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1. . 1 I_" 1 J 2 1 JO 15 - }~ ~ I ' J 4- I*4 -t ' l . -; 1- .1- l i J. . 2 1 : i- g at /7 " pl - ' V I i.I 4 1~. L I~I: ! illlii | :.l'lll:fl I l_l l I I ii: :3-J -W I:r: m-.:.I 2|:' l I [! :.: |:iIlIfv. A Travel Arrangements ,:At the time of booking,call the airline directly to request special seating arrangements for youright such as extra leg room or an aisle seat.Language Barriers """iTry to learn how to describe your condition or __ g I ask for assistance in the language or languages 313-/of the countries you will be visiting.,Packing Be sure to pack more than enough medications and medical supplies to last the duration of your trip and beyond in case of any trip delays. DocumentsGather any necessary documents you may need for your trip.Some airlines may request a medical certicate,which explains you are able to y without extra medical care. Travel Insurance Purchase travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions and medical evacuation. -lllll|Mliiazu : ir: .n:|IL'i'I '| .l". i'lIlII-~If you use a wheelchair.prepare a documentGet to the airport at least an hour before the suggested arrival time to have extra time to go through security,get to your gate,and take care of any other preparations. for airport personnel and ight attendants that explains how to properly disassemble your wheelchair.Inform the TSA personnel of your condition,Request an airport wheelchair or airport cartand know your rights as a disabled transport you to your gate.For example,TSA cannot ask you to leaveyour wheelchair. i_: jVIIH. l[. 'Allow for at least 90 minutes between connecting flights.NIH IlIi-'3:IE ~u| :i~!T- FVPre-Boarding v Most airlines offer preboarding for anyone who needs extra time,so ask about preboarding once you arrive at the gate. Carry-On Luggage Ask the ight attendants or nearbypassengers for assistance with placing your carry-on luggage in the compartments :1? above and helping you into your seat. Onboard Medical Assistance% There will be onboard medical assistance l available during the ight,but it varies depending on the aircraft.For informationon the specic care that will be your airline ahead of time. Personal AttendantsDepending on your condition,you may be required to travel with an assistant.People with severe hearing,vision.or mobility impairments may be required to travel with an attendant.Contact your airline for specic requirements. 1'i': m=. I:'| iu in N-in 'lI ta. -s. ~i1-iiliigviMost taxis at the airport will not be wheelchair Bring along a portable ramp,shower chair, accessible,so if you use a wheelchair,plan to and other necessities you will need for places call a special wheelchair accessible van to that may have limited accessibility. transport you from the airport.For disabled travelers who require a Make sure to bring along your disabled wheelchair,travel in a wheelchair accessible person parking placard.vehicle for easy in and out during long drives. : (3'. ":. ni nI. |,-mlia-TIf you use a wheelchair.bring a repair kit or extra wheelchair parts in case anything breaks.A Physical Disability Should Not ' A lnfographics by Stop You From Traveling. 5.73. 1315 : 3 7; 3 Plan Ahead,Ad See The/lravel Insurance SO| lJl|3FiS Copynghts Visitcrscoveragaccm.All Rights Reserved WWWVi5itr5CVera9eAcm


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