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Get Tune for free on http://app.tune.so/ What is Tune? Tune is basically what you always looked for. It’s the best, absolutely free alternative to Spotify without the annoying commercial breaks, without any restrictions and with the possibility to download your songs. Furthermore Tune has improved features like a new, beautiful design and a sound visualization … and Tune has about 10 times more songs than Spotify. Oh, one more thing: Tune has no premium accounts! That’s right, on Tune every user has the same rights and every user gets everything for free. Just try it, you will absolutely love it! SEARCH AND PLAY WHAT YOU WANT Search, find and listen to every mp3 song that you want. You will surely find it on Tune. LIGHTING FAST STREAMING There is no need to download the mp3 songs since streaming works lightning fast. DOWNLOAD MP3 SONGS FREE You have the ability to download every mp3 song free for offline usage (e.g. if you are going for a road trip). WORKS ON OLD PHONES Tune supports Android versions back to 2.3.3. It’s made sure that you will most likely not have a phone which is not supported. WORKS OFFLINE If you don’t have internet and want to play your music, Tune lets you use the search regularly as Tune will search through all the music you downloaded and thus made offline available. BEAUTIFUL DESIGN Tune has a very beautiful and modern design and it comes with a Visualizer for your songs to make the playback sensation even better. SHARE SONGS AMONG FRIENDS You can share every song from Tune with your friends over WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and more. BEST SOUND SENSATION To ensure the best sound quality, Tune has an Equalizer, Bass Boost and Amplifier (Amplifier is only available for the newest Android version and is not yet supported by some phones). CONTROL PLAYER FROM THE LOCK SCREEN With Tune you have the ability to access the player directly from the lock screen so you never have to unlock your phone to access the music player controls. MUCH MORE SONGS THAN THE REST Tune has ten times more songs than Spotify, Pandora and other streaming services. It’s brilliant. And all this is absolutely free, without annoying restrictions and without commercial breaks!


  • What is Tune? Tune is basically the very best Spotify alternative for mobile phones Why is Tune the best Spotify alternative? Because Tune is absolutely free, there are no hidden costs, no annoying commercial breaks, and no premium accounts Is it good or bad that Tune hasno premium accounts? Its good for every Tune user, no premium accounts means that every user has the same rights and access to the same functions, thereby Tune offers NO RESTRICTIONS FOR ANYONE Sounds too good to be true? It is true, try it, its free and you will absolutely love it!
  • It is what it looks like This is the app that you should not live without
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