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UC Berkeley Brand Stewardship. Claire Holmes AVC, Communications & Public Affairs. June 14, 2012. We are the envy of many…. The World’s Number One Public University 22 faculty won Nobel prizes 25 alumni won Nobel prizes. A brand for life!. We are changing lives everyday. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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UC Berkeley Brand StewardshipClaire HolmesAVC, Communications & Public Affairs

June 14, 20121We are the envy of manyThe Worlds Number One Public University22 faculty won Nobel prizes25 alumni won Nobel prizes

2A brand for life!

3We are changing lives everydayhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ_FCtRRgBk

4How is our brand doing?

5How is our brand doing? PerceptionReality

6Organizational FactorsDue to Berkeleys decentralized nature, the same person can be contacted multiple times with non-aligned messages

The whole is greater thanAll messaging working towards one unified goal8The journey beginsDiscover What do we / others feel about Berkeley? Why? How deeply?Define What will stay constant as all else changes? What is our essence? Express How can we put our best foot forward? All together?9Phase I: DiscoverPerception study conducted in Aug-Nov 2011Results shared with multiple stakeholder groups across campusSuccessful socialization good response to findings & unified commitment to continue the messaging effort

Highest quality faculty

PRIMARY MESSAGING THEMESUC Berkeley makes important far-reaching discoveries and economic contributions.

Faculty deeply involved in their fields

Good value - education & experiences

Exceptional quality education in every way 11

Down to earthSECONDARY MESSAGING THEMESSocially conscious doing what is right for the right reasons!

Free thinkingOpen and tolerant of different points of view ChaoticQuirky12

I worry that the budget cuts have stretched Berkeley too far that they are causing a decline in the quality of education and research at Berkeley. My impressions are from the news, not from knowing first-hand.INDUSTRY PERCEPTIONS OF BERKELEY#13

The public nature of Berkeley is what sets it apart. There is something very special about Berkeley because it has high academic standards and great faculty. The problem right now is the CA state and its damage to the UC system in general.


#14Phase II: DefineExtending the perception study into a strategic positioning strategy for the universityApril-July 2012Outcome - Clarity on the broader university messages along with specific linkages to the component schools

Phase III - ExpressCreative messaging toolkit with guidelines for use across the universityJuly - September 2012

Specific recommendations across all media - print, web, mobile, video

Overall ObjectiveThe goal is one consistent, compelling story.Consistency is built through the deliberate coordination of communications elements.These elements define what we say and how we say it. 17RolloutImplementation should begin in the fall. The rollout will include training sessions, tool orientation, and plenty of guidance on the new communication and creative direction. It will blend inspiration and education.18Sample resources and supportCreative resources WebDAM photo sharing site (beta in progress)Templates design templates for the web and other media

19BenefitsSharing our storyUsing our logo correctlyKnowing the right message to lead withDetermining how communications change to fit the audience or to accommodate specific needsSelecting photos and graphic elementsCrafting headlines and copy that are on-brand20The biggest benefit

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lnJwUW3YcE 21Go Bears!22