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through sickness or injuries received
on the field
By sending a donation to the
ESSEX COUNTY FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION BENEVOLENT FUND your club will be doing its part in helping to assist these players.
Donations may be sent to:
President: H. G. STENNETT
Chairman: .F. SMITH
Vice-Chairman: R. H. EDWARDS
Hon. Secretary: R.PICKUP (2012) 227A, Rectory Road, Hawkwell, Essex SS5 4LF
01702 542765
Hon. Assistant Secretary SHERYL MACRAE (2012)
108 Archer Avenue Southend-on-Sea Essex SS2 4RA 01702 461073 / Mobile - 07789 993262
Hon. Treasurer: D. E. GUTTERIDGE (2001) 3 Hedge Lane, Hadleigh, Essex SS7 2SQ
Telephone: 01702 556037
Management Committee
(a) This competition of football clubs shall be called the SOUTHEND CHARITY FOOTBALL
COMPETITION and shall consist of clubs elected in accordance with Rule 7(a), all of
which shall be affiliated to and whose names are returned to the Essex County
Football Association on Form E annually. The area covered by competition members
shall be Southend and District, defined at the discretion of the Management
(b) The competition shall be affiliated to the Essex County Football Association and shall
be conducted in accordance with the rules , regulations and by-laws of the Football
(c) The competition shall be conducted on the cup-tie principle and shall be open to
clubs by invitation.
(d) Each club must produce to the Hon. Secretary of the competition, on or before July
14th, the receipt number for its affiliation to the Essex County Football Association,
together with any other information required, or in default to be fined £10.
(a) Applications by clubs for admission to this competition must be made in writing on
the application form provided for that purpose, to the Hon. Secretary. The entrance
fee for each team shall be £20 (twenty pounds) which is made up of £12 entry fee, £3
trophy insurance donation and £5 Round One match donation, payable on or before
June 30th in each year. No team shall participate in the competition until its entry fee
has been paid. The entrance fee is refundable if not selected.
(b) At the discretion of a majority of members accredited to vote - of which due notice
has been given – applications may be received at the Annual General Meeting. The
entry fee shall apply.
(c) All teams shall provide an E-mail address. This may be the address of a club, club official or a player. All correspondence from and to the competition, shall be undertaken using E-mail to reduce financial costs for the competition and the clubs. Draw sheets, result cards (proforma), fines, all reports plus financial statements shall only be sent by E-mail.
(d) Payments to the Competition shall be made using cheques, cash, electronic bank transfers or by Barclays Pingit or similar transfers.
(a) The officers of the competition shall consist of a President, Vice Presidents, Chairman,
Vice Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Assistant Secretary and Hon. Treasurer,
Representative of Referees’ Society and Management Committee, to be elected
annually at the Annual General Meeting.
(b) On the recommendation of the Management Committee, suitable nominees may be
offered Life Membership of the competition after ratification at the Annual General
Meeting. The officers shall have the power to attend all meetings and vote thereat.
No salary or honorarium shall be paid to any official connected with the competition.
(a) The competition shall be governed, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of
the Football Association, by a Management Committee consisting of the officers and
a maximum of three delegates from each Saturday League and a delegate of the
Referees’ Association of the district, and a number (not to exceed ten) of co-opted
(b) The Management Committee shall meet as often as is necessary to discuss business
as and when required. On receiving a requisition signed by two thirds of the members
of the Management Committee, the Secretary shall convene a meeting of the
Management Committee.
(c) Except where otherwise mentioned, all communication must be addressed to the
Hon. Secretary, who shall conduct the correspondence of the competition and keep a
record of its proceedings. All clubs must notify the Competition Secretary of any
change of name, address, telephone number concerning their secretary, current or
new, within 14 days of the change. Clubs in default will be fined £10.
(d) The committee shall take all receipts and make all arrangements in connection with
the playing of the ties.
(e) All moneys shall be paid to the Hon. Treasurer who shall submit a statement of
finances of the Competition at each meeting of the Committee.
(a) The management Committee shall have the power to appoint such other sub –
committee as they may consider necessary and may delegate all or any of their
powers to such committee as deemed appropriate. The decisions of all such
committees shall be reported to the Management Committee for ratification.
(b) The committee shall select clubs from the applicants each season. Such clubs may be
divided into sections at the discretion of the Committee. The committee shall decide
in which section a club is most suited and place such club in that section. The
committee ruling in these matters is final and no appeal against them will be
(c) Each member of the Management Committee shall be entitled to attend all its
meetings and to have one vote thereat, but no member shall be allowed to vote if
connected with any club on any matter appertaining to his/her club. This applies to
sub committee also.
(d) In the event of the vote being equal, the chairman shall have the casting vote.
(e) The Committee shall have jurisdiction over all matters affecting the competition,
whether specially provided for in these rules or not. Except where these rules provide
for the imposition of a set penalty, any club, official or player alleged to be in breach
of a competition rule must be formally charged in writing and given the opportunity
to present their case before the Management Committee. All breaches of the Laws of
the Game, Rules and Regulations of the Football Association, shall be dealt with in
accordance with F.A. Rules.
(f) All decisions of the Management Committee shall be binding subject to the right of
appeal to the Board of Appeal in accordance with Rule 12. Decisions of the
Management Committee must be notified in writing to those concerned within 14
(g) Five members of the Management Committee and three members of any sub –
committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
(h) The Management Committee shall have power to fill any vacancies among their
number at any time.
(i) A club having failed to comply with an order or instruction of the Management
Committee or failing to satisfactorily attend to the business/correspondence of the
competition shall be liable to be fined or otherwise penalised by the Management
(j) All fines and charges imposed by the competition shall be paid within 14 days of
official notification. The secretary of the competition has the authority of the
committee to double up the fine on the occasion of the first payment not being made
within 14 days. Clubs, officials or individuals committing a breach of this rule will incur
such penalties as the Management Committee may impose.
(k) The Management Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy which may
occur in the membership of the competition between the Annual General Meeting
called to decide the constitution and the commencement of the competition season.
(a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than June 30th each year. Clubs
having competed in the competition in the past season (excepting defunct clubs)
must be represented at the Annual General Meeting. At this meeting the following
business shall be transacted provided that a minimum of 15 members are present
and entitled to vote.
(i) The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting shall be read and confirmed
and any business arising there from shall be dealt with.
(ii) Presentation and adoption of the Annual Report and Balance Sheet.
(iii) Reports on grants to charity as per rule 14.
(iv) Election of Officers, Management Committee and Hon. Auditors.
(v) Confirmation of co – opted members of Committee
(vi) Alteration to Rules (if any), of which due notice has been given.
(vii) Any other business, either written or by verbal notification.
(b) A copy of the agenda and duly audited balance sheet and statement of accounts shall
be forwarded to each club 14 days prior to the meeting.
(c) A copy of the duly audited balance sheet, together with the particulars of the grants
to charity, shall be sent to the Chief Executive of the Essex County Football
Association within 14 days of the adoption by the Annual General Meeting.
(d) Each member club shall be entitled to send two delegates to all general meetings.
Each club shall be entitled to one vote only. Should they send only one delegate to
attend he shall have only one vote.
(e) Clubs who have withdrawn their membership of the competition during the season
being concluded, or not continuing in membership, shall be entitled to attend but
shall only vote on matters relating to the season being concluded.
(f) All voting shall be conducted by a show of hands unless a ballot be demanded by fifty
per cent of the delegates present and qualified to vote or the chairman so decides.
(g) No individual shall be entitled to vote on behalf of more than one member club
unless the individual is also appointed to vote as a representative of a group of
associate member clubs.
(h) Any continuing member club not represented at the Annual General Meeting or other
Special General Meetings without satisfactory reason will be fined £20.
(a) Clubs shall not be allowed to withdraw from the competition after the draw has been
made. Any club infringing this rule or failing to fulfil its fixtures shall be liable to a fine
not exceeding £20.
(b) The Annual General Meeting should be held not later than June 30th and the
Committee will meet by, July 31st to decide the Constitution. The competition shall
have the right, irrespective of other provisions of the rule, to refuse to permit a club
to withdraw its team in order to join another competition and may hold the club to its
(a) The Hon. Secretary of the competition shall keep a register showing the name of
players taking place in matches in this competition All players must be bona fide
registered players of the football club they represent and shall have played for such
club in a registered competition during the current season or shall have been
registered with that club seven days prior to the date of the match.
(b) The register of players shall be compiled from the names of the players as shown on
the result statement (see Rule 11).
(c) Players of H.M. Services clubs need not be registered but must be on the “strength”
of the units they represent. A fee of £5 per club shall be paid.
(d) Senior players are not eligible to play in the competition. A senior player is one who
has played in the first team of a senior club or clubs in a competitive match in the
current season. Contract players are also not eligible to play in the competition.
(e) Any club playing an ineligible player may be struck out of the competition or
otherwise dealt with as the committee may determine.
(f) A player shall not play for more than one club ln this competition in the same season.
(g) No player who has played in the first team of a club in this competition shall play in
the second or third team of that club in this competition in a subsequent round in the
same season.
Teams found to be in breach of this rule may be struck out of the competition or
otherwise dealt with by the Management Committee.
(a) Registered referees and assistant referees to act in all matches shall be appointed in
a manner approved by the Management Committee and sanctioning associations. At
the semi-final stage of the competition in all sections each club must provide a club
assistant referee. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £10. A result card shall be
sent by the referee to the Hon. Secretary of the competition within three days of the
playing of a match (excluding Sunday).
(b) In the event of the non-appearance of the appointed referee, OR where the
competition has been unable to appoint a referee, the clubs must mutually agree
upon a referee, and provided that the game is played in accordance with the Laws of
the Game and the Rules of the Competition it shall rank as a cup- tie.
(c) The referee shall have the power to decide as to the fitness of the ground in all
matches and his decision shall be final, subject to either the local authority or owner
of a ground being the sole arbiter and whose decision must be accepted.
(d) Neutral assistant referees shall be appointed in any match upon application by the
two competing clubs or by the Committee should they deem such a course desirable.
(e) The fees of the match officials shall be: referee £25 and assistant referees (if
appointed) £10. The referee and assistant referees, appointed by the competition,
shall also be entitled to claim travelling expenses of 25p per mile or the cost of public
transport up to a maximum of £10. Such fees and travelling expenses shall be shared
equally by both clubs in all rounds up to and including the semi-final tie, and shall be
paid to the officials in their dressing room immediately following the match. In the
event that the referee and/or assistant referees (if appointed) decide to donate their
fee to the competition, for distribution to charity, it shall be the duty of both clubs to
send half of the fee to the Competition Treasurer within 14 days of the match being
played. Clubs failing to comply with this rule shall incur a fine of £10. The
competition will be responsible for all final tie expenses.
(f) The home team shall send or telephone particulars of Its ground and colours to both
its opponents and the referee at least four days prior to the playing of the match.
Failure to do so will result in a £10 fine being incurred. In the event of both teams
having the same or similar colours in semi-final or final ties, both teams shall change
their colours. in all preceding rounds the visiting teams shall change. Goalkeepers
shall wear colours which distinguish them from other players and match officials. No
player-including the goalkeeper shall wear black or very dark shirts. Any club not
having a change of colours or delaying the kick-off because of it shall be fined £10.
(a) The Committee shall make the draw for the various rounds and shall fix the dates and
times of kick-off and ground upon which the ties (including replayed ties) shall be
played. Referees must order matches to commence at the appointed time of kick-off
whether teams are complete or not. Any club not ready to start at the appointed time
shall be fined £10. All clubs must provide corner posts and flags or be liable to a fine
of £10. Clubs will be advised of the fine within 14 days of the alleged offence.
Referees must report all late starts and advise the captain of the offending team of
his intention to do so. In the event of the ground of the home club being unfit for play
the home team should contact the secretary or other representative of the away club
with a view to the match being played on the ground of the away club or, if that
should also be unfit for play, on a neutral ground. The Secretary of the competition
must be notified of all the changes of venue in all situations where this has been
necessary. Any club failing to comply with this rule will be dealt with by the
Management Committee.
(b) All matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game and (except in
the case of the final tie, which must be of 90 minutes duration) shall be a minimum of
60 minutes (30 minutes each way) and a maximum of 90 minutes duration (45
minutes each way) up to and including the semi-finals. In the event of the scores
being equal at the expiration of ordinary time, extra time of not less than 20 minutes
(10 minutes each way) and no more than 30 minutes (15 minutes each way) shall be
played. If the score is still level after extra time the tie shall be decided by penalty
kicks. The length of the half -time interval shall be at the discretion of the match
official, but shall be no more than 15 minutes.
(c) The management committee shall review all abandoned matches and in a case where
it is to the advantage of the competition and is fair to both clubs shall be empowered
to order the score at the time of the abandonment to stand. In all cases where the
Management Committee are satisfied that a match was abandoned owing to the
conduct of one of the teams or one or more of its members they shall be empowered
to award the match to the opponents and take what other action they may deem
appropriate. In cases where a match is abandoned owing to the conduct of both
teams or a member or members of their clubs the Management Committee shall take
such action as they consider suitable. Such action is subject to any disciplinary action
taken by the County Football Association. In the event of any match being abandoned
owing to causes over which neither side has control it shall be replayed on a date and
ground as ordered by the Committee.
(d) Except by special permission of the Committee all matches must be played by the
dates originally fixed, but priority shall be given to the Football Association and all
County cup competitions.
(e) Notification of postponement of any matches, including where any club is unable to
fulfil a fixture, must without delay be given to the Hon. Secretary of the competition,
the Referees Appointments Secretary, to the Hon. Secretary of the opposing club and
to the match official(s). Any club failing to comply with this rule shall be fined £10 or
otherwise dealt with by the Management Committee.
(f) Three substitute players may be used in accordance with the Laws of the Game and
Football Association regulations. A player who is named as a substitute before the
start of the match, but does not actually play, shall not be considered to have been a
player in that game within the meaning of Rule 8 of the competition.