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Traffic Secrets Exposed Creating Your Own Internet Highway Traffic Jam Traffic+_______= Sales Slide 2 What is Traffic? Traffic is basically getting people to your website. What Traffic is Not - Traffic is NOT sales. You Need Traffic That Converts Into Sales Without having the conversions to go along with the traffic that is coming to our site, we end up with what is called traffic death. Slide 3 Traffic Death Leads to Some Serious Issues Most sites that do not convert well are not properly Search Engine Optimized. You will not get your site picked up by search engines. You wont be able to use paid traffic methods, because you will not be able to justify using them. You will stop getting JV Partners and the ones you have will quit promoting for you. Slide 4 Conversions What is your conversion rate for each traffic source that you have? Do you know which sources of traffic are giving you the best conversions? What is your conversion rate for each keyword that you have? Do you know what pages of your website that you are losing your visitors on? Slide 5 Do you know at what point you are losing your visitor when they leave your sales page? What page of your website results in the best conversion and are making the sales? Do you make the sale and have early un-subscribes? What follow up message in your follow up email series is causing them to leave and which follow up message causes them to buy? Slide 6 Google Analytics A good tool to recommend is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free software tool that will help you really take a good look at the action of your visitor on your website. It helps you get to the root of the problem that is keeping you from getting the conversions you need. Slide 7 Split Testing Testing gives you the opportunity to maximize conversion rates, solve problems, and challenge assumptions. A/B Split Testing A/B Split testing is really nothing more than determining which elements on a page are helping the performance or conversion of your web page, and which of the elements are not and could be changed to help. Slide 8 "A" in the equation refers to the original or the control page. "B" refers to an alternative element or to the challenger version. What Do I Test? Headlines, header graphics, page graphics, calls-to-action, offers, colors, fonts, or sales copy price points, actual sales copy, etc. Dont Quit Testing Slide 9 #1 Traffic Generator JV Partners to Generate Traffic If you can manage to do it properly, this can be a great long term strategy for a steady source of traffic. It is the biggest, fastest, most powerful system I can think of to generate traffic. Make sure that you have an excellent product Have your site ready to go when you ask your JV partner to promote Start out by asking how you can help him (or her) Slide 10 Traffic By Use of Affiliates Once you own your own products, this is by far the best long-term method to generate a constant flow of traffic to your site. Traffic by use of affiliates has no real risk when it comes to affiliate marketing. You only pay after the results are delivered. Slide 11 Join Forums and Online Communities Forums Your signature file becomes an advertising tool for driving traffic. With backlinks attached to your signature name, readers can instantly be guided to your site and thus increasing your traffic. Best Forum Practices: 1)Find Forums in Targeted Niche 2)Register In Forum 3)Read the rules 4)Setting Up Your Forum Profile 5)The Intro Post 6)Provide Value by Answering Questions (Possibly send to blog for answer) 7)Post Threads with Useful Information 8)Replicate This Strategy Slide 12 Article Writing For Traffic This is a traffic tool that if used correctly can drive highly qualified and targeted leads to your business. I receive traffic from articles to my websites every single day and the quality of the traffic that the articles bring to my sites beat most others sources even paid ones! The cumulative effect of this dynamic linking system results in: better search engine page ranking more exposure, wider visibility expert and authority status in your niche ultimately in increased traffic. Slide 13 Common Article Marketing Mistakes Your articles dont have great titles Your articles dont flow well Your articles are TOO informative Your articles dont have good author BIOs Slide 14 Using Keywords in Your Article Writing Why use keywords? The point is to be "found." Internet users across the globe are searching for information. If you don't incorporate these words into your web content, the other guy will... and then your reader is lost in someone else's copy. How are they searching? The same way you do: they type specific words into a search engine. Help them find you with keywords! Never written a keyword article before? Have no fear. The process isn't much different from writing regular articles. Don't let lack of experience stop you from profiting through keyword-rich content. Slide 15 Keyword Density The use of keywords is important, but dont abuse them. Aim for 2-5% percent of your chosen keywords in your articles to rank high in the search engines. Use keywords too frequently and search engines may ban your site altogether because of keyword stuffing. Important: Insert your keyword in the title. Use the primary keyword in the first or second sentence in the first paragraph. Use the keyword in the anchor text the text used to link to other pages. Use keyword variations or synonyms to make the articles flow better. Repeating the same keywords makes your article awkward to read. Slide 16 Write Your Articles and Submit Them! Here is a list of some top Article Directories Do a search on Google for the term "Article Directory" and you will find many more. Slide 17 Tips to Get Your Articles Read Use short paragraphs Make use of numbers or bullets Use sub-headings to sub-divide your paragraphs in the page Provide a good attention-grabbing title or header Keep them interested from the start to the finish Utilize figures when possible Write a resource box that makes people click Slide 18 Article Resource Box Example Here is an example of a good resource box: John Smith is an Internet Marketing consultant and small business coach. Discover how you can make money online as quickly as today bymake money online visiting where you can download the free step-by-step video training series now. Slide 19 Article Resource Box HTML Example Here is the HTML version of the resource box. John Smith is an Internet Marketing consultant and small business coach. Discover how you can make money online as quickly as today by visiting where you can download the free step-by-step video training series now. HTML Link Code: Link text Slide 20 Maximize Your Traffic Opportunities Create as many articles as possible. Basically the more articles you can create and distribute the more traffic you can start to see. Ensure you have keyword rich titles that have been researched so you know there is interest in those topics. Have a good resource box that sends them directly to your website or landing page. Slide 21 Article Marketing Weekly Plan of Action 1)Research keywords and subjects for articles. 2)Make a list of 10-25 article titles. 3)Start writing articles. (Use PLR) 4)Submit articles to article directories. 5)Ping Articles with 6)Bookmark Articles using or use 7)Repeat steps above each week. Slide 22 Press Release Online Publicity Benefits Publicity is an inexpensive way to promote your website and build credibility. Press releases can really increase your sales, give your website more exposure, help your website get traffic for years down the road, and enhance the image of your business. The Internet is where people are going for their information, so leverage it. Slide 23 Press Releases and Website Traffic Press releases can help build backlinks to your business which helps with SEO. Get your website exposure on high traffic websites that already have a captive audience. Press release sites are read by bloggers and other people looking for story ideas. Press releases themselves can rank in the search engines for good niche keywords. Slide 24 What Is A Press Release? A press release is an announcement of an event, performance, or other newsworthy item that issued publicly. A press release is news about your business. It is written in third person and seeks to demonstrate the newsworthiness of a person, event, service or product. A short write up talking about your company, website, and or services. New Website Design New Product Review New Blog Post An Opinion You Have A press release just needs to have an angle. Remember the who, what, when, where, why, and how of journalism. Slide 25 How Do You Write A Press Release? Develop your angle first. The angle is the topic of your story. Create a newsworthy title for your press release that includes your keywords. Write an introductory paragraph that lays out your press release point. Write 2 to 4 paragraphs for the body of the release. Put quotes in there. Include your closing paragraph. Slide 26 Submitting Your Press Release Run a Google search for the following phrases to find more PR sites online. free press release distribution Submit press release press release submission free press release website submit press release free Slide 27 Video Marketing Video marke