treat back pain distally get instant pain relief back pain distally _____ get instant pain relief...

Download TREAT BACK PAIN DISTALLY GET INSTANT PAIN RELIEF back pain distally _____ get instant pain relief ... get instant pain relief with distal acupuncture brad whisnant, lac, ... pain case

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    1st Edition

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    This book is only possible because of all the people who helped me and spent time

    with me.

    I am grateful to Dr. Tan. I took many of his classes, and followed him in his

    clinic. He has been very generous with his time. Without him, distal acupuncture

    would not be as well known. Because of his tireless efforts over thirty years, we are

    able to learn this type of acupuncture, for which we are all thankful.

    Dr. Wei Chieh Young has been so generous in his teachings. I can honestly say

    that although I have put this book together, without both of these two masters, I

    would not have been able to write this book.

    It is because of these two individuals that so many of us have success in our clinics

    and are able to help others. I am grateful that I was lucky enough to spend time

    with these doctors.

    Thank you.

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    Mastering Tung Acupuncture Distal Imaging for Fast Pain Relief

    Pain Case Studies A Week in a Tung Clinic

    Pain Case Studies Volume Two

  • 7


    Introduction 11

    1 Basics of Master Tung Acupuncture 19

    2 Can You Use Too Many Needles? 23

    3 Where to Start The Most Dependable Points to Try First 27

    4 How to Combine Distal and Local Points 35

    Emergency Back Pain Treatments

    5 Back Pain Quickies:

    One or Two Needles Resolve All the Pain- 13 Case



    6 Emergency Treatments:

    She Cannot Breathe or Stand Up Straight after Hiking

    Her Whole Back Is Tight and She Can Barely Walk

    Spinal Fusion Area Hurts and She Cannot Be Touched

    Disc Bulging with Numbness in His Feet

    She Can Barely Move After Sitting All Day

    Tailbone Pain in a Delivery Driver


    Tung Theory

    7 San Cha Points Theory and Case Studies 79

    8 Ischial Tuberosity Pain in Three Patients 87

    Tung Case Studies

    Lower Back and Buttocks Pain from Driving All Day 93

    A Nurse has Classic Sciatica 99

    A Runner has Hip Pain 105

    A Baseball Player has Lower Back Pain 108

    Severe Back Pain after Six Back Surgeries 114

    Emergency Treatment for a Herniated Disc 129

    Lower Back Pain from a Urinary Tract Infection 132

    A Horseback Rider has Anterior Hip and Groin Pain 135

  • 8

    Osteophytes and Bone Spurs are Causing Spine Pain 140

    Lower Back Pain after Spinal Fusion Surgery 145

    Acute Hip Pain from Lifting Boxes 151

    A Teacher has Piriformis Pain 154

    Multiple Disc Herniations 158

    Lower Rib, Skin and Muscle Pain that Might Be Shingles 161

    Severe, Acute Kidney Pain 167

    Balance Method Theory

    9 Balance Method Treatments Made Simple 171

    10 TCM Channel Theory Explained 177

    Balance Method Case Studies

    A Man Has Back Pain Because He Is Old 189

    Entire Back Hurts after Surgery 11 Years Ago 195

    Woman Throws her Back Out in Fitness Class 208

    Lower Back Pain and it Hurts to Walk 215

    Sacro-Iliac Joint Pain and Sciatica 221

    Distal Treatment Principles

    11 The Twelve Magical Points 227

    12 Cold Laser Treatment for Pain 233

    13 Distal Back Pain Treatment Guide - Tricks and Tables 237

    14 Scalp Image How to Avoid Du 1 Treatments 241

    15 Needle Size 243

    16 Jing Jin Meridian Theory 245

    17 Master Tung Theory 251

    18 Managing Patient Expectations 255

    19 Other Modalities for Treating Back Pain 261

    20 Seven Systems of Balance Charts 265

    21 Tung Points List 269

    22 Muscle Images and Channel Correlations 277

    23 Tung Point Locations and Illustrations 291

    24 Acupuncture Meridian Images 204

    Resources 319

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    References 321

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    Great minds have great purposes, others have wishes. Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above them.

    Washington Irving

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    If you are familiar with using distal acupuncture to achieve instant pain relief, you

    might have wanted to read case studies and delve further into the theory to be

    better able to apply the theories in a consistently effective way. If you are not

    familiar with distal acupuncture methods, you might not have seen how instant

    pain relief can be achieved with a few needles.

    The benefits of distal acupuncture and this book include:

    Make distal methods simple, you can learn the methods used for an easy

    way to treat with distal methods and master the technique

    This book combines Master Tung acupuncture and Balance Method

    acupuncture, which has been used for thousands of years and was first

    mentioned in the I Ching

    Learn which method is the best choice for each type of pain

    Acupuncture quickies for lower back pain demonstrate how one or two

    needles can instantly relieve pain

    Treat the root and the branch of back pain

    The instant results of distal methods will encourage your patients to

    continue with care

    In some cases, patients are in too much pain to get a local treatment

    Distal treatment is great for acute care treatment

    You can easily combine distal and local treatments to reap the benefit of

    both methods

    Learn the theories behind distal acupuncture

    Dozens of case studies using the Balance Method, which uses TCM points,

    and Tung acupuncture treatments that include Tung point images

    If you can master the treatment of back pain, you will have a busy practice. If you

    can master the distal treatment of back pain, you can demonstrate to people who

    do not believe they can be helped that you can help them.



    New Additions

    We have written three books on distal acupuncture. The first is Mastering Tung

    Acupuncture, Distal Imaging for Fast Pain Relief, and two Pain Case Studies

    books, that each include distal theory case studies similar to this book. However,

    after getting feedback from other acupuncturists, we have added the following to

    this book:

    There is a point name list at the back of the book where the Tung points are

    listed by number. They are now sorted by Pin Yin name as well.

    We added TCM point images, to refresh your memory on location, as well

    as to make this book a complete reference. Although this book is written for

    licensed acupuncturists, there might be points you dont typically use in

    clinic. The images will give you a quick refresher for what you learned in

    school. They were not meant to replace a point location book for TCM


    The images now include the point name in English, and Pin Yin, unless it is

    a Dao Ma, and space does not permit. A Dao Ma is two or more points used

    in combination, on the same meridian, to increase the reaction.

    All Tung points are listed with the locations and images at the back of the

    book. You no longer need a point location


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