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<p> 1. Travel Tips for a Memorable Vacation. Planning a vacation is not an easy task at all, thanks to the overshooting expenditure and crunching holidays scenario. Vacations, a time waited by everyone are a time property so much so that, its once-a-blue- moon appearance is also seen as a time of relentless planning and packing woes. Make sure to follow these simple tips, and see the lines of frustrations and stress ease out before your holiday. 1. What you like: A vacation is best enjoyed if gone by your instincts, and not by the travel magazine on your coffee table. Vacations are never about ticking off every popular place on the bucket list, its about exploring the places you would love to visit. Its about you. 2. Research: With the internet at our beck and call, researching about a place has never been easier. Apart from logistics, it is necessary to find out information about weather, culture, food and safety. 2. 3. Planning: Booking a hotel and travel option isnt itself enough. Hire a local tourist guide or look at options of how to get to the nearby touristic attractions at a cheap deal. Planning the number of days and the number of touristic things you would like to do in that city is crucial too. 4. Local experience- Mingle with locals and get to know their culture and food styles. Sometimes the best times spent are never hunting down a castle; it could be a simple chat with local people at a bar. This way you will get to know their culture and lifestyle and perhaps some good tips to party in local style. Same goes with travel and food. Chuck the expensive restaurants and go to the local shack for a hearty cuisine. 5. Live the moment- Vacations are not about doing everything the city has in store. It is about experiencing every moment doing even the tiniest of bits. Be present in every moment, and enjoy yourselves thoroughly. After all, leave a few things off the list, to come back again. 6. Explore the unexplored: Take a road not taken and explore the not so popular places. Chances are that you might be the first one to point out a hidden treasure of exotic locations. They will enrich your travels and flood your picture book. 7. Writing it- Take a small diary to pen down your vacations thoughts, or to collect memorabilia en route your trip. But if all the above seems too tedious a task, just hire out the famous car rental services in town and let them plan out a memorable vacation for you. With airport car rentals giving you pick up and drop facility and taking care of your entire itinerary, you can be assured of a stress free vacation. All you got to do is select your budget and place of interest and let the car rental service do the magic for you. </p>