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Treaty of Versailles. Punishment of Germany. Match Up the opinions of the “Big Three” in your jotters. Public Opinion. France – Suffered too much to allow the Germans to be forgiven Britain – Also suffered too much to allow the German to be forgiven - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Treaty of VersaillesPunishment of Germany

  • Match Up the opinions of the Big Three in your jotters.

  • Public OpinionFrance Suffered too much to allow the Germans to be forgivenBritain Also suffered too much to allow the German to be forgivenUSA Had not suffered as they joined the war late and had small causalities and no fighting took place in USABritish & French believed that GERMANY STARTED THE WAR.WANTED REVENGE

  • Cost of the War.What the Government spentGermany 8,394 MillionAustria-Hungary 4,563 MillionTurkey and Bulgaria 499 MillionRussia 5,021 MillionGreat Britain 7,852 MillionFrance 5,392 Million

  • Military Loss of LifeGermany 2,000,000Russia 1,700,000France 1,358,000Austria 1,100,000Great Britain 761,213Italy 460,000Turkey 375,000British Empire 251,900USA 114,095

  • PunishmentClemenceaus victory at the peace talks. The American public opinion did not reflect President Wilson.Public opinion would not accept a peace that did not curb German power.The dictated treaty reflected the views of Clemenceau.

  • The Terms of the Treaty7th May 1919The Germans expected a fair treaty and were shocked by the terms of the treaty.However they were in no position to fight so were forced to sign the treaty.The Treaty contained over 200 clauses

  • Blame

    Germany had to accept the Blame for starting the war (Clause 231). This caused a lot of anger in GermanyHe Started the War!They blame us for the war.ARGGH

  • Article 231Germany accepts the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage to which the Allied governments have been subjected as a consequence of the war imposed upon them by the aggression of Germany and her allies.

  • ReparationsGermany had to pay 6,600 million (called Reparations) for the damage done during the war. Article 232 of the Treaty

  • Article 232Germany undertakes that she will make compensation for all damage done to the civilian population of the Allied powers and to their property

  • German ArmyLimited to 100,000 men

  • No Submarines

    No Battleships

    No Military Aircraft

  • League of Nations set up to settle international disputes

  • Germany lost all of her colonies and was banned from forming an alliance with Austria

  • AnschlussThe Anschluss was forbidden.This meant that Germany and Austria were not allowed to unite to form one country or Alliance.

  • Loss of landAdditionally Germany lost 13% of her European land and 10% of her population.The Polish corridor was created to give Poland access to the Baltic Sea.

  • Demilitarised ZoneThe Rhineland was demilitarised to prevent future attack on France or Belgium.

  • Questions1. Were the military terms of treaty unfair to Germany?2. Why was the Anschluss forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles?3. Why is article 231 of the treaty known as the War Guilt Clause?4. Were the Allies justified in forcing Germany to sign Articles 231 and 232 of the Treaty of Versailles?