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Tuesday… The New Saturday!

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Millennials change the "tide" flow of tourism.


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Tuesday… The New Saturday!

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Change is Here

What Generation makes up 25% of the US population?

The Millennial Generation Millennials are between the ages of 18-34

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Millennials are the largest generation in American history at 80 million strong and they possess $1.3 trillion in direct buying power. -Source “millennialmarketing.com

They’re very much keeping up with the Joneses, but not by collecting things and products like their Boomer parents but by collecting photos, friends and experiences.

Know Thy Consumer

- Source “The Hipmunk Blog”

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“Your observation panned out in Branson too. We ask day of arrival on our Branson visitor survey, and sure enough, this year…”

• Sun-Tuesday arrivals represent 31.0% of all visitors, up 30% from last year.

• Wed-Thursday at 24% is down by 2%

• Friday- Saturday arrivals account for 45%

of all visits, down 13% from last year.

Branson Arrivals 2014 YTD - Over - 2013 YTD

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Adults over age 35 still prefer cars for interacting with friends and family and providing an escape from a hectic day, Millennials love smartphones even more for those purposes.

“Expect consumers to love their cars even more when the cars seamlessly connect to their iPhones and Galaxy’s, in time, cars may just be giant mobile docking stations with wheels.

Millennial & Automobiles

Source – MobileMarkiter.com

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Hipmunk, the Travel Booking website recently surveyed 3,000 Millennials

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∗ 79 % of Millennials would enjoy a “themed” seasonal flight with snacks, drinks, and seasonal movies.

∗ 45 % of Millennials want to connect socially with other passengers via electronic chat, games, or social networks

∗ Millennials are last-minute bookers: 47 % book their vacation travel at least 6 months in advance.

Millennial Travel Habits -1

- Source “The Hipmunk Blog”

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∗ At least 40 % of surveyed individuals would likely use mobile car-sharing services if they were offered in their communities.

∗ Generation Y is the most educated generation in history, according to Pew, with a higher percentage attending college than ever before.

∗ Millennials are willing to sacrifice a great deal in pursuit of education, and 78 % said they want to learn something new when they travel. Source Huffington Post

Millennial Travel Habits - 2

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How Will Your Business Address Change ? • Remember Millennials LOVE Smart Phones. • They Have A Need To Be Connected. • They Live To Experience. • They Are Educated. • They Are Frugal. • They Adapt.