training manual - keratin complex semi-permanent color (n.) glamorous, beautiful hair color inspired

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    Your color, imagined.

    Training Manual

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    Table of Contents 04 Keratin Complex® Color Story

    06 How does Keratin Complex Color work?

    08 Hair Structure

    10 Hair Color

    12 The Law of Color

    14 Developers/Llightener

    15 Decolorizing Process

    16 Gray Coverage/Formulations

    17 Permanent Color

    20 Demi–Permanent Color

    20 Semi-Permanent Color

    21 Lightener

    22 Bond Rebuilder

    23 Best Practices

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    Our Company: Since the launch of our signature Smoothing Therapy in 2007, Keratin Complex® has become the market leader in the smoothing category and has revolutionized the color industry with Keratin Complex Color, a complete keratin-enhanced hair color line. We continue to develop breakthroughs in keratin technology with the expansion of our professional and retail collections, along with new programs and services that build brand partnerships, enhance stylists’ knowledge and skills, and boost salon business.

    Our Mission: We strive for product innovation, educational support and superior results to enhance the craft of cosmetology for the benefit of the salon industry, salon professionals and consumers.

    Our Principles: • Offer breakthrough technology for superior results

    • Enhance cosmetologist skills

    • Develop new services that create value and enhance salon business

    • Create an inspirational partnership with salon professionals

    • Assist in elevating the unique culture and business atmosphere of the beauty industry

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    From the innovators of the smoothing industry comes Keratin Complex Color, a revolutionary

    keratin-enhanced hair color line. Powered by our Advanced Keratin technology, Ceramides and

    BotanicalPowerblend™, our proprietary formula synergistically restores, strengthens and improves

    the overall integrity of the hair while delivering exceptional gray coverage, long-lasting vibrant

    reds and superior high-lift blondes. The collection includes KeraLuminous™ Permanent Color,

    KeraBrilliance® Demi-Permanent Color, and GraffitGlam™ Semi-Permanent Color.

    KeraLuminousTM Permanent Color

    KeraLuminous Permanent Color is 100% oxidative color that delivers rich, vibrant and precise results.

    Why we love it: • Improves the overall integrity of the hair while delivering exceptional gray

    coverage, long-lasting radiant reds and superior high-lift blondes

    • Unique technology features a combination of Advanced Keratin and Ceramides that help reduce porosity for long-lasting, even color and increased strength

    • Intense Neutral Series provides exceptional gray coverage and longevity

    • Ultra-nourishing cream formula

    • BotanicalPowerblend™ creates a touchable, softer, smoother, shinier and more youthful-looking hair

    • Fully intermixable shades create an infinite array of vibrant color results

    Keratin Complex® Color Story

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    KeraBrilliance® Demi-Permanent Color

    KeraBrilliance Demi-Permanent Color delivers maximum shine and limitless color possibilities, creating brilliant, reflective results.

    Why we love it: • Advanced Keratin technology and Ceramides create a superior end

    result by: - enhancing the tone - controlling unwanted tones - balancing color from base to ends

    • Rich conditioning cream

    • BotanicalPowerblend™, ammonia-free formula helps restore strength to damaged hair

    • Concentrated Micronized Pigments provide up to 100% gray blending

    • Unique blend increases moisture retention, creating a touchable, soft, silky texture

    • Intermixable brilliant shades for endless color possibilities

    GraffitiGlamTM Semi-Permanent Color

    (n.) Glamorous, beautiful hair color inspired by graffiti — a vibrant art form we admire.

    Why we love it: • Dynamic collection of 10 vibrant semi-permanent shades + Clear is

    designed to inspire every colorist to unleash his/her wwcreativity and make a color statement

    • Our Advanced Keratin and Ceramides help even out color to creat bold, expressive color or soft pastel shades with Clear

    • 10 shades + Clear available in a convenient pre-packed kit

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    How does Keratin Complex® Color work?

    Over time, keratin is depleted from the hair due to a variety of environmental factors and daily stressors.

    chlorine & salt water

    drugstore shampoo


    at-home hair color


    heat styling

    PROBLEM: Damaged Hair

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    SOLUTION: 3 Simultaneous Step Technology

    Once the formula is applied, our proprietary Advanced Keratin and Ceramide blend fills uneven surfaces in the cuticle and structurally rein- forces the Cell Membrane Complex, thereby, strengthening and protect- ing damaged hair. This unique blend creates a shield that protects the cu- ticle while reducing UV damage and preventing signs of hair aging.

    As the overall integrity of the hair is improved by the Advanced Keratin and Ceramide blend, the Concen- trated Micronized Pigments drive deep into the cortex and link firmly together. The color molecules are evenly dispersed throughout the hair shaft to ensure maximum color penetration and saturation.

    BotanicalPowerblend™ continues to help restore health to the hair with its nourishing, conditioning and moisturizing properties.

    The result is smooth, healthy-look- ing hair that has beautiful shine.

    BotanicalPowerblend Concentrated Micronized pigments

    CeramideAdvanced Keratin

    Step 1

    Step 3

    Step 2

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    Hair Structure

    To achieve a successful hair coloring service, you need to consider the technique, the type of hair coloring products being used and the integrity of the hair itself.

    Components CUTICLE Outermost protective layer, consists of 6 to 8 translucent overlapping scale-like layers that surround the hairs.

    CORTEX Cortical center gives the hair its strength, elasticity, flexibility and color

    CELL MEMBRANE COMPLEX (CMC) The “glue” that binds hair components together. It is the pathway for micro-pigments (hair dyes) traveling into the hair.

    MEDULLA Innermost Layer

    Hair Structure




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    Hair Porosity

    Low Porosity High Porosity

    Thin Medium ThickThin Medium ThickThin Medium Thick

    Hair Density

    Thin Medium Thick

    DENSITY Density is determined by the amount of hair per square inch. Hair color can be influenced by density because it affects the way light is reflected or absorbed.

    POROSITY The ability of the hair to absorb water or other liquids. The higher the porosity, the easier and faster it will absorb, but the less capable of retaining the absorption.

    Fine Medium Coarse

    Hair Strand Diameter

    Characteristics TEXTURE Diameter of individual hair strands

    Fine: Fine hair is more receptive to lightening or depositing hair color Medium: Medium/average hair is the ideal hair type when lightening or depositing hair color since it is used as a basis for color manufacturers

    Coarse: Coarse hair is less receptive during lightening or depositing hair color due to a larger cortex ratio

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    Hair Color

    Types of Pigment NATURAL PIGMENT Natural pigment refers to naturally occurring color, called melanin. These pigments are the primary factor in determining natural hair color.

    The distribution of melanin throughout the hair creates the entire spectrum of hair color — from black to blonde — and every variation of tone — from cool to warm.

    Red, yellow and blue are made up of two distinct types of melanin that appear and behave very differently from one another.

    MELANIN Eumelanin (brown-black) Provides natural color ranging from black to dark brown.

    Provides natural color ranging from red and ginger to yellow and blonde

    Pheomelanin (red-yellow) Both types of melanin are present in all hair, but at different levels. The more eumelanin, the darker the hair color, and the larger the eumelanin molecules. If less eumelanin is present, the hair is lighter and the eumelanin molecules are smaller. The amount of total pigment dictates how light or dark the hair is.

    ARTIFICAL PIGMENTS Artificial pigments are designed to mimic the appearance and composition of natural hair color that fall into two different categories: Direct and Oxidative

    Direct: Pigments are pre-developed or staining pigments that deposit visible color on contact. Direct pigments deposit on and in between cuticle layers.

    Oxidative: Pigments react with oxidizing agents (hydrogen peroxide), combining together at up to 300 times their normal size as they couple with oxidized natural melanin to form a new color.


    Eumelanin PheomelaninEumelanin Pheomelanin

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    Color Wheel/Color Defined PRIMARY COLORS Red, yellow and blue are the building blocks of all color. Primary colors are pure and cannot be created by mixing other colors together. Combinations of primaries create all other colors.

    SECONDARY COLORS Secondary colors are made by mixing two primary colors together.

    • Yellow + Red = Orange • Red + Blue = Violet • Blue + Ye