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  • 1. Philippines: Typhoon Washi

2. Typhoon Washi hit Mindanao island in the southern Philippines, causing floods and landslides that have killed almost 1,000 people and caused widespread damage. 3. Our team was the first to reach some of the interior villages that were swept away by the floods, hiking down impassable roads to reach devastated communities along the Mandulog River. 4. Villagers at the site where their homes used to stand.12 houses were washed away in this area. 5. Gaga Rivera stands by the remains of her house: a sheet is all that survived. 6. Aubergines ready for harvest. Many farms in the area were partially destroyed. 7. The remains of a coconut and banana farm near the Mandulog river. 8. One of Iligan Citys major water tanks, which was damaged by the floods. 9. Peoples immediate needs include temporary shelter, building materials, tools, food and an improved water supply. We have already pledged 100,000 to support people in remote areas as they rebuild their homes. 10. Please keep all those affected in your thoughts and prayers. Photos:Carino Antequisa/CAFOD