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Presented by Shannon Morrison, Account Executive for The Image Resources Group, at the 2013 EXPOsure Exhibitor Trade Show 101 Session


  • 1. The EXPERTISE of exhibiting Presented by: The 4 Ps of exhibiting

2. TRADE SHOWS 2500 consumer Trade shows Attended by 120 million people Who spend 150 BILLION dollars 3. The 4 Ps of exhibiting Planning People Skills Productivity Promotion 4. PLANNING Know your environment investigate the competition build your brand network gather market information reinforce client relationships feature something newnew 5. GET LEADS A Jane Doe Table top display Show in Oct. Just moved to town rank leads 6. PEOPLE SKILLS 7 out of 10 companies dont train their staff 80% of show attendees base their opinion of your company on the actions of your employees at the booth The 5 steps to Es booth selling Engage-approach attendees Excite-the benefit of doing business with you Educate-what you do better than anyone else Encourage-an action Exit-so that you can talk to your next prospect 7. DISPLAY STUCTURE MARKETING MESSAGE MERCHANDISING METHOD INCREASE PROFITS WITH PROMOTIONS FOLLOW-UP LEADS EFFECTIVELY 74% OF COMPANIES COLLECT LEADS 85% NEVER FOLLOW-UP PRODUCTIVITY-CREATE A DYNAMIC DISPLAY 8. Coordinate your entire exhibit 9. PROMOTIONS & FOLLOW-UP 10. FOLLOW-UP ON LEADS EFFECTIVELY 11. OVERVIEW: PLANNING SHOW SERVICES IMAGE & DESIGN SET GOALS COLLECT LEADS PEOPLE SKILLS TRAIN STAFF COMMUNICATION SKILLS ETIQUETTE INTERACTIVE PRODUCTIVITY PROMOTIONS DEMONSTRTIONS OFFERS & GIVE-A-WAYS SAMPLES FOLLOW-UP MESSAGE MERCHANDISING METHOD NETWORKING RESEARCH 12. THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING 13. The EXPERTISE of Exhibiting Presented by: The Image Resources Group & Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce PLANNING Know your environment-Booth location, electricity, Wi-fi. Set your show goals-Getting sales, leads, appointments. Build your brand-What makes your company unique? Network-Network with other exhibitors they maybe future customer or their customers maybe your target customers. Gather Market Research-3-5 questions to ask attendees to gain knowledge about your potential clients wants and needs. Reinforce existing client relationships-Send invites or a special offer to your top clients. Feature something new- whats new, hot or trendy in your industry. GET LEADS- Rank your leads and follow-up effectively. PEOPLE SKILLS Discuss ideas and themes Set goals Use the 5 steps to Es selling The 5 steps to Es booth selling Engage Be proactive Approach attendee Use questions to get customers to stop Excite them with benefits Give them the benefit of doing business with you Tell them how you are going to help them Educate them with the features you offer What it does Why its great Why your company is the best choice Encourage an action Sell them something Watch a demonstration Fill out a survey Set an appointment Exit Thank them for their time Smile, shake hands Give them literature or sample Say goodbye, disengage and move to the next prospect Watch a demonstration Fill out a survey Set an appointment 14. PRODUCTIVITY Display Structure- Choose a display type, use bright colors and updated graphics or have a theme. Marketing Message-Is your message clear? Can you tell by looking at your exhibit what you do and how you do it? Merchandising Method-Can your products be seen? Display them in a consistent way with your booth theme. Coordinate your exhibit-Dress up with a theme, have company shirts, look different from the attendees. PROMOTIONSBefore, during and after your tradeshow Before-- Send emails, invitation use Social Medias. During- Send Tweets; give a-ways, samples, demonstrations, special offers. After- Follow-up on leads within 3-5 days, send a Thank you card or special offer, ask for referrals. Thank you, Angie Elliott Shannon Morrison Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce The Image Resources Group 316-268-1129 316-267-8027 @wichitachamber.