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<ul><li> 1. UCF Poster Campaign<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Strategy<br />By persuading the target audience that UCF is the best choice for creative/media courses:<br />The number of applications per year will increase.<br />The reputation of the University will be strengthened.<br /> 3. Target Audience<br />18-19 years old <br />Looking to go in a creative direction in further education<br />With a creative history at AS and A level<br />Living in a large city looking to change his/her surroundings<br />A regular reader of local newspapers and university reviews.<br /> 4. Unique Selling Point<br />That University College Falmouth is a unique rural learning environment that employs experienced, professional members of staff.<br /> 5. Breakdown<br />Objective is to create a poster campaign that sells the university and its creative courses in a way that previous campaigns havent done.<br />Focus on the differences between Falmouth and other creative universities. E.g. Local environment, possible courses.<br /> 6. Previous Campaigns<br />Postgraduate prospectus 2010<br />Minimal Text, wrapped over the main image.<br />Includes Falmouth University Logo and website address.<br />Main images includes reference to courses you can study at Falmouth.<br />Also includes reference to picturesque setting of the university.<br />Strapline: Creative Minds, Inspiring Futures<br /> 7. Different approach to previous promotion.<br />Includes various words related to the university and surrounding area.<br />More copy, black and white design<br />Gives more information but leaves less to the imagination of the reader.<br />Artistic without using photography.<br /> 8. My Approach- First Advert <br />Similar to the first example, small amount of text with a single image.<br />Image should show either the university campus or the surrounding area.<br />Copy should include information or statistics about the university. E.g. University League Table.<br />Also include university logo and website.<br />Portrait layout to fit the brief for a bus shelter.<br /> 9. Design Ideas<br /></p> <ul><li>Image which displays facilities on campus,</li></ul> <p> 10. Visually eye catching, bright. 11. Includes university logo and website in an obvious position. 12. Bold typeface, draws the eye from the picture. 13. Copy tells an interesting statistic about the university (something important to the audience). 14. Last line addresses the reader, shows the universitys interest in them.</p>