tying tweets to profits: can 140 characters deliver roi? [webinar replay]

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Can you leverage the power of a single, well-crafted sentence to earn business from all over the world? Smart businesses are devising ways to reach through Twitter's 500 million registered users and attract new customers by getting to the point, fast. The rewards can be considerable. If your company isn’t profiting from your Twitter presence, what’s stopping you? If you’re a marketer looking to get the most out of Twitter, join our experts as they discuss how to create and distribute tweets that translate into profit. Topics will include: What are Twitter users looking for? What do they not want to see? How to use images and videos, including Instagram and Vine. Are promoted tweets worth their cost? What are companies currently finding most profitable on Twitter today?


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2. Join the Conversation 3. Thanks to Our Sponsor 4. Our Speakers#smtliveMaggie Fox is the founder, CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of Social Media Group, establishedin 2006 and one of the worlds most highly respected independent agencies helping businessnavigate the socially engaged Web. She was named one of the Top 100 Marketers in the 100thanniversary edition of Marketing Magazine and sits on the Boards of both GetElevate.com andthe Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Follow her on Twitter @maggiefoxRic Dragon is the author of Social Marketology and the DragonSearch Online Marketing Manual,both published by Mc-Graw Hill. He is the CEO and co-founder of DragonSearch, with more than20 years of extensive experience in graphic design, information architecture, web developmentand digital marketing. As an artist, Ric has been shown in countless group and solo shows. He is aregular guest columnist for Marketing Land, and Social Media Monthly, and a speaker at manymarketing and business conferences.Kemp Edmonds works for Vancouver-based HootSuite as the lead Sales Engineer. Kemp wasrecently named to the Board of Social Media Club International. His passion for people,technology and education enables his work. He can also be found blogging onkempedmonds.com, chopping wood on small islands in the Howe Sound and documenting life.Kemp was recently named to the Board of Directors for Social Media Club International, thelargest professional trade group of its kind. 5. Tying Tweets to Profits:Can 140 Characters Deliver ROI?1. Target 2. Interact 3. Sell$ $ $Image By: @intersection1 used under creative commons. 6. What R does social media provide?DirectIndirectNote: No real science was used in the creation of this infographic. 7. Measurable Direct ReturnSavings SalesAND 8. It costs less than $1 perinteraction [on social media],whereas telephone care istypically at least $6 per call. Evene-mail care costs $2.50 to $5 perinteraction. 9. Kemps Measurement PhilosophyBASEREACHENGAGEMENTCONVERSION 10. End-to-End ROI TrackingConversion(On Site)VisitorsInterestConversion{Engagement(Off Site) 11. End-to-End ROI TrackingConversion(On Site)VisitorsInterestConversion{Engagement(Off Site) 12. Kemps Measurement PhilosophyBASEREACHENGAGEMENTCONVERSION 13. Email: $ Value of a Subscriber50 EMAIL SUBSCRIBERSOPEN RATEACTIONS(CLICK THROUGHS / VISITS)$100 inDONATIONS 14. Value of a Subscriber50 Subscribers$100 in Donations$2 / Subscriber=Note: This is an example on an email campaign.This can be done for multiple emails or over a specific time period. 15. Social: $ Value of a Follower100,000 FOLLOWERS5,000 REACHED500 CLICKS$1000 inSALES 16. Value of a Follower100,000 Followers$1000 in Sales$0.01 /Follower=Note: This is an example on a single post.This can be done for multiple posts or over a specific time period. 17. Value of a Click500 Clicks$1000 in Sales$2 / Click=Note: This is an example on a single post.This can be done for multiple posts or over a specific time period. 18. Social Funnel MetricsBASE = FANS, FOLLOWERSREACH = AUDIENCE REACHEDENGAGEMENT = CLICKS, LIKESCONVERSION=XYZ 19. Awareness Value =(Market Size)X (Awareness Change) X(Purchase Intent) X (SalesConversion) X (Unit Profits) 20. Social MediaValueLandscapeMarket Eco-SystemCustomer/BrandEco-SystemCustomerMind 21. Market Eco-System Marketing Lift theincreasedeffectiveness of allmarketing activities Impact on SearchEngine Optimization Risk Mitigation 22. Customer/BrandEco-System Transaction (the actualpurchase ornegotiation Repeat transactions Loyalty Advocacy 23. CustomerMind Awareness Recognition Associations Perceived Quality Likeability 24. Twitter: @ricdragon Tweet Chats Brand AmbassadorPrograms Special interest affinitygroup 25. Twitter: @ricdragon Digital PR One-on-onerelationship buildingwith key individuals 26. Twitter: @ricdragon Reactive Proactive Thought Leadership 27. Bring it offlineParticipate inconversationsReallyconnect withindividualsBecome apart of yourcommunitiesEngage incommunityfor everydayHelp 5people outper dayJoin 3TwitterChatseachweekHostMeet-ups 28. Join us for our next webinar#smtliveMaking Sense of Merging Data:How to Get Insight from Social, Unstructured and Legacy Datahttp://socialmediatoday.com/merging-social-data-webinar9JULY 29. Liked our webinar? Join us IN PERSONWere super excited about our first-ever conference, The SocialShake-Up...and thats due in no small part to the fact that we cantwait to meet our SMT community (thats you!) face to face. Join usin Atlanta as we bring together major thought leaders, many of ourbloggers, and community members to find out what they are doingand how it can impact your business. All webinar attendees get 25%using code: SMTLIVEhttp://socialmediatoday.com/event#socialshakeup