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How Smart are Smartphones ? Susan Thornton Technology Consultant, ITCS

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How Smart are Smartphones?

Susan ThorntonTechnology Consultant, ITCS

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Polling Find definitions, currency conversion, math equations,

translations Browsing to obtain info Research Read news articles Read books GPS/Google Maps Digital or video camera to accompany school projects Educate students on appropriate and acceptable social

use Voice technology to share engaging lectures or lessons Scavenger Hunt -

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Student Engagement with Poll Everywhere

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• Cell Phones in Learning:• Mobile Learner: • Mobile Learning:

• 1.  iTouch Learning: A page on Jane Hart’s Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies website that lists of reasons why the iPhone/iPod Touch are ideal for mlearning.

• 2.  Lift the Cell Phone Ban: Hosted on the Scholastic website, this article is a plea to lift the ban on cell phones in schools and to use these devices to help students learn.

• 3.  From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning: Liz Kolb’s blog on using cell phones for learning.

• 4.  100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better: The title says it all.  A post found on the iPod Hacker Blog.

• 5.  Why an iPod Touch in Education? Chris Webb’s blog post with links to resources that can be used on an iPod Touch to help students learn.

• 6.  School Axes Textbooks as Pupils Download their Homework onto their Mobile Phones: A news article in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper on a school that is moving away from analog content and toward digital content.

• 7.  Using the iPod for Learning: A slideshare presentation from an Grace Poli, Media Specialist and Apple Distinguished Educator.

• 8. Mobile Phones and Citizen Journalism: A wiki on the website on using cell phones in citizen journalism.

• 9. MurMur: A concept where oral histories are collected and shared in various areas in 8 cities around the world (as of this writing) where the general public is free to both record and listen to personal histories connected to their neighborhoods.

• 10.Enabling Mobile Learning: An article about enabling mobile learning on the Educase Connect website.


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• What is it?– Digital notebook– Information search tool – Information Integration (Notes, files, pictures,

video, audio)– A place to share information

• What can it do for me and/or my students?– Organize, Gather, and Provide repository for

information– Provide multiple methods of input for all types

of user/learners.– Provide means for collaboration of

staff/students, staff/staff, student/student

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Digital 3-Ring Binder Trapper Keeper on Steroids

Sections and Section Groupings Groupings of one or more pages or sections

Pages Can apply templates to single or multiple pages

Subpages Offset below page which serves as visual cue

Note Containers Gives a sense of belonging to items on your pages