twitter & social tagging.  twitter is a microblog  140 characters or less to say it… ...

Download Twitter & Social Tagging.  Twitter is a MicroBlog  140 Characters or less to say it…  Recently allowed photos to be shared  Very popular*  Officially

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  • Twitter & Social Tagging
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  • Twitter is a MicroBlog 140 Characters or less to say it Recently allowed photos to be shared Very popular* Officially 100 Million active users 500 Million registered accounts All Tweets are being cataloged in the Library of Congress *
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  • Combines Texting, Instant Messaging, Blogging Short format keeps it simple and to the point 140 Characters Breaking news- hours before it ends up on the tv. Trending topics- popular by mentions (#topic) Tagging goes socialWe interact with our words
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  • Twitter not the whole future, but a large part of it We are a busy people- We need as much info in as little time as possible Keep up with the world around us, or the Jones
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  • Founded in 2006 Biz Stone & Evan Williams Creators of Jack Dorsey Software Architect
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  • Simple, descriptive username Not bob1234 or JaneSmith Try KnittingGranny or GearheadBob Talk first, follow later Start with friends, expand slowly Post consistently & it will come
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  • News Businessinfo about your hobby/work Helpful information/tips Links to favorite sites, blog posts, photos The day-to-day stuff all about you!
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  • Trivial- What you ate for lunch What color shoes you are wearing Politics Religion Sex
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  • Loads of famous and non-famous alike have Twitter accounts Just search for them in the search bubble
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  • Way for people to find what you are talking about, e.g. #library #doctorwho #Colts
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  • You can make reference to people Give a shout-out, or say you were with other twitter users/people in general, e.g. Hey @jonnygskills, I saw your rocketship in the back yard, nice! @nflcolts, win one for a change! They get a heads-up that someone mentioned themThey see the post.
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  • Become socially relevant Go Viral Searching for your @businessnamehere says it all Positive and negative feedback on the fly Live-tweeting an event- rallys, Conferences, Conventions, community meetings
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  • Mobile! Focus changes from What are you doing? to Whats happening? Twitter news network?
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  • Contact Jon 574-223-1003 @FCPLR (on Twitter, of course!)