trade show planning guide #1 intro to trade show planning and execution why exhibit at a trade show?

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  • Table of Contents

    #1 Intro To Trade Show Planning And Execution

    #2 Analyzing The Show You're Attending

    #3 Show Logistics

    #4 Trade Show Booth Design Best Practices

    #4.5 Planning Your Booth: Tips & Considerations

    #5 Pre Show Marketing: Creating Pre Show Buzz

    #5.5 Pre Trade Show Email Templates To Create Buzz

    #6 Getting Your Booth Made/Built and Shipped

    #7 Pre-Trade Show Checklist

  • #1 Intro To Trade Show Planning And Execution

    Why Exhibit At A Trade Show?

    Trade Shows are a great way of bringing exposure to your company by showing potential customers, and future leads, what you have to offer. If properly executed, the return on investment towards a tradeshow can make a big difference in sales growth for months to come. Keep in mind that not all Trade Shows will be able to provide the benefits of growth and lead generations, so make sure to research which one best suits you and your company. A good way of doing this is to possibly walk the show and see how you can benefit from being there with a booth. Also it is good to keep an eye out on what the other companies attending the show have to offer so you are aware if there is any competition. With this said, here are some great marketing ideas to help you stand out amongst the rest.

    Where To Start?

    Do your research, looking into what companies have attended certain Trade Shows during previous years, will help you know what the targeted audience is that the show is trying to reach. Each event is unique as to what companies are attending, where the event is held, and during what time of the year it is scheduled for. Each one of these plays a major roll on whether you should definitely attend or use the funding to attend a different event. By knowing what companies will attend, you are able to see what the customers are interested in. If your company is known for selling insulated bottles for people interested in an outdoor lifestyle, and you have a major, well known, outdoor clothing company also attending the show, then there is a good chance both companies will attract similar customers. By knowing where the event is located will also help focus on how attending the event will benefit your company. A surfing company would be better off targeting their money towards attending an outdoors sporting expo in Southern California instead of one in Northern Utah. The location is key due to where it is being held, and what the surrounding are has to offer in terms of audience demographics. The time of year when the Trade Show is being held is also important, with this information you are able to decide whether it is during your companies busy season or something you are able to set time aside in order to attend. This will also help narrow what audience are interested in depending on the season, a bicycle company has better odds in attending an Outdoor Trade Show during the summer in comparison to attending one during the middle of winter.



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    Interactive Zone

    Example Trade Show Booth Layouts? The Both Layout will differ depending on many factors: what your budget is, how big of an area you have to work with, and what you will be showing/providing at the event. Another major thing to take into consideration is to reach out to the trade show coordinators as soon as possible once the event is announced. The sooner you are able to reach out, the better chances you have of getting a spot that works best for you and your company.

    Knowing your budget will help when looking to purchase a trade show booth, trade show booths tend to range from a few thousand dollars all the way up to millions of dollars, therefore there is a large spectrum where different companies are able to look for options. Make sure to set aside funding specifically for this purpose since it will help avoid financial complications down the road. Dimensions of area are also important because it limits you as to what you are able to work with, you do not have to be the biggest both in order to generate leads and sales. Displays will be the best place to start, having display that are able to promote your brand are key into visually capturing customers prior to reaching your booth. This is possible through back wall displays, banners, or even televisions running your company ads. Having open areas within your booth will also allow customers to feel welcomed, provide furniture allows for different ways of being able to interact with customers generating leads or even writing up quotes. Your company spotlight item also has to be something you take into account. If you offer smaller items such as coffee, setting up multiple tables in order to provide sample is the best way to go about this, allowing for multiple interactions at once. If your company items is something of a bigger scale, such as a car, a center display with plenty of walking area around it would be the best approach, allowing for customers to freely move around to visually take in what you offer.

  • #2 Analyzing The Show You're Attending

    How To Attract Visitors?

    Creating attention is important in order to generate an audience for your trade show booth. Interacting with future leads in fun, enjoyable ways is sure to leave them thinking about your company even after the show is over. This is important since there will be multiple companies promoting their products at trade shows, it is important that you make yourself stand out.

    Social Media is a great place to start when trying to generate attention towards your companies booth. Make sure to inform your clients through social media in order to make them aware that your company will be attending a show. You can use social media to your advantage in multiple ways, one is allowing your audience to decide between items to give away at your show, or even what to showcase. Interactive games will help create awareness towards your company, allowing customers to win different prizes by playing different games would be a fun way of providing free items, in addition to this, make your prizes unique in the sense that the customer won’t end up with fifteen pens from fifteen different companies by the end of the show. A good idea for an interactive mini game would be to set up a small section of your booth for a one hole mini golf, this will allow the audience to have fun while also being able to win some prizes. An immersive way of providing interactions with your customers would be to integrate a virtual reality or augmented reality section to your trade show booth. With the direction technology is going, if your company specializes in heavy winter jackets, placing virtual reality goggles onto you customers while placing them in a temperature controlled room will allow them to get first hand experience with your products while also creating a moment to be remembered.

    Execute Your Trade Show Booth

    Now that you know what to plan and properly execute your trade show booth, gather your plans and turn them into action. Turning your trade show booth into a lead generating source is something that will definitely pay off for months after the actual event, if properly executed. By gathering all this information and making it work for you and your company, you will be sure to see a difference in sales and customer growth. Remember that attending a trade show event as a company is no easy task, but now that you have this information, you should be closer to properly executing your next trade show booth and event!

    During your pre-show prep, it’s important to get as much information about the audience and people who will be attending the trade show you’re exhibiting at as possible.

    Before you get all the info you need to plan a good show, you should know if the show in question is a good fit for your company. But maybe you’re testing out the show to see how it goes. If that is the case you should at least know what industry the show is in and the industry should be one that fits your target market to sell your products and services.

    This is usually done through the trade show management team or company that is hosting and putting on the trade show. Meaning the people in charge.

    Start by asking your contact at the trade show company if they are the right person to get information about the show from. If they aren’t, then ask them to introduce you to the right person who can help.

    Here is an example email script to do just that.

    Here are the important questions to ask to get the right information that will help you plan for the show.

    Q1: How many attendees were at the show last year (Assuming this isn’t the first show) and how many do you expect to be there this year?

    Q2: What are some of the main topics attendees will be interested in?

    Q3: What are the top demographics of attendees?

    Q4: What are the top professional interests of attendees?

    Once you get answers to those questions and any more than you think would be relevant to you and your company, Save it in your planning folder to reference during other trade show planning phases.

    To: "[Trade Show Contact]"

    Subject: I have some questions about (insert show name)

    Hi (contact’s name), I'm reaching out because I have some questions about (x) show. Are you the right person to talk to or if you aren't, could you introduce me to the right person who can help provide me info about the show?