treadmill : the best way to keep yourself fit

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  • TreadmillThe best way to keep yourself fit

  • tips for treadmill workout1. Warm up before jumping on the treadmill

    2. Set the right speed on the treadmill

    3. Change your treadmill workout routine

  • What you need for a treadmill workout- You need enough space behind the treadmill, in case you fall back.

    - You need to read the instruction carefully.

    - You need to wear appropriate shoes.

  • Accessories you can invest inA heart monitor

    A hand towel

    An electric circuit breaker to avoid ruining your treadmill

  • Different modes of a treadmillIncline mode: is great for a cardio vascular workout and strengthens different muscle groups in your lower body.

    Decline mode: The only fallout is of this mode is that it impacts on your knees.

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    published by Sports and"nothing lifts anyone out of a bad mood better than a hard workout on the treadmill. It never fails..."