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    Trade Show Manual - 2011 MNL Annual Convention & Trade Show Pepsi Centre - Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador

  • 2 | Sponsors and Exhibitors Trade Show Manual 2011

    Sponsor/Exhibitor Registration Desk, MNL Trade Show Booth - Pepsi Centre Main Arena All Sponsors/Exhibitors MUST register at the MNL Information desk/Trade Show Booth located in the Main Arena next to the stage on Thursday, November 3rd, from 3:00pm - 6:30pm. At this time you will receive your exhibitor name badges and full access passes if applicable.

    Full Access Registration Full Access Registration Passes are REQUIRED by those who wish to attend any meal functions including Saturday’s Appreciation Banquet. These can be picked up at the MNL booth during your sponsor/exhibitor registration.

    These passes must be purchased prior to the convention and will not be available at convention.

    Please see the Full Access Registration List to ensure your organization has the appropriate people listed (if applicable).

    If you have any questions or wish to purchase passes, please contact Gail Woodfine at 1-800-440-6536 or 753-6820 or email:

    Exhibitor Registration Exhibitors will received a package that includes:

    Name badges for exhibition team members•

    Full Access Registration Passes (• if purchased prior to the event)

    Tickets for admittance to luncheons and Saturday’s banquet dinner•

    Stampers for Passport•

    Convention Guide/Source Book•

    Information explaining where exhibitors must go to pick up any items that may • have been sent prior to the convention.

    Trade Show Exhibitor Survey•

    Sponsorship Confirmation Form/Exhibitor Survey If you have not sent in your Exhibitor Requirements Form please fax it as soon as possible to 709-738-0071. These forms can be found on the MNL website. We need this information to supply name badges and to ensure we meet all your needs as an exhibitor/sponsor. If all forms have been returned, please review the Name Badge & Full Access Registration List on pages 8 &9 of this handbook to ensure we have the correct names listed.

    Included in your exhibitor requirements package, is an exhibitor survey, please take a few minutes to complete this survey and return it to the MNL Information booth next to the stage. Feedback obtained from these surveys allow us to better serve your needs.


    Internet Connection Free wireless internet available to all participants at no extra charge.

    Friday Night Meet and Greet All Sponsors and Exhibitors are welcome to attend the Friday night Meet & Greet (please refer to the agenda for details). This is a great opportunity for you to meet delegates, other sponsors and exhibitors! Any exhibitors planning to attend must wear their ID badges to gain access.

    Items for Prize Draws We encourage all exhibitors to have a ballot box at their booth, and to bring along an item that can be awarded in a prize draw. (Example: a Christmas gift, a corporate sweatshirt or gift bag.)

    Please pick a name from your ballot box on FRIDAY MORNING. An MNL representative will visit your booth to collect the name of the delegate that has won a prize. Later that evening a list will be posted in the MNL booth detailing the exhibitor (including booth number), and winner. Winners will be asked to drop by your booth on Friday evening to collect their prize.

    If the prize is not collected by 9:00pm on Friday, you may give the prize away to another delegate at your discretion.

    Passports Each delegate will have a copy of the trade show floor plan with exhibitor booth allotments in their kit bags. Delegates will visit your booth to receive a stamp (stamps provided by MNL upon registration). Please see page 10 of this handbook for a sample passport. once completed, each registered delegate can enter their completed passport into a ballot box in front of the stage. Between 8-9pm on Friday night, the Grand Prize winner will be chosen from the box of completed passports.

    Appreciation Banquet only those sponsors who have a FULL ACCESS PASSES are eligible to attend the appreciation banquet.

    Delegate Kit Items/Banners MNL Sponsors are entitled to place an item in the delegate kits and have their banner displayed throughout the facilities. If you wish to have an item placed in the kits or have your banner displayed please refer to the shipping instructions. You will need 500 of each item to cover all delegate kits which are given to Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Councillors, and Municipal Senior Staff.

    often partners and spouses of the aforementioned attend our convention and we provide a program within convention to accommodate them. If you wish to contribute to the partners kit bags as well, please include an additional 175 items.

  • 4 | Sponsors and Exhibitors Trade Show Manual 2011

    Banners and delegate kit items can be mailed to: Delegate Kit Items and banners must be received by Friday, October 14, 2011

    Attention: Gail Woodfine, Marketing Officer MNL Convention and Trade Show The Pepsi Centre 1 Canada Games Place P. o. Box 218 Corner Brook, NL A2H 6C9

    MNL Staff/Convention & Trade Show Coordinators Gail Woodfine, Marketing Officer /Trade Show Coordinator Tel: 753-6820 or 1-800-440-6536 Email

    Christine Cave, Administrative Officer /Convention Coordinator Tel: 753-6821 or 1-800-440-6536 Email:

    Craig Pollett, Executive Director Tel: 753-6820 or 1-800-440-6536 Email:

    Ruby Piercey, Finance Officer Tel: 753-6099 or 1-800-440-6536 Email:

    Diane Kennedy, Clerk/Receptionist Tel: 753-6820 or 1-800-440-6536 Email:

    Robert Keenan, CCRC Program Officer Tel: 753-6820 or 1-800-440-6536 Email:

    Municipalities NL Main Office 460 Torbay Road, St. John’s, NL A1A 5J3 Toll Free: 1-800-440-6536 / Tel: 709-753-6820 / Fax: 709-738-0071


    Exhibitor Checklist Be sure to register with Gail Woodfine at the MNL booth once you arrive at the • Pepsi Centre on Thursday and collect your name badge. Review name tag & full access registration lists to ensure that all information is • correct. Review Exhibitor Manual. • Confirm you hotel accommodations.• Shipping arrangements have been made.• Contractor services have been acquired if necessary (This is the exhibitors • responsibility, contact MNL office for further information). Sponsors banners and materials for the delegates kits have been sent.• Prizes have been included for the MNL grand prize draws (if participating).• Ballot box for collecting business cards/ballots.• Static Display arrangements must be made with Gail Woodfine prior to trade • show set up.

    Space Assignment Trade show booth spaces were selected by the sponsor/exhibitor upon registration. Please review the floor plan to ensure correct placement of your booth.

    Booth Information Each booth’s area is 10 feet wide by 8 feet deep. Exhibits will be set up in the main arean of the Pepsi Centre. Pipe and drape, skirted table and two chairs will be provided to each booth space.

    Services and Equipment NOT Included Booth shipment and set-up• Power bar, extension cords, special furnishings, etc.• Computer and audio visual equipment•

  • 6 | Sponsors and Exhibitors Trade Show Manual 2011

    Damages and Liability MNL is not and shall not be liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, general, special, consequential or otherwise to the Exhibitor, its agents and employers or visitors to it’s exhibits. Please Note: Security is not always available and MNL is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

    Rules & Regulations All exhibitors should conform to the following:

    Exhibit materials must be kept within assigned space and must not extend into • the aisle area. Keep your display open and properly staffed during the specified Trade show • hours. Do not move equipment out until the Trade Show is officially over.• Do no leave any property unattended during Trade Show hours.•

    Facility Regulations We strongly recommend that all exhibitors remove all small expensive items (i.e. • Laptop computers, cell phones) from the premises during off hours of the Trade Show. Exhibitors will not leave any goods on the premises beyond the specified • dismantled period. Any items left on the premises will be at the exhibitor’s risk. Exhibit load-in and load-out must be done through the specified loading area.•

    Shipping and Delivery of Exhibit Materials All advance booth shipments should be sent directly to the Pepsi Centre at: MNL Convention/Trade Show Attention: Gail Woodfine, Marketing Officer MNL Convention and Trade Show The Pepsi Centre 1 Canada Games Place P. o. Box 218 Corner Brook, NL A2H 6C9

    Booth Allocation and Floor Plan On page 10 of this manual you will find a copy of the Trade Show floor plan. This will detail the booth number allocated for your company or organization. Please Note: Satellite stations will be located throughout the trade show floor to encourage delegates to move freely around the space.


    Accommodations Due to limited hotel spa


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