u1 introducing yourself to the team

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  • Unit 1 Meeting colleaguesIntroducing yourself to the team


    Definition Translation

    team (n) a group of people who have been chosen to work together to do a particular job

    notice board (n) a surface intended for the posting of public messages

    job title (n) a brief description of a position held by an employee

    member (n) a person who belongs to a group or organisation

    manager (n) someone whose job is to manage part or all of a company or other organisation

    ward sister (n) a nurse in charge of a large room in a hospital where people who need medical treatment stay

    charge nurse (n) a nurse who is responsible for the work done in one part of a hospital

    staff (n) the people who work for an organisation

    staff nurse (n) British English a British hospital nurse whose rank is just below a sister

    healthcare assistant (n)

    a support worker in a clinical area who works under the supervision of a registered practitioner

    student nurse (n) a nurse in training

    ward (n) a large room in a hospital where people who need medical treatment stay

    need (v) to have to have something or someone

    help (n) things you do to make it easier or possible for someone to do something

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  • Word

    Definition Translation

    agency nurse (n) a nurse who works for a business that provides nursing services for people or organisations

    shift (n) if workers work shifts they work for a particular period of time during the day or night and are then replaced by others so that there are always people working

    class (n) a group of students who are taught together

    during (prep) from the beginning to the end of a period of time

    night shift (n) a period of time at night when people regularly work

    PHOTOCOPIABLE 2012 Pearson