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Free traffic tips traffic thursdays - increase your web traffic with Trustbait


  • 1. Free Traffic Tips | Traffic Thursdays | Increase Your Web Traffic with TrustbaitCopyright Tinu Abayomi-Paul tinuabayomipaul@leveragedpromotion.com Thursdays | Increase Your Web Traffic with TrustbaitI havent been around lately because Ive been looking around at what people are charging hundreds or thousands of dollarsfor these days that are basically a rip-off of sites like CopyBlogger Andy Beard ProBlogger Pearsonified even Ewen Chia,,,, sblog.(And yes, ours too, but this isnt about me, its about you.)And maybe those who are ripping these kind folks off arent aware of it yet, but the age where the unscrupulous marketercould get away with charging someone for an ebook that never gets delivered, a home study course that is basically justprinted-out Wikipedia, or a live seminar that essentially is charging people to be sold to the entire four hours is O V E R.Im not saying there arent great ebooks out there. There are. And I still would write an ebookthough I havent lately I favor . multi-media packagesright now - that way you get triple the value for the same price of the crap thats on the market now.Im not saying some home study courses arent fantastic. There are some that are amazing, jam-packed full of informativereading you can use for years to come. And even if there werent really good live seminars in existence, some of them wouldbe worth the price of admission just to be around those people you are rubbing shoulders with.What Im saying is that I am witnessing people being SCAMMED out of their hard earned money - and it doesnt have to bethis way.Not anymore, not with a hundred ways to make your concerns heard at your fingertips.There ARE good marketers, consultants, and service providers out there, yes, even in scary SEO land. (Though I dont do SEOanymore, basic help is included in my traffic plan packages For straight SEO I have a list of people I can refer you to if, just comment.)Here, Im feeling guilty if my Free videos are down for a day. I still see a shrink over the fact that I got sick during my last bigwebinar class. Most of my friends in this business for years still bear a day full of heartache if one out of one thousand peoplerefunds a product. They obsess over details like whether the free information they gave out last year is still 100% accurate.Thats most people in the info-products, e-consulting or e-services businesses that get anywhere. We succeed and are able toget ahead because we care. Were hardly getting squeezed out of the market due to scam artists, but honey, why throw away$200 - $2000 a month away on people wholl treat you unfairly when you can probably get really good service from someonewho cares?So, just to be clear, no, Im not talking about people who met tough circumstances, faced them, and are moving forward withevery intention and action taken to make good on promises made. (I know the people you may have in mind personally, andyes, they really did get into an accident, I saw them with my own eyes. )Rather, Im talking about people who plan from the very beginning to cheat you. And Im here to tell you three things, thoughIll probably have to save most of this for Friday. Those three things are: - What Trustbait is, how to establish it, and how to tell the difference between that and what is in the air now. - How you can measure another site or individuals Trustbait - How you can speak out against those who are not trust worthypage 1 / 2

2. Free Traffic Tips | Traffic Thursdays | Increase Your Web Traffic with TrustbaitCopyright Tinu Abayomi-Paul tinuabayomipaul@leveragedpromotion.com, what is Trustbait?I know youve heard of linkbait. It describes the subset of things you do to (successfully!) attract links, used quite frequently inreference to blog posts. Links are fabulous, but remember that getting targeted traffic is just one part of the picture. If youincrease your web traffic, but dont maintain or increase the amount of that traffic that buys, subscribes or clicks, you arewasting your time.This is where Trustbait comes in. Trustbait is your ability to get the people who have followed those links to: - buy - subscribe - join - click (in the case where the advertising is actually your "product") - comment - suggest to other people that they ought to buy, subscribe, join, click or comment, etc.Traffic that doesnt stick might as well be a spambot visiting your site. Will every single person who comes to your site be aclient, subscriber, member, affiliate or JV partner? No, and believe me, you dont want them to be.But are you reaching the targeted audience, within your targeted audience? You are if youre creating the right type ofTrustbait. How do you create Trustbait? Well talk about that in a post on Friday or this weekend, but first know this....The dawn of the social web has been here for eons in Internet time. Those of you just catching on are still fine because mostpeople are just getting hooked into it. Without at least a bit of Trustbait, the day will soon come where you cant get links forlinkbait. It doesnt matter if you could because walk in traffic wont buy or click if they dont trust you.This is also how we all need to learn to deal with those people out there who are cheating us. While its true that almost everypiece of information on the internet being sold is out there for free, somewhere, that doesnt mean that you can sell LIES topeople online and keep getting away with it.I said it then, and Ill say it now, Trust is the real currency on the Internet.To the scammers out there, your days arenumbered. These people are fed up, and theyre calling me, and were not gonna take it anymore. page 2 / 2