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  • UCF Digital Marketing Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services Inc. 1UCF Digital Marketing Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services Inc.

    “Nearly half of businesses (41%) invest more than $500,000 in digital

    marketing every year.” - The Manifest, 20181


    The field of marketing is evolving. The rise of the digital economy is transforming how customers

    interact with businesses. Marketers are increasingly at the intersection of marketing and

    technology, harnessing google ads and google analytics, technical SEO, and CRMs to conduct


    The 24-week UCF Digital Marketing Boot Camp is a challenging, part-time program that takes a

    multidisciplinary approach to attaining proficiency in marketing strategy, digital advertising, and

    modern tools in site analytics and reporting.

    Throughout the course, you will gain experience with a host of popular tools and methods such

    as campaign development, content marketing, HTML/CSS, MailChimp, and Facebook Insights.

    You will also learn how these concepts are leveraged within marketing specializations from social

    media strategy to public relations, as well as best practices for using these skills to add value to


  • UCF Digital Marketing Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services Inc. 1

    Are you a creative, curious, and ambitious professional looking to break into the

    field of Digital Marketing? If so—or if any of the following describes your situation—

    enrolling in our Digital Marketing Boot Camp could be a smart career move:

    A marketing professional who wants to attain a more technical skill set in

    the wake of their organization’s digital transformation.

    A business professional, such as a sales representative, account manager,

    or project manager, who wants to transition into the marketing sector and

    understand how to apply technology skills to marketing.

    A tech enthusiast looking to get his/her foot in the door in the world of


    A manager who wants to supercharge his/her skill set to better understand

    the marketing side of their organization.

    Who Is This Program For?

  • UCF Digital Marketing Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services Inc. 2

    Students will graduate with a foundation in Digital Marketing, including*:

    Marketing Strategy

    • Brand Strategy

    • Brand Building

    • Campaign Development

    • Lead Generation

    • Conversion Funnels

    • Marketing Metrics

    • Marketing Optimization

    • Product/Market Fit

    Digital Advertising

    • Pay-Per-Click

    • Budgeting

    • Paid/Organic Search

    • Google Keyword Planner

    • Google Ads

    • Retargeting

    • Audience Building

    • Affiliate Marketing

    • Display Advertising

    • Native Advertising

    Web Analytics and Design

    • Search Engine Optimization

    • Google Analytics

    • A/B Testing

    • HTML/CSS

    • JavaScript

    • Wordpress

    Content Marketing

    • Content Mapping

    • Growth Marketing

    • Social Media Analytics

    • Social Media Platforms

    • Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for


    Email Marketing & Customer

    Relationship Management (CRM)

    • CRMs like Salesforce

    • MailChimp

    • Reporting and dashboarding software like


    *The material covered in this course is subject to change due to market demand.

    The Skills Students Will Gain

  • UCF Digital Marketing Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services Inc. 3

    Building On The Basics Marketing departments are increasingly leveraging technology so employees

    require not only marketing knowledge but technical knowledge to succeed.

    That’s why our curriculum is designed to provide you with a deep foundation on

    the core technical skills needed to succeed in the field. Throughout the program,

    expect to learn brand new skills and be challenged in completing difficult real-

    world problems to demonstrate your new abilities. By the program’s end, you will

    have a strong professional portfolio showcasing your work.

  • UCF Digital Marketing Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services Inc. 4

    Individuals who complete the program will be qualified for a wide

    range of roles, including:

    Marketing Manager

    Public Relations/ Communications


    Media Planner/Buyer

    Marketing Specialist

    Communications Specialist

    Media Planner

    Social Media Strategist

    Communications Manager

    Search Engine Optimization


    Social Media /Specialist

    Director of Marketing

    Public Relations Manager

    Marketing Coordinator/Assistant

    Market Research Analyst

    Content Marketer

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Real World Application, Real Jobs

  • UCF Digital Marketing Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services Inc. 5

    By the time they complete the program, students can expect to be able to:

    Understand the principles of traditional marketing

    and their application to the digital economy.

    Create, communicate, and execute branding

    strategy for a variety of business types.

    Enact a data-driven marketing strategy using

    modern tools to enable continuous improvement.

    Analyze product market fit and create a value

    proposition for potential customers.

    Leverage paid and organic search by using tools

    like Google Ads and Google Keyword Planner.

    Design a web page using Wordpress and

    customize it using HTML/CSS and JavaScript

    Conduct Search Engine Optimization, leveraging

    tools like Google Trends.

    Optimize website traffic using tools like Google


    Create a social media strategy to meet key

    business goals related to specific target


    Automate and optimize your email marketing

    using A/B testing, segmentation, and marketing


    Use Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    software to track leads, opportunities, and

    customers through the marketing lifecycle.

    Design marketing reporting with visualization

    tools like Tableau.

    What Students Will Learn

  • UCF Digital Marketing Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services Inc. 6

    Course Structure Over the course of 24 weeks, you’ll attend informative lectures, participate in a variety

    of individual and team exercises, and work independently in the classroom and at home.

    Homework assignments provide an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and build

    on it. The goal is to give you a comprehensive learning experience and true insight into a

    “day in the life” of a Digital Marketing professional.


    Your portfolio signals to

    employers that you are ready

    for primetime! You’ll build a

    substantial portfolio of projects

    that demonstrate your abilities

    across a wide variety

    of technologies.


    You’ll work on timed in-class

    exercises and projects individually

    and in teams to put classroom

    teachings into practice.


    Instructor-led discussions cover

    the background, history, and use

    new technologies or concepts.

  • UCF Digital Marketing Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services Inc. 7

    We’re Here To Help As individuals move up the learning curve, they’re likely to have questions around some

    of the concepts covered in class. We’re here to help—through in-person and virtual

    office hours, as well as a dedicated #slack channel where students can get assistance

    from instructors, support staff, and their fellow classmates. In addition to learning digital

    marketing, students will have access to career services that will help them prepare for

    technical roles after graduation through resources and activities such as:

    Career Content and Practice


    Online Career Events With

    Industry Professionals

    Soft Skills Training

    One-on-One Career Coaching

    Database of Customizable Tools

    and Templates

    • Multiple Technical Resume


    • Creating an Elevator Pitch

    • Developing a Bio

  • UCF Digital Marketing Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services Inc. 8

    Meeting Employer Expectations It’s a fact: companies care about what a person can do, not what a person says

    they can do. For that reason, our curriculum teaches individuals how to apply what

    they’ve learned to simulated and lab-based environments. You will be able to talk

    to future employers about these projects and showcase them as part of your future

    professional portfolio

    The curriculum emphasizes in-depth exploratory labs, ranging from building a

    full-blown company marketing strategy