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From the days of the seventeenth century Italian adventurer Giovanni Francesco Gamely Careri , who is considered to be the world’s first backpacker , the modern world has come a full circle . Today backpacking is one of the most adventurous, pocket friendly and exciting ways of travel especially for the youth and the traveller looking for authenticity of travel.

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Whereas backpacking is generally fun and easy travel, we thought of compiling some travel tips for the backpackers. Kindly go through the below list to find how the veritable backpacking experience can be more enjoyable, safe and economic for you:

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• 1) Book a Youth Hostel : Backpackers generally prefer to stay in inexpensive accommodations and it is a good idea to book the hostels/dormitories well in advance since it can get quite busy during the season

• 2) Go Solo: Somehow the concept of backpacking suits the solo travelling concept. If you’ve been planning on that solo trip, backpacking can be a great option.

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• 3) Pack very light: This is a no brainer. The idea of backpacking is to travel free of rills and experience ease of travel and the quirkiness of adventure. You will not need all those extra jeans or books, but you’d certainly need a light backpack.

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• 4) Shop for your own Grocery: When backpacking, try and buy your own grocery and food. It can save loads of money and can be healthy too.

• 5) Be Spontaneous: Don’t over plan a backpacking trip. One of the prime elements of the backpacker’s itinerary is the lack of it. Be spontaneous; try out new things and new adventures.

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• 6) Walk, Walk, Walk that road: The backpackers do not depend or prefer conventional modes of transport, one of the major factors of backpacking is that your entire luggage travels with you, all the time. Be prepared to walk and enjoy the sights and experiences on foot.

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• 7) Buy Journey Passes: In many cities Combined journey passes are available that can authorise your travel across modes of transport such as the bus/train /metro etc. these are economical and offer immense flexibility of travel.

• 8) Watch that Drink: Alcohol is quite expensive in most of the touristy parts of the world. Try and limit the consumption or buy at the liquor store rather than a bar or pub.

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• 9) Plan that Passport: Ensure that your passport has enough empty pages and validity, you never know when you might decide to extend the vacation and/or go to a different place than planned, and After all you are backpacking!!

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• 10) Practice Distinction: Try and buy a backpack that is different than the other common ones, especially in colour and style. In most of this backpack destination there are many travellers and it’s much easier to find your backpack from among a heap at a hostel or an airport luggage belt.

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• 11) Get Out of That Comfort Zone: One of the main objectives of backpacking is to have a vacation that is adventurous, with no frills attached and economical. It is important to try out new things and open up your mind to new and may be slightly different experiences

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• 12) First Aid First: it is important to carry a first aid kit since backpackers typically travel to rather far off places where finding a doctor at an odd hour can be a challenge.

• 13) Be Alert: There is no substitute to common sense and good judgement .Make sure what you’re getting into. There are good and bad people everywhere. You need to be careful of the latter. Like everywhere else.

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• 14) Practise Modesty: Realize that on a backpacking trip, many times you will need to sleep in your jeans and eat out of plastic containers with a plastic fork.

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