turnout. it is often said that the first impression is the last impression. so, efforts must be...

Download TURNOUT. It is often said that the first impression is the last impression. So, efforts must be taken to ensure that a positive long lasting impression

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  • It is often said that the first impression is the last impression. So, efforts must be taken to ensure that a positive long lasting impression is made the first time. Appearance and the way one carries oneself are the two things that are first noticed on entering a room. So, corporate dressing etiquette is to be given great importance. SOME SAYINGS
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  • The way we dress reflects our inner self. Dress can make a person look confident and in control of the situation. Dress should be befitting the occasion. Identify the dress code followed in the business entity before appearing for the interview.
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  • Proper attire which reflects a strong personality can induce the customer to accept the ideas put forward. A good attire can imbibe confidence from team members who will be willing to look upon you a s a leader. The personality, the confidence can be made conspicuous by dressing in accordance to the situation. An enterprise with well dressed manpower can speak of better confidence, thus adding to its brand value. Proper attire
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  • MEN UNIFORM SHIRTS As a rule, the simple the better Colours: - white, off white, pale, blue shirts are preferred It is important to button up your shirt till your color button. Do not wear thick stripes and checks.
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  • Trousers: They should preferably be dark though you may wear beige and with a dark colored shirt. Try to have at least one pair of black trouser.
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  • Ties: Choose a traditional Silk tie. No loud colour or patterns. Avoid ties with images and designer logo. Your tie should coordinate with you attire. The knot should be a perfect triangle.
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  • Socks: Choose a colour that coordinates with your trouser Usually dark black, dark brown, dark grey and dark blue. Make sure they are long enough not to expose your skin when you sit down. As a thumb rule do not wear white socks. Wear clean socks to avoid bad odour.
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  • Shoes: A good pair of leather shoes black or brown. Must be polished every day. Do not wear shoes that look casual.
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  • Belt: Formal belt with a sleek buckle. As a thumb rule match your belt to your shoe.
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  • Watches: Preferably wear leather strapped watches. If you wear a metal strapped one, make sure that it fits your wrist well.
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  • WOMEN UNIFORM You may wear salwaar kameez or formal shirt/trousers. Preferably choose small prints or self colours. Avoid plunging neck lines, sleeve less and tight fitting clothes.
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  • Sandals/Shoes Shoes 1.5 inch heels are standard. You may also wear a pair with smaller heels or a flat pair. Stick with a black/ brown pair. Be sure your shoes are polished and that heels are intact.
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  • Bags Apart from your working bag if you are carrying an additional bag, preferably carry a black or a brown one.
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  • Some More Tips When picking clothes for office wear, remember to opt for subtle shades. Garish colors and office look do not gel well at all. Women should not apply heavy makeup while going to office. In fact, the use of makeup, hair spray and perfume should be toned down. Before leaving for office, check in the mirror to make sure that you are well groomed. Nobody takes a shabbily dressed person seriously.
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