Power 300 70 260 50 220 90




40 Torque

0 Torque1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000


1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000







80 Power

1KD-FTV Max Power 120kW (163PS) / 3,400rpm Max Torque 343Nm / 1,400-3,200rpm

2KD-FTV VNT Max Power 106kW (144PS) / 3,400rpm Max Torque 343Nm / 1,600-2,800rpm

Toyota Outstanding Performance (TOP) PlatformThe TOP Platform is a strong and durable frame, structurally improved to take any impact; and built together with reliable suspension systems to ensure better handling and ride comfort.

D-4D Common Rail Intercooler VNT EngineThe Hilux is powered by D-4D Common Rail Intercooler Variable Nozzle Turbo (VNT), 16-Valve DOHC Diesel engines. The high power and long-flat torque curve demonstrates an extremely efficient engine. It provides greater fuel efficiency and smooth, responsive acceleration from start until reaching medium to high speed. The intercooler cools the temperature of air passing through it, prior to entering the engine. The cooled air becomes denser and more oxygen-rich, enabling better combustion. Hence, it maximises engine power efficiency.

H4: High Gear 4WD

Variable Nozzle Turbo (VNT)Exhaust Gas

The nozzle vanes are optimally adjusted according to driving conditions, controlling exhaust gas pressure and flow speed into the turbine according to demand. This improves low end torque, maximising engine output at all times. Consequently, fuel efficiency is enhanced while reducing emissions.

L4: Low Gear 4WD

Low Engine SpeedDuring low engine speed, the exhaust gas pressure is weak and turbine spin is minimal. The vanes on the turbine can automatically alter their opening angle to be narrow, increasing the exhaust gas flow speed and pressure. As a result, turbine spin is increased, improving low end torque, giving stronger pulling power & acceleration at low speed.

H2: High Gear 2WD

Automatic Disconnecting Differential* (ADD) & Part-time 4WDWith ADD, you can easily switch between 2WD and 4WD while the Hilux is in motion. This part-time 4WD feature is most useful when the road conditions are constantly changing.* Available with Double Cab variants only.

High Engine SpeedWhen the engine is running in the medium-to-high speed range, the exhaust gas pressure is sufficient to spin the turbine, thus improving engine output and fuel efficiency.

Variants shown are Hilux 3.0G in Super White II and Hilux 2.5G in Dark Steel Mica with optional Sports Bar.

Variant shown is Hilux 3.0G in Dark Steel Mica with optional Sports Bar.

1. i) HeadlampsThe powerful headlamps give optimum brightness and light distribution to maximise visibility. The protruding headlamp profile gives the Hilux a powerful, commanding image.

ii) Radiator Grille & Scoop (Hood Air Intake)The grille has a wide frame with bold horizontal bars. Together with the hood air intake scoop, they enhance the Hiluxs tough, yet refined, image.

iii) FoglampsThe foglamps integrate well with the front bumper design, to increase visibility and provide a wider angle of illumination.(Available with 3.0G and 2.5G variants only)

2. Power-Adjustable And Retractable Wing MirrorsAt the touch of a button, you can adjust the wing mirrors to your ideal viewing angle, or fold them in when parked. (Available with 3.0G variant only)

The Hiluxs commanding exterior design projects a progressive image with its sleek, bold looks, which complement its powerful engine and impressive performance. Vertical flowing lines connect the hood, front grille and bumper, whilst the fenders have rearward-flowing horizontal lines that give the Hilux a sharp, advancing image. Striking looks that give you a feeling of confidence and courage, even before you step inside.

3. Short-pole AntennaThe angled antenna gives the Hilux a more sporty image.(Available with Double Cab variants only)

4. Large Cargo DeckThe spacious cargo deck can accommodate virtually anything you need to transport. The surface is protected by a tough scratch-resistant bedliner*.(*Standard for Double Cab variants and optional for Single Cab variant)

5. i) Alloy RimsAlloy rims designed with machined groove spokes complement the overall advanced look of the vehicle.(Available with 3.0G and 2.5G variants only)

ii) High Ground ClearanceThe Hilux stands impressively tall, so you can take on the challenging terrain and overcome obstacles with ease.

Variant shown is Hilux 3.0G with optional DVD-AVN (Audio-Video Navigation) System.

1. Steering Wheel with Audio and MID SwitchSteering wheel designed for excellent operability, incorporating control switches for Audio and Multi-Information Display (MID) functions.(Available with 3.0G variant only)

2. Optitron MeterMeter panel designed with silver finish gives a fresh, high-quality feel. The amber illumination enhances meter visibility.(Available with 3.0G variant only)

3. Audio SystemStay entertained on your drive with the 2-DIN Head Unit CD Player with Tuner, MP3, AUX-Jack, USB, Bluetooth & 6 Speakers.(Available with 3.0G and 2.5G variants only)

4. Sunglass HolderA convenient storage space that keeps your sunglasses within easy reach.Variant shown is Hilux 3.0G with optional DVD-AVN (Audio-Video Navigation) System.

(Available with Double Cab variants only)

5. Multi-Information Display (MID) The interior design combines sophisticated modernism with the Hiluxs inbuilt toughness. The instrument panel and darker grey interior colour scheme make the overall cabin feel advanced and sporty. All the important controls are within easy reach so you can confidently focus on the road ahead.The display presents useful real-time vehicle and driving information clearly, to view at a glance.(Available with 3.0G variant only)

6. Knee RoomRear passengers have ample room to stretch their legs on long journeys, thanks to cleverly laid out seats.(Available with Double Cab variants only)

7. Rear Tip-up SeatJust tip the rear seat up for space to accommodate large items like luggage and cooler-boxes.(Available with Double Cab variants only)

8. Cupholders & Smart StorageThings needed during travel can be conveniently and neatly placed or hidden away.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES1. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)Prevents wheel lock-ups during sudden braking, ensuring vehicle stability and keeping the driver in control, allowing him to steer around obstacles while braking.(Available with 3.0G and 2.5G variants only)

Enhance your Hilux with a combination of genuine Toyota optional accessories that are designed for you and your needs.

Sports BarIt makes the tough Hilux look even tougher.(Optional for Double Cab variants only)

2. Dual SRS AirbagsThe dual SRS airbags inflate to protect the drivers and front passengers heads and torsos in the event of a frontal collision.(Available with 3.0G and 2.5G variants only)

BedlinerThe bedliner improves the look of the cargo deck, while protecting it from unsightly scratches.(Standard for Double Cab variants only) (Optional for Single Cab variants only)

Built tough from the start, the Hilux has been perfected through years of actual on-the-road (and off-the-road) experience. In addition, innovative active and passive safety systems keep you protected at all times.

3. GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment ) BodyThe Hilux body is comprised of a reinforced cabin with front and rear crumple zones that absorb impact by dissipating energy across the entire body.

4. Vehicle Security SystemThe Hilux is equipped with an engine immobiliser to keep the vehicle safe and secure, on top of tilt and cabin sensors, a siren with back-up battery and auto door lock.(Available with 3.0G and 2.5G variants only)

DVD-AVN (Audio-Video Navigation) System with Reverse CameraComes with a large 7 touch screen display with Bluetooth, Smartphone Link* and Voice Recognition. The Smartphone Link* lets you connect with an iPhone or MirrorLinkTM compatible devices, and operate selected smartphone applications from the DVD-AVN head unit. Features built-in navigation maps for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, customised with the Toyota network, and a Gyro-speed sensor that operates even when the signal is lost (e.g. driving through a tunnel). Reverse Camera displays rear view on the DVD-AVNs screen.(For safety reasons, some functions are disabled while vehicle is in motion). *Compatible with selected smartphones only. For details, please contact your nearest Toyota showroom.

DVD-AVX (Audio-Video Auxiliary) System with Reverse CameraAccess a wide selection of songs and media at your fingertips with the 2-DIN Head Unit DVD Player which comes with a large 5.8 touch screen display, Tuner, MP3, AUX-Jack, USB, SD Card Slot and Bluetooth. Reverse Camera displays rear view on the DVD-AVXs screen.(Optional for 3.0G and 2.5G variants only)

5. i) Limited Slip Differential (LSD)Distributes torque to wheels for traction to help the driver obtain better control, for added safety.

ii) Load Sensing Proportioning & Bypass Valve (LSP & BV)


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