TPR Warm-up Game June 21, 2006. Let’s give him a big hand. Let’s take a break. Let’s take a nap. Let’s go. Let’s say goodbye

Download TPR Warm-up Game June 21, 2006. Let’s give him a big hand. Let’s take a break. Let’s take a nap. Let’s go. Let’s say goodbye

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>TPR Warm-up Game June 21, 2006 Slide 2 Lets give him a big hand. Lets take a break. Lets take a nap. Lets go. Lets say goodbye. Slide 3 Lets Play Ball! Touch the ball. Bounce the ball. Roll the ball. Kick the ball. Stop the ball. Slide 4 TPR in the Classroom Throw the ball. Catch the ball. Drop the ball. Pick-up the ball. Duck! Slide 5 Dodge Ball Words: team player ball out jail catch throw hit pick-up Duck! Slide 6 How to Play Dodge Ball: First, we have two teams. Second, we have a ball. Next, we throw the ball. Finally, if the player catches the ball, I am out. But, if the player is hit, he or she is out. The team with the most people out looses. Slide 7 TPR in the Classroom Take out your key. Unlock the door. Open the door. Close the door. Lock the door. Slide 8 Mothers Day Second (2 nd ) Sunday in May Give her a card Give her a flower (a red carnation) Give her a kiss Give her a gift Give her a hug Give her a massage Slide 9 TPR Get up. Stretch. Brush your teeth. Wash your face. Get dressed. Slide 10 Go downstairs. Go to the dining room. Eat an egg. Have some toast. Drink some juice. Slide 11 Walk into the bathroom. Get your towel. Wet it. Wring it out. Wipe your face. Slide 12 Get your toothbrush. Get your toothpaste. Squeeze it onto the brush. Brush your teeth. Rinse your mouth. Slide 13 Pick up the soap. Turn on the water. Wash your hands. Turn off the water. Dry your hands. Slide 14 Get (a piece of) tissue paper. Fold it (in half). Blow your nose. Wipe your fingers. Thow it away. Slide 15 Stand up. Attention. Bow. Sit down. Sit up straight. Slide 16 No running. No shouting. No fighting. No talking. No walking around. Slide 17 Be quiet. Be friendly. Be patient. Be careful. Be helpful. Slide 18 Line up. Hands front. Hands down. Hands back. Squat down. Slide 19 Show me your schoolbag. Show me your handkerchief. Show me your tissue paper. Show me your fingernails. Show me your homework. Slide 20 Turn on the light, please. Turn on the fan, please. Turn on the air conditioner, please. Turn on the TV, please. Turn on the radio, please. Slide 21 Turn off the light, please. Turn off the fan, please. Turn off the air conditioner, please. Turn off the TV, please. Turn off the radio, please. Slide 22 Hurry up. Times up. Put down your pen. Stop writing. Hand in your paper. Slide 23 Take out your book. Open your book. Turn to page 5. Close your book. Put away your book. Slide 24 Listen to me. Raise your hand. Put down your hand. Come here. Go back. Slide 25 Clean the blackboard. Close the window. Straighten the desks. Push in your chair. Come to the front. Slide 26 Go straight. Slow down. Go faster. Turn right. Turn left. Slide 27 Close your eyes. Make a wish. Blow out the candles. Cut the cake. Open the gifts. Slide 28 Take off your shoes. Put on your shoes. Hang up your umbrella. Go (to) wash your hands. Go back to your seat. Slide 29 Clap your hands. Stomp your feet. Bend your knees. Touch your toes. Pull your ears. Slide 30 Nod your head. Shake your head. Shake hands. Wiggle your body. Freeze! Slide 31 Move your body! Move your eyebrows up and down. Move your nose, like a bunny. Move your cheeks, like a frog. Move your mouth, like a fish. Move your tongue, like a lizard. Slide 32 Jump, like a kangaroo. Stand on one leg. Hop. Fly, like a bird. Dance, like a monkey. Slide 33 Say it. Say it again. Try again. Say it louder. Repeat after me. Slide 34 Read it. Read it one more time. Read it by yourself. Read it to me. Read it to everybody. Slide 35 Lets sing. Boys sing. Girls sing. Everyone sing together. One, two, three, go! Slide 36 Write it. Copy these words. Circle it. Check it. Underline it. Box it. Color it. Highlight it. Tace the word apple. Spell the word apple. Slide 37 Write down your name. Write down your number. Write down your class. Write down your address. Write down your telephone number. Slide 38 Draw a butterfly. Color it yellow. Cut it out. Put some glue on its back. Paste it on the windows. Slide 39 It is time for lunch. Eat some soup. Eat some vegetables. Drink your milk. Drink some water. Slide 40 Finish your food. Dont talk with your mouth full. You should eat more. No more for you. Clean up your mess. Slide 41 Turn around. Look at the blackboard. Watch this! Answer me. Point to the clock. Slide 42 Sweep the floor. Mop the floor. Clean the windows. Go dump the trash. Clean up the blackboard. Slide 43 Time to go home. Get your school bag. Get your jacket. Put on your jacket. Put on your cap, too. Put your books in your bookbag. Slide 44 Clean up the drawer. Make a line. Say goodbye to your teacher. Say goodbye to your classmates. Slide 45 Take out your key. Unlock the door. Open the door. Close the door. Lock the door. </p>