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TSA 101Derived from: Multiple Sources; Declassify on: 25x1-human; Date of Source: 20091007UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDTRANSPORTATION SECURITY ADMINISTRATIONInnovating With Instagram2While they didnt hit the power ball, you can say Instagram hit the jackpot by recently reaching 400 million users!2TSA Operations3In 2015: 708,316,339 travelers were screened (1.9 million per day) at over 450 airports around the nation. 1.6 Billion carry-on bags, 432 million checked bags and 12.9 million airport employees were also screened. Can you see a need for TSA to be able to communicate with the public?3Mission Critical To Communicate4Its mission critical for TSA to communicate with the public. Plug @AskTSA4TSAs Instagram Account5Launched in 2012Over 400K FollowersChange ConversationEducateEntertainInformAdvertiseWhy we launched Instagram. Educate with travel tips such as proper packing procedures for firearms. Entertain. Give them what they want while sprinkling PSAs into the mix from time to time. Inform the public about new policies and procedures by linking to blog post. Advertise. TSA Pre Check. 5Content6How I get content. What I look for. How do you get content? How would you get content? What to look for in content. Quirky Spark Conversation Quality Photos are best, but not always an option. Entertain, Inform, Educate. 6NASA7Research content from other Instagram users and see what kind of content theyre using. Think about what you could use. 7Department of Interior8Beyonc9TSA Instagram Examples10TSA Instagram Examples11TSA Instagram Examples12TSA Instagram Examples13TSA Instagram Examples14TSA Instagram Examples15TSA Instagram Examples16Is Instagram for You?17Do you have a steady source of interesting content? InformEducateSellAdvertise 17Updates: Landscape and portrait photo sharing Wide Screen Video18Updates: Video Counts19Updates: Manage Multiple Accounts20Updates: Manage Multiple Accounts21Updates: Sharing Without Using @22Updates: Sharing Without Using @23Updates: Direct Messages & Groups24Updates: Sharing Hashtag Pages25Updates: Sharing Location Pages26Instagram Aps: Layout, Hyperlapse & Boomerang27Instagram Aps: Layout, Hyperlapse & Boomerang28Other Instagram Aps29Photo Editing30FiltersLUXAdjustBrightnessContrastStructureWarmthSaturationColorFadeHighlightsShadowVignetteTilt ShiftSharpen3031OctothorpeWhat is a Hashtag? 32The # (hashtag) symbol is used to mark keywords or topics. It was created as a way to categorize messages and can also be used with other tools such as Instagram and Facebook.Choosing Hashtags 33Sharing34Advertising With Instagram35Call to action buttons direct users to where you want them to go, such as your web pages, mobile aps and specific pages. Guaranteed impressions and placement in top ad position of Instagram's feedAchieve predictable reach and greater control over message frequencyFeedbackExamples of Sponsored Ads36Paid Influencers37An influencer campaign is an effective way to promote your business and generate leads by leveraging the audience of another Instagram account. ~ Stefano Mongardi Social Media ExaminerMeasuring/Proving ROI38Unless you are an e-commerce brand selling a product online, it is very hard to measure direct ROI for your company from Instagram.(Likes + Comments) Total Followers = Engagement RateFollowersLikesCommentsUnique HashtagsClicks (From URL in Profile)Improving ROI39Increase your audience sizeMake your content discoverable with hashtagsContests for contentPhoto caption contestsHashtag contestsIncrease your reach with authentic influencersResearch successful brands and see what theyre doingHighlight user-generated contentCombine your social channelsCrowdsource photosQuestions?40?Contact41Email: CurtisBurns@TSA.DHS.GOV Personal Twitter: @BigBobBurnsPersonal Instagram: @BigBobBurnsLinked In: Curtis (Bob) Burns