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  • Twitter Account Setup & How to Increase FollowersXL TRAINING SERIESBy: Maria FaiziFebruary 5, 2015, Version: UB.01

  • How to create a Twitter Account?To begin with , go totwitter.comand sign up.

    The lower box on the right side of your screen has fields for your full name, email address, and password.

    Once you enter that information, youll be taken to a screen to fill out the rest of your accounts details. This includes choosing your username. Thats an important step, because its how your industry and your customers will see your brand.

    Generally, the best practice is to use the shortest form of the name of your business or brand. Twitter messages are only 140 characters long and your entire username goes in the message when somebody tweets at you, so you dont want the handle to take up too much space. You also want the username to be simple enough that people will remember it, so avoid extra strings of numbers or letters.

  • Confirm Your Account

    Before you can get started with personalizing your companys profile, youll need to confirm your account. Twitter will send you an email to the address you provided, and that email will include a link that verifies youraccount. Click on that link or button to activate the account. Congratulations, youre now on Twitter!

    Make Your First Connections

    If you want some help building your first connections, Twitter can help you get started. From the screenwhere you created your account, Twitter will then walk you through building your profile. The network willstart by suggesting people to follow. Pick five new connections whose tweets will appear in your timeline.

    Add Profile Details

    Next, youll want to add some flair to your account. Click the Edit profile button on the right side of yourscreen, just below the header section.Youll want to upload two different photos to your profile. The profile photo should be something thats clearand distinguishable even as a tiny icon. It doesnt hurt to upload a larger image, though; Twitter will shrink itdown as needed. The header photo has more room for expression, so pick something visually striking.

  • This screen lets you update the basic information that appears in your bio, which appears on the left side of the screen below your profile photo. You can update the full name that you initially provided when creating the account. You can also add your location, website, and 140-character bio.You can also edit the background colour of your profile from the different colour options offered.

  • And its done!Everything is ready, now youre set to start tweeting! Remember, each tweet can only be 140 characters long tops, so youll have to be smart with your words.

    Twitter provides two sample posts that you can start with, complete with the #myfirstTweet hashtag. However, if you want to start with something more unique, you can compose your own first tweet in the text field below the samples. Hit the Tweet button and youre off and running with Twitter!

  • Twitter For BusinessResearch showsthat when someone follows you on Twitter, they not only see your Tweets they also take actions that benefit your business.

    For example, followers share positive experiences about the businesses they follow with their own networks, Retweet your Tweets, and are more likely to purchase from you in the future. These actions may be explained by the fact that 85% of Twitter users say they feel more connected to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) after following them.

  • How to grow followers?Create Valuable Content - If you want people to follow and share what you publish, you need to publish content worth sharing.Comment on relevant news/tweets - Commenting on relevant news, trending topics, and various other happenings on Twitter injects your voice into an ongoing conversation or Live tweeting.Retweet relevant content - identify thought-leaders in your industry, and retweet meaningful content theyre sharing. Their voice is amplified and yours legitimized.Ask for Retweets - Now you have content worth sharing, and youve begun connecting with people whom youd like to share it. Its important to activate your follower base and enlist their help in growing your presence. Mention retweet in your tweets!

    Content and engagement make your Twitter account a meaningful destination for potential followers. Give your audience what they want and more followers will want to join that audience.

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