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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 Travel Guide &amp; Tips</p><p> 1/7</p><p>Travel Guide</p><p>Everybody knows how to pack and what to pack nowadays and how to tackle the situation on airport</p><p>created by customs, but I am preparing this document for those who have not read those posts on</p><p>which these frequently asked questions have been discussed trough fruitful discussion. Though a lot</p><p>have been discussed through question by members who are going to travel in next few days but still I</p><p>thought to summarize that conversation in a document for those who havent their visa and will travel</p><p>soon. (I.A). I am copying my awl those comments and question asked by my folks. Besides that I am</p><p>adding some more few travel tips to guide those who will experience this thing first time.</p><p> Make sure I am writing this article on my personal experiences. There can be addition to thisdocument. I mean this is not PATHAR PY LAKEER.</p><p> Senior members and admins are requested to add in this document if am wrong, so here itgoes.</p><p>PACKING:</p><p>Well as I explained on the post, itll be a littler awkward to you guys. But dear at the end you have many</p><p>advantages. A bag usually weighs 5-6kg with trolley. But you can use this weight using some tricks. No</p><p>one will ask you why you are doing this. Here is a suggestion about BAG.</p><p>FOR HEAVY CLOTHES</p><p> Instead of buying a heavy bag for heavy clothes like jackets and uppers. ap "BORI" lain..espFERTIZER" wali "KHAD" wali.. It will not only save youur weight... u can take extra</p><p>luggage.... all you have to do is .. pack your clothes in "BORI" ... i mention BORI esp FERILIZER</p><p>one... because it has a POLYTHENE BAG inside it... which is water proof... pack those things</p><p>which r not valuable in it Ill suggest packing only clothes only.... and taking allyour valuables</p><p>in your handy and back pack. Because backpack isn't included in handy. Itlllook a kind of paindo</p><p>type... but once you booked your luggage at airport you will take it at your last station aur</p><p>rahe bat carry karny ki tou trolleys are available at every airport... you can easily take it to the</p><p>taxi.. Rest choice is yours..... my family do it every time they travel.. And take extra luggage</p><p>about 8-10 kg per seat every time...</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Travel Guide &amp; Tips</p><p> 2/7</p><p> After packing seal it from top side and bottom too...... SILAE KAR DAIN... with moty waly DHAGYsy and seal it with TAPE.... no one will ask you at airport to open that seal... if anyone asks... asks</p><p>them pass it through the scanner... no one will argue with you.... as there are only clothes in</p><p>it.. I suggested it because every student is going to take heavy jackets and uppers. They might</p><p>not be that heavy but they will occupy a lot space in your luggage bag. So you have to make</p><p>more bag pieces, to avoid that its better to make one piece of BORI with only heavy clothes in it.</p><p>Remember no Metal piece in this BORI because you are going to seal it. And if you put any metal</p><p>piece in it at security check point they can ask you to open it and so youll be in a mess.</p><p> I am not fudging this suggestion... believe me or not people do this BORI kind of thing to saveluggage space and to carry more weight.........</p><p> FOR MALES.... like you will traveling in Oct.. And in Oct weather in Germany will be a little colderfor those who r going from Pakistan first time.... take a jacket with max pockets.... i mean safe</p><p>pockets. Inside of the jacket... and wear it during flight... no one is going to ask you y r u wearing</p><p>it??? ..... Now take all your valuables thing like i-pad money,, wallet in your jacket.... and in back</p><p>pack take only laptop....</p><p> When you'll be at Pak. airport... wear it or take it on arm..... Behave like a dude... safer wayis while taking boarding pass wear it.... after getting passes... you have to wait in waiting hall..</p><p>hath main pakr lo... during flights to zarorat ni pary gi... but Germany airport .. Youll need</p><p>it... tan pahen laina.. agar handy main rakho to space ziada ly gi jacket... aur bara handy laina</p><p>pary ga.. jisy carry karny main you'll face difficulty... so use tricks.. hath main pakr lo airport py...</p><p>koi ni kahey ga k pahen lo..</p><p> FOR GIRLS.... as they love their jewelry.. .... No matter how old it is... suit - suit matching kind ofthing... ... now my suggestion is wear as much jewelry as u can....especially gold... because there</p><p>is no tax on jewelry your wearing no matter how much rings and bracelets and necklaces.. But</p><p>there might be a chance that customs authorities ask u to pay for it as you r not wearing it (Rare</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Travel Guide &amp; Tips</p><p> 3/7</p><p>chance) (happened to my female cousin once)... at the end what these precautionary steps will</p><p>be doing for you... SAVING YOU FROM ANY HURDLE BY CUSTOMS.... SAVING YOUR SPACE IN</p><p>YOUR LUGGAGE BAGS.</p><p>FOR NORMAL CLOTHES</p><p> Now you are done with heavy clothes like jackets and uppers. For other clothes take a BAG.Here point is which bag to buy especially from security point of view.</p><p> My suggestion is not buy heavy bag with trolley and bags with DOUBLE ZIP. These bags caneasily be breached with a BALL POINT you will not believe it but explore YouTube there are</p><p>hundreds of videos about how to breach luggage bags. To be candid i have done it many time inmy childhood. Whatever... Buy single zipper bags. In case if tempered or any 1 opened it will not</p><p>be zipped again... in that case you can claim the authorities... Rest choice is yours.</p><p> Buy single zip bag and ask shopkeeper to attach a locker SLATE with it at the end of the zip. Nowif you bag breached from zip you can easily recognize and can claim the authorities.</p><p> Better to browse some videos about travel tips on YouTube.... how to pack efficiently... do yourhomework before you do travel.... what type of bags should be used... how they can be</p><p>breached... i mean you got internet... its ok to ask here on the group... in fact its quite pleasure</p><p>to help others... but when you'll do your homework regarding what youre going to do.. You feel</p><p>happiness. YouTube is full of video about travel tips... i even once packed my bag on tips given</p><p>on a video... rest choice is yours.</p><p>HAND CARRY &amp; BACK PACK (LAPTOP BAG):</p><p> In back pack you can carry your electronic devices.. Like laptop... i Pad ori pod.... means only electronic devices..... Keep in mind back pack isn't a bulky big bag.. You can't</p><p>take clothes in it... except you ear cap.. Gloves.. Scarf... when you are travelling to a country</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Travel Guide &amp; Tips</p><p> 4/7</p><p>having cold weather... but avoid it... keep these clothes in handy.... because handy will be with</p><p>you all the time.. so customs can object on this... more over laptop bag should be very simple...</p><p>not so complex... because when someone at security check asks you to open your bag and</p><p>empty it... you can do it easily with in short time....</p><p> If you pack your laptop in your handy.... then laptop's weight will be included in handy.. Laptopnormally weighs 4-5 kg.... but if you take you laptop in back pack... and take shoulder bag for</p><p>laptop.. then its excluded... so at the end if you pack them separately then you'll be having 4-5</p><p>kg more space.... you can do as you are saying... but it'll risky for you electronic devices... choice</p><p>is yours... for example.. if you r on airport... like you said you'll be going by EITHAD or</p><p>emirates.... then definitely you'll stay at Abu-Dhabi or Qatar airport.. And stay will be of 4-5</p><p>hrs.. In that time..You can use your laptop is u have backpack,,, but if you packed it in urhandy.. Then it'll be difficult to use it.. or take it with you.. kehny ka maksad yeh... k back pack</p><p>main banda easy rehta hy laptop k sath.. aur handy main pack kary tou checking k time py ap ko</p><p>thori KHWARI hogi.... masla koi ni us main...</p><p> Booking Luggage = 30 kghandy = 7kg</p><p>backpack in which laptop and documents = 0kg if you pack them separately..</p><p>Many students were even confused about stationery....</p><p>Everything easily available there.... y r u people so curious about these unimportant things.... you r not</p><p>going to mars... Germany is not alien countryits far better than Pakistan in every aspects... when it</p><p>comes to study...</p><p>What items are not allowed to carry in 30Kg Luggage?</p><p>To say anything surly about what things are not allowed in booking luggage... at security they are going</p><p>to pass it through scanners.... if any item isn't allowed they'll ask you to take it out... as far as i know...</p><p>and handy luggage is luggage that you can carry on the plane with you. Due to security reasons, there</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Travel Guide &amp; Tips</p><p> 5/7</p><p>are some items that are not allowed in hand luggage, they include; toy guns even water guns.. ,</p><p>knitting needles, any liquids in quantities greater than 100ml... thats y keep you deodorants and</p><p>perfumes in your booking luggage (kg), household cutlery, razor blades, catapults, scissors among</p><p>others... I am sharing a link down here of Etihad airline... read instruction before packing... there are</p><p>things which allowed from a country to a country but banned for other country.. Pak is one of those</p><p>countries... so read down here...</p><p>Prescribed medicines should be taken in Hand carry or checked bag?</p><p>Medicine its a myth as you are going from a country where you can but any medicine without</p><p>any prescription.... there is a chance they may let you pass at Pak airport... but you'll face</p><p>difficulty in Germany... now where should be carried... read above link..... any liquid is allowed</p><p>which you buy after getting boarding passes... means which you can't take your own liquid in</p><p>plane... so keep them in booking luggage... point comes to quantity that how much quantity is</p><p>allowed in booking luggage... read again above link.. ..... Now if you ask about pills.. And you</p><p>take while traveling... if your journey phobia kind of thing... then airline has all required</p><p>emergency medicines... even to tackle heart attack... if you needed you be given medical</p><p>treatment free of charge..... So its better to keep them in booking luggage.</p><p>Liquid Medicines Allowed or not?</p><p></p><p> Prohibited: -- effective until further notice, the import of pet birds &amp; poultry and derivedproducts coming from Cambodia, China (People's Rep.), Hong Kong (SAR China), Indonesia,</p><p>Japan, Korea (Rep.), Lao People's Dem. Rep., Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam, in connection</p><p>with Avian influenza infection risk; -- import of meat and meat products from: countries</p><p>included in C.I.S., Portugal, Sardinia, Spain, Turkey and all countries of Africa and Asia.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Travel Guide &amp; Tips</p><p> 6/7</p><p> As you know that medicines are derived products... so this link says you r not allowed... andits International Aviation Transportation Authority And I have confirmed this from my</p><p>Doctor Cousin that Liquid Medicines are not allowed neither in hand carry nor in booking</p><p>luggage. Especially HOMEOPATHE.</p><p>Precautions.</p><p>At the security point</p><p> Be ready to hand over your re-sealable bag of liquids for screening as you approach thesecurity check point. It will be screened at the same time as your cabin luggage</p><p> All coats and jackets will have to be removed ready to be screened and metal itemsincluding wallets will be placed in plastic trays and scanned separately</p><p> If you are carrying a laptop or any other large electrical item within your cabin luggagethen please have it ready for separate screening as you approach the security check.</p><p>Departure lounge purchases</p><p> You may take on board liquid items of any size that are purchased after the security check in theDeparture lounge.</p><p> You should also retain your proof of purchase throughout your journey. You will be required toshow it at all transfer points.</p><p>REGARDS</p><p>Engr. Nafees Ahmad Shahid</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Travel Guide &amp; Tips</p><p> 7/7</p></li></ul>