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  • 1.Part 1: The Basics
    Music: Kevin MacLeod

2. Get More Targeted Twitter Followers
With Little Time and Effort.
3. Follow These steps
Step 1: Account Set Up
Step 2: Follow The Leader
Step 3: Introduce Yourself
Step 4: Provide Value
Step 5: Get Noticed
Step 6: Consistency
Step 7: Automation
4. Include related keywords in your name
Write an interesting Bio and include related keywords in it.
Add an original profile image or company logo
Set up an eye catching background
Set up additional devices to Twitter
Optional: Turn off notifications
Step 1: Account Set Up
5. Important Notice
Start the following actions only AFTER you have completed your account set up!
Remember.You are about to invite people into your business. Make sure you can impress them when they glance at your profile
6. Search for trusted people in your niche and follow them.
Do not rush to follow every person out there, as you might be suspected of spamming.
Send direct message to one of your niches gurus
Once youve done that - Follow your gurus followers
Your contact message with that guru will be noticed and earn you credibility easily
Step 2: Follow The Leader
7. Tweet about Yourself, Your Website, Your business.
Do not attempt to sell anything from the start
Remember, the key element in the first few weeks is to build up relationship with you followers.
Step 3: Introduce Yourself
8. You must provide value in your tweets in order to build an army of targeted followers
Share related stories you came across that you also found interesting or informative.
Retweet interesting tweets from someone you follow.
Offer links to free content: videos, articles, photos.
Step 4: Provide Value
9. Write Eye-Catching, Interesting Tweets:
Step 5: Get Noticed

  • Ask a provocative question

10. Write a news-like headline 11. Write a humorous headline 12. Top.List 13. Relate your article to current trends, news and events 14. How to..tutorials