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T T U U S S T T I I N N H H I I G G H H S S C C H H O O O O L L High School Planning For SENIORS SENIORS

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  • Get to know your counselor Get to know your counselor: Tustin Tillers are assigned to a counselor according to the alphabetical distribution of their last name: A- Fa & SDC = Mr. Wiedemann Fe- Mc = Ms. Pyle Me- Q & AVID = Ms. Repp R- Z & Early College = Mrs. Bledsoe
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  • Additional Support Staff Career Center Coordinator & ROP: Sherri Friend Data and Records/Transcripts Lucy Garcia (habla espanol) Community Liaison Irene Thomas (habla espanol)
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  • Graduation Requirements Total credits required for graduation = 230Total credits required for graduation = 230 Successful completion of the Competency in Technology requirementSuccessful completion of the Competency in Technology requirement (AKA Research and Tech OR by passing a technology course, Media Arts, etc. or passing a technology proficiency exam & completing 5 credits of an Applied Art class.) Passing scores on both sections of the CAHSEEPassing scores on both sections of the CAHSEE All students must meet California state standards in Language Arts and Mathematics by passing the California High School Exit Exam.
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  • CAHSEE EnglishEnglish Multiple Choice and writing sections MathematicsMathematics Multiple Choice Must pass both sections with a score of: 350+ to meet graduation requirement. Must only retake the subject that you did not pass the first time. Test Dates for 2008/2009: November 4-5, February 3-4, May 12-13
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  • Required Classes for Graduation 5 credits = 1 semester English40 credits Math 20 credits Algebra & Geometry Science30 credits Life Science (Biology) Physical Science (Chemistry) Other (Earth Science) Social Sciences35 credits Geography World History US History American Government & Economics
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  • Required Classes for Graduation Foreign Language &/or a Visual or Performing Art 25 Credits 1 year: Foreign Language or VPA10 Credits 1 year: Foreign Language, VPA, or Applied Art10 Credits 1 semester Applied Art (Research and Technology) 5 Credits Physical Education20 Credits Electives60 Credits
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  • Alternative Options for Credit Make-up/Completion Adult School See your counselor for mandatory paperwork Make an appointment with Adult School to register Plato See your counselor to register and to be put on the wait list Currently offered zero period College Courses TUSD Partnership with Irvine Valley College Santiago Canyon College, Santa Ana College, UCI, etc. Must have school approval prior to enrollment
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  • UC and CSU Requirements (A-G) A.Social Science2 years B.English4 years C.Math (through Algebra 2) 3 years (4 years recommended) D.Science (with lab)2 years (3 years recommended) E.Foreign Language2 years (3 years recommended) F.Visual/Performing Art1 year G.Elective1 year (College preparatory elective) ALL classes must be passed with a grade of C or better UC minimum GPA for admission is 3.0 GPA calculated from Sophomore and Junior year for UC approved courses only The list above represents only the minimum requirements. Some colleges request more. Check with the college of your choice. If you are an athlete, ask you counselor about NCAA Eligibility You must register online at www.ncaaclearinghouse.netwww.ncaaclearinghouse.net Fill out a Student Release Form. Cost is $50.
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  • College Entrance Exams www.collegeboard.com www.actstudent.org TUSTIN SAT Test Center and CEEB/ACT Code: 05 3570 ACT and/or SAT Reasoning Test (Late Registration Oct 10 th for SATs) Taken during the spring of Junior year or no later than November of Senior year. For UC schools, 2 subject tests are required along with the ACT writing test SAT Subject Tests Taken after completing accelerated courses in math, science, foreign language, world history, and literature Some university programs require specific SAT Subject Tests to be considered for admission.
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  • Deadlines to know: CSU: Applications need to be submitted November 1- November 30 www.csumentor.eduwww.csumentor.edu (dont wait until the last day) UC: Applications need to be submitted November 1-November 30 www.ucop.edu (dont wait until the last day)www.ucop.edu Private Colleges: Consult Individual college website for deadlines.
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  • Recommendation Letters These must be requested; they are not assumed. For each teacher or counselor writing a letter of recommendation, a stamped and addressed envelope as well as your Brag Sheet must be provided. Must submit your request at least three working weeks before your expected postage date. Thank you letters are suggested
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  • Official Transcripts First 2 official transcripts are free Every additional transcript is $2 payable to Mrs. Garcia in the records and data office within counseling. You are responsible for requesting mid-year reports before the end of the first semester. Official transcript request forms are available. See Mrs. Garcia. You are responsible between now and graduation to submit your own transcripts.
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  • UCs and CSUs The following is true of all UC and CSU campuses: No transcript is required as part of the application process (unless notified by the school); all information is self-reported. Transcripts are not sent until after graduation. No letters of recommendation are required or accepted for admission.
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  • Financial Aid Go to : www.fafsa.ed.gov today (Its free)www.fafsa.ed.gov Get password and pin # Can officially submit information after January 1 st, 2009 Requires parent information, documentation and parent signature Apply for financial aid if you need it. Dont let the cost of college get in your way of an education.
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  • Career Center Career Center Make Mrs. Friend your friend Provides information and resources about: Scholarships and Grants for college: www.scholarship.comwww.scholarship.com www.Fastweb.comwww.Fastweb.com, www.wierdscholar.com, www.freschinfo.comwww.wierdscholar.comwww.freschinfo.com Careers College (community, 4-year, private, out-of-state) SAT/ACT Testing The Military Certificate programs/specialty schools ROP courses Workshops College visitations from college admissions staff Financial aid Computers allow students internet access for research as well as personality and interest inventories Students can access the career center as often as they want during non-class time
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  • CommunityService Community Service Remember: Students can and should volunteer for many reasons: 1.To feel good about themselves 2.To help other people 3.To keep active 4.To gain job experience 5.To discover interests that they did not know they had 6.To make a difference in their community & the world 7.To enhance college applications and resumes for employment (If you are applying to UC schools, make 150-200 hours over a 2 year period your goal. This will make you a more competitive applicant.)
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  • Personal Learning Plan Under Grade 12 Post Secondary Goals: Write what you want to do after you graduate Under Senior Schedule: Write in the classes you are currently registered Sign and date under 12 grade signature