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<ul><li>1.Part 1: The Basics<br />Music: Kevin MacLeod<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Get More Targeted Twitter Followers<br />With Little Time and Effort.<br />3. Follow These steps<br />Step 1: Account Set Up<br />Step 2: Follow The Leader<br />Step 3: Introduce Yourself<br />Step 4: Provide Value<br />Step 5: Get Noticed<br />Step 6: Consistency<br />Step 7: Automation<br />4. Include related keywords in your name<br />Write an interesting Bio and include related keywords in it.<br />Add an original profile image or company logo<br />Set up an eye catching background<br />Set up additional devices to Twitter<br />Optional: Turn off notifications<br /> Step 1: Account Set Up <br />5. Important Notice<br />Start the following actions only AFTER you have completed your account set up!<br />Remember.You are about to invite people into your business. Make sure you can impress them when they glance at your profile<br />6. Search for trusted people in your niche and follow them.<br />Do not rush to follow every person out there, as you might be suspected of spamming.<br />Send direct message to one of your niches gurus<br />Once youve done that - Follow your gurus followers<br />Your contact message with that guru will be noticed and earn you credibility easily<br /> Step 2: Follow The Leader <br />7. Tweet about Yourself, Your Website, Your business.<br />Do not attempt to sell anything from the start<br />Remember, the key element in the first few weeks is to build up relationship with you followers.<br /> Step 3: Introduce Yourself<br />8. You must provide value in your tweets in order to build an army of targeted followers<br />Share related stories you came across that you also found interesting or informative.<br />Retweet interesting tweets from someone you follow.<br />Offer links to free content: videos, articles, photos.<br /> Step 4: Provide Value<br />9. Write Eye-Catching, Interesting Tweets:<br /> Step 5: Get Noticed<br /></p> <ul><li> Ask a provocative question </li></ul> <p>10. Write a news-like headline 11. Write a humorous headline 12. Top.List 13. Relate your article to current trends, news and events 14. How to..tutorials</p>