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  • 1. Twilight

2. 1. What does Edward compare Bellas scent to?
A. Candy
B. Wine
C. Chocolate
D. Heroin
3. 2. Bella has a nervous habit of :
A. Biting her nails
B. Twirling her hair
C. Biting her lip
D. Chewing her hair
4. 3. What do the Indian elders call the Cullens?
A. The forbidden ones
B. The crazy ones
C. The cold ones
D. The white ones
5. 4. According to Edward, which is not a vampire myth?
A. Vampires sleep in coffins
B. Vampires have a poisonous bite
C. Vampires can only come out at night
D. Vampires are burned by the sun
6. 5. What animals do Edward and Emett prefer to hunt?
A. Bears and mountain lions
B. Wolves and bears
C. Wild boars and dogs
D. Mountain lions and wild boars
7. 6. Why did Bella leave Phoenix?
A. To see her father
B. To let her mother travel with her new husband
C. She didnt like the hot climate of Phoenix
D. She felt that she was a loner in Phoenix
8. 7. What sport did the Cullens like to play?
A. Basketball
B. Baseball
C. Soccer
D. Football
9. 8. What is the name of the female Vampire who was with Laurent and James?
A. Victoria
B. Francesca
C. Miranda
D. Elizabeth
10. 9 Who shows up to check on Bella at the prom?
A. Jacob
B. Billy
C. Rosalie
D. Alice
11. 10. Which of the following is not a special power belonging to Edward?
A. Advanced sight and hearing
B. Running up to 200 miles per hour
C. Walking through walls
D. Reading minds
12. Bonus question 1
Who is Jacob Black. Provide some facts that you know about him.
13. Bonus question 2
Alice has a vision in the hotel room. What vision does she have? Why is it important to the story?