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  • 1. Marta Gonzlez Daz Blanca Daz Daz Miguel de Castro (prof.)

2. Power usage: Can you reduce it? 3. Objectives: Responsible power usage Measuring power usage Power saving campaign Reducing power usage at school Reducing power usage at home Studying water consumption in power plants 4. Turn Me Off!Work 5. Power usage Awareness-raising at home about power usage How can we reduce it? How much water is needed to produce power? 6. Power usage Study of our family's power bills 7. Wattmeter Measuring with wattmeters Power usage in Euros 8. Wattmeter Home installation Fluorescent ceiling lights 9. Wattmeter 10. Wattmeter Power usage of two fluorescent ceiling lights working during 8 hours/day for 1 month: 0.50 11. Wattmeter Measurement of the power usage of appliances on STAND BY 12. Wattmeter STAND BY: Power usage is up to 10% of the appliances usage Power consumed by a PC: 90 W Power consumed by a PC on STAND BY: 9 W 13. Turn Me Off! Our power saving campaign 14. What can we do?Power saving campaign Reduce power usage at home Reduce power usage at school 15. Turn Me Off! Posters in classrooms and corridors 16. Turn Me Off! Stickers on switches Awareness- raising 17. Turn Me Off! CalendarOctoberNovember December 18. Campaign at home Metering thepowercounter dailyfor threemonths 19. Work in school Study of power installations in houses 20. Work in school Weekly checks of the power counter for three months 21. Turn Me Off!Environmental impact ...water... 22. Study of power productionPower production in Spain: Combustion thermal power plant Nuclear power plant Water power plant Renewable energy: Solar energy Wind energy Biomass energy 23. National energetic study 24. Study of power production Combustion thermal power plants 25. Study of power production Nuclear power plants 26. Study of power production Water power plants 27. Water consumption in power plants As Pontes Thermal Power Plant: Powerproduced: 1400 MW Water consumed:2161470 m3/year Origin of water: river-bed. 28. Water consumption in power plants Calculations made: E P E Pt t Let' s calculate the energy produced in a year t h in a year 365 days 24 h 8760 h E 1400000kw8760 h 1,226410 kwh10 29. Water consumption in power plants Calculations made:We now put in relation production andconsumption of waterE 1.226410 kwh produced in a year 10Q 2 161 470 m of water consumed in a year3 -4 3 1 kwh needs 1.762510 m of water 30. Turn Me Off!Results 31. Results Weekly consumption measured 160 145,5 140136128 120106,6 101,5 101,5103,9 10099,8 100,6 95,8 9080 Kwh6040200 32. Water consumption in power plants 1 kwh1,762510-4 m 3 33. ResultadosEstimated water consumption in thermal power plant (m 3) 0,0300 0,0256 0,0250 0,02400,02240,02000,01880,0179 0,01790,01830,0176 0,0177 0,01690,0158 0,0150 0,0100 0,0050 0,0000 34. ResultsWater consumption in TPP vs hours of sunlight 0,030012:00 10:480,0256 0,0250 0,02409:360,0224 8:24 0,02000,01880,0179 0,01790,01837:120,0176 0,0177 0,01690,0158 0,01506:00 m3 de agua4:48Horas de sol0,0100 3:36 2:24 0,00501:12 0,00000:00 35. Results Water consumption in TPP vs outdoors temperature 0,030025,00 0,0256 0,0250 0,024020,000,02240,02000,01880,0179 0,01790,018315,000,0176 0,0177 0,01690,0158 0,0150 m3 de agua10,00 Temperatura0,01005,00 0,0050 0,00000,00 36. Results Power usage during the Turn Me Off! campaign DatePower used in kwh09/10/2009 Beginning of measurements16/10/200940623/10/200953330/10/200947906/11/200949913/11/200950320/11/200945027/11/2009519TOTAL04/12/20093815032 kwh11/12/200968018/12/2009582 37. Results Water consumption in thermal power plant during the Turn Me Off! campaign DateWater consumption m309/10/2009 Beginning of measurements16/10/2009 0,071623/10/2009 0,093930/10/2009 0,084406/11/2009 0,087913/11/2009 0,088720/11/2009 0,079227/11/2009 0,0916TOTAL04/12/2009 0,06720.887 m311/12/2009 0,119918/12/2009 0,1026 38. Turn Me Off!Conclusions: 39. Conclusions The results obtained do not indicate significative savings There are many reasons why the study does not reflect significative savings but... We know this is the right way of life and we should keep up the work. 40. Thank you