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  • Trane Series S CenTraVac Chiller An Industrial-grade Oil-free Solution 特靈S系列CenTraVac冷水機 工業用無油解決方案 Continuing the Trane commitment to provide the most comprehensive HVAC solutions, the Series S CenTraVac chiller delivers best-in-class part-load efficiency without compromising full- load efficiency. It delivers superior performance, industry-leading reliability and the lowest total cost of ownership. Trane is proud to introduce the newest addition to the Trane centrifugal chiller product range: the Series S CenTraVac chiller. At the core of the Series S CenTraVac chiller’s performance is Trane’s new AdaptiSpeed™ technology, which integrates: • An all-new direct-drive compressor,

    utilizing the industry’s first mixed- flow impeller design and optimized specific speed

    • A permanent magnet motor • The th i rd-generat ion Adapt i ve

    Frequency™ drive, AFD3 This fusion of technologies delivers unmatched efficiency with the lowest sound levels in the HVAC industry.

    TRANE newsletter

    Vol.21 / December 2013 / /

    FEATuREs 今期特寫

    Why do Building Owners Purchase more Trane Chillers than any other Chiller? When choosing a centrifugal chiller, building owners look for a low total cost of equipment and high efficiency with minimal maintenance requirements. They also demand technology that will deliver exceptional performance over the life of the chiller, while ensuring the least environmental impact. That is why Trane EarthWise™ CenTraVac™ chillers are purchased more than any other chiller.

    Highest Efficiency • At least 13.5% more efficient than

    any other chiller • Energy-efficient compressor design

    with low-pressure refrigerant • Energy-saving options include oil-

    free cooling, thermal storage, heat recovery and variable-speed drives

    • The highest ful l- load eff iciency minimizes the electrical infrastructure required and reduces the impact of demand-based charges and real-time pricing during peak periods.

    • The highest part-load efficiency drive lower overall electrical consumption charges (kWh).

    • The best IPLV eas i l y exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 part-load efficiency requirements.

    Lowest Emissions • The only commercial chiller to earn

    an Environmental Product Declaration according to ISO 14025

    • Recipient of three awards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    • Capable of earning more LEED® credits than any other chiller

    Most Reliable • Only one moving part supported

    by just two bearings to minimize maintenance

    • Semi-hermetically sealed motor to lock out dirt

    • Refrigerant-cooled motor to protect against high temperatures

    • Extensive factory testing available to ver ify operat ion at specif ied conditions

    • Ten-year parts, labour and refrigerant- loss warranty available

    TranenewsletterDecember • 2013 1

  • Proven Technology • Direct drive for better reliability with

    no gears, transmissions or shaft seals • Multistage compressor for stable

    operation under all conditions • Low-pressure refrigerant for un-

    surpassed efficiency, reliability and documented near-zero emissions

    • Industry-leading control algorithms for reliable operation

    Technological superiority The Trane Series S™ CenTraVac chiller is innovation at its best. With numerous Trane patents in place and pending, new technologies enable its industry- leading efficiency, reliability and ultra- quiet operation, even at heavily loaded conditions. Quite simply, it is the most technologically advanced oil-free chiller in the world.

    Adaptispeed™ Technology The Trane Series S CenTraVac chiller features AdaptiSpeed™ technology: the integration of an all-new, specific-speed, direct-drive compressor with Trane exclusive Adaptive Frequency Drive AFD3. Together, they deliver best-in- class efficiency.

    Adaptive Frequency Drive AFD3 Designed to last the life of the chiller, the AFD3 consumes less energy at all operating points without the risk of incurring excessive demand charges during near-full-load operation. A true

    24-pulse design provides the harmonic solution to meet the requirements of IEEE 519, reducing harmonic distortion to less than 5% total demand distortion (IEEE). Unique in the industry, the AFD3 is a fully integrated variable-speed drive working with the motor and the Tracer AdaptiView™ unit controller to continuously optimize chiller efficiency through compressor speed and guide vane position.

    Proven Reliability Proven over a decade of field testing, the Trane Series S CenTraVac chiller includes multiple design features to prolong component life and reduce maintenance needs—including an advanced bearing system that will outperform any other oil- free system in the industry today. Hybrid Ceramic Bearing System offers a reliable oil-free solution without requiring backup bearings and complex electronics to address extreme operating conditions. The high-strength hybr id ceramic bearings have been proven through extensive field operation for more than ten years.

    ultra-quiet Operation Comfor t i s about more than just temperature; building occupants also expect a quiet environment. The Trane Series S CenTraVac chiller produces industry-leading sound levels-typically less than 75 dBA-making it perfect for sound-sensitive applications.

    FEATuREs 今期特寫

    Environmental stewardship Like all CenTraVac chillers, the Trane Series S chiller’s leak-tight low-pressure refrigerant design combined with its industry-leading energy efficiency make it the most environmentally sustainable chiller in the world, helping customers earn more LEED® credits. Direct-drive CenTraVac™ chillers are designed to use a low-pressure refrigerant. This means the chillers operate in a vacuum, which virtually eliminates leaks and enables near-zero emissions throughout their operational life. That is a win in terms of the direct environmental impact of the refrigerant, minimizing the Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Global Warming Potential (GWP).

    Making Buildings Better for Life In fact, Trane is so confident in its ability to keep the refrigerant inside our CenTraVac chillers that we back each one with a leak-tight warranty for all CenTraVac chillers installed in the U.S. and Canada and extended for the life of the chiller when covered by a comprehensive Trane service agreement. Today’s Series S CenTraVac chiller contains more innovative solutions to boost performance and efficiency while maintaining higher levels of reliability and environmental sustainability than any other chiller on the market.

    Tranenewsletter December • 20132

  • 特靈持續致力於提供最全面的暖通空 調 解 決 方 案,S系 列CenTraVac冷 水 機組提供同級最好的一流部分負荷效 率,而不會影響全負載效率。該方案 提供卓越性能、業內領先的可靠性和 最低投資成本。特靈謹此介紹特靈離 心式冷水機組產品系列的最新成員: S系 列CenTraVac冷 水 機 組。S系 列 CenTraVac冷水機組的效能核心是特靈 全新的AdaptiSpeed™技術,結合了: • 一個全新的直接驅動壓縮機,業界

    首個混合式葉輪設計,同時優化運 轉速度

    • 浮磁馬達 • 第三代自適應頻率™驅動器AFD3 這種技術的融合帶來暖通空調行業內 前所未見的效率和最低的噪音水平。

    為什麼樓宇業主購買更多特靈冷水 機組,而非其他品牌的冷水機組? 在選擇離心式冷水機組時,樓宇業主 都要求較低的成本和高效率的設備, 同時亦希望較低的保修要求。他們還 要求特定技術,不但要冷水機組在使 用壽命期間帶來出色的效能,同時確 保對環境的破壞影響最小。因此,特 靈EarthWise™ CenTraVac™冷水機組 的購買率超越其他任何冷水機組。

    最高效率 • 比任何其他冷水機組至少高效多

    13.5% • 高能壓縮機設計,配備低壓製冷劑 • 節能選項包括無油冷卻、儲熱、熱

    回收和可變速驅動器 • 最高滿載效率有助盡量減少所需的

    電力基礎設施,並減少在高峰期間 根據需求計算的費用和實時定價所 帶來的影響

    • 最高部分負荷效率的驅動器可降低 整體耗電電費(千瓦時)

    • 最好的IPLV輕易超越ASHRAE 90.1 的部分負荷效率要求

    低排放 • 唯 一 的 商 業 用 冷 水 機 組 根 據ISO

    14025贏得環境產品聲明 • 獲美國環境保護署頒發獎項 • 比 其 他 任 何 冷 水 機 組 贏 得 更 多


    最可靠 • 只須透過兩個軸承來支撐僅有的一

    個轉動零件,以盡量減少保修 • 半密封馬達,封鎖污垢 • 製冷劑冷卻馬達,以防高溫 • 可提供全面的廠房測試,以驗證在

    指定條件下的操作情況 • 可提供十年零件、人工和製冷劑損


    技術成熟 • 直接驅動提供更高可靠性,無須齒

    輪、傳動裝置或軸封 • 在所有狀況下提供多級壓縮機的穩

    定操作 • 低壓製冷劑帶來無與倫比的效率和

    可靠性,並錄得近零排放 • 業內領先的控制算法確保操作可靠

    技術優勢 特靈S™系列CenTraVac冷水機組狀態 極高,是創