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UDP Belize Action Plan 2012-2017


  • Party Leaders Message

    Although not new, the focus on agriculture has to shift gears. We have to do much more to

    ensure broader access to credit and better marketing efforts. Heightened agricultural

    activity will have to be attuned both to greater local self-sufficiency, and to increased

    production for export.

    Generally, government must become more efficient. Red tape has to be cut, bureaucracy

    made leaner, and a culture of quick, courteous and effective service made the hallmark

    of the next Administration.

    Tax reform is to be a key plank in the reorganization for greater productivity.

    And by a combination of efforts that will include the formation of a national

    bank, interest rates must be lowered and the cost of capital made more


    In the first term, the UDP set great store by its pro-poor initiatives, its

    housing, education, employment and infrastructure drive. Government,

    as a matter of policy and deliberate strategy, became bigger. At a

    time of shrinking private sector activity because of planetary

    conditions, this was the right thing to do, the only thing to do.

    But the second term should see a gradually improving

    worldwide economic climate, with an eventual return to

    previous levels of foreign direct investment and

    international tourism activity. This now requires greater

    emphasis on the Belizean private sector; and that

    Government should do more to ensure the kind of

    enabling climate that will spur greater job-creating

    and wealth-enhancing business activity in Belize.

    This, then, will be the challenge for the next UDP

    Government: to consolidate and expand public sector

    investment in people and the economy, while at the same

    time harnessing growth and development firmly to an

    enhanced driver's role for the private sector.

    The UDP's dedication, commitment and track record are

    such that I believe no one will doubt our ability to

    handsomely meet and overcome this challenge, and all


    Hon. Dean O. Barrow

    o Extend the school assistance program from $300 to $350, the

    additional $50 as a uniform and book assistance grant.

    o Shareholders income from private companies who gross $5 million or

    less will be exempt from personal income taxes.

    o Establish a mortgage guarantee scheme to assist first time

    homeowners to cover their 10 % down payment on mortgage loans

    up to $100,000.

    o Free up VOIP to residential landline customers in the next few

    months to be eventually extended to mobile devices.

    o A full review of the import duties regime with a view to rationalize it.

    o Establishment of a National Bank.

    o Establish an insurance guarantee program for Exports.

    o Extend outpatient service at all polyclinics to a full 12 hours, including


    o 15,000 house lots and farm land granted to new first time land


    o A new Belize City Infrastructure project.

    o Rebuild access roads to major tourist sites.

    o Build a new municipal airport in Belize City

    o Construction of a new road and bridge at Chetumal Street, with the

    construction of a new police headquarters, sporting complex,

    administration building and national bus terminal on the new


    o New drainage project for Belama extension and northern highway.

    o Rebuild northern highway from Haulover Bridge to Boom Junction.

    o Emphasize the teaching of Belize's culture, history and politics at

    primary and secondary schools.

    o Construct new public hospitals in San Pedro and Punta Gorda.



  • o Program to improve service delivery countrywide,

    reduce waiting time at Lands Department offices,

    improve internal controls, safeguard files and land


    o Implement the land

    u s e p o l i c y a n d

    integrated planning

    framework as well as

    the National Forest

    Policy to ensure sustainable forest management and

    ensure greater benefits to the people.

    o Increase alternative livelihood opportunities for

    communities near protected areas to reduce poverty.

    o Address climate change and natural disaster risk

    management within national plans and through

    collaboration with regional partners.

    The UDP is committed to an energy policy that puts Belize

    on a path to energy efficiency, sustainability and

    resilience over the next 30 years, while maximizing

    economic benefits to the nation. In the next five years, the

    UDP will:

  • Peter Eden MartinezToledo East

    Herman LongsworthAlbert

    Elvin PennerCayo Northeast

    Santino CastilloCaribbean Shores

    Juan CoyToledo West

    Landy BurnsOrange Walk East

    George GoughFort George

    Mark KingLake Independence

    Edmund CastroBelize Rural North

    Lee Mark ChangFreetown

    Gabriel MartinezCorozal Southwest

    Raul RosadoCorozal Southeast

    Hugo PattCorozal North

    Gaspar vegaOrange Walk North

    Denni GrijalvaOrange Walk Central

    Rosendo UrbinaOrange Walk South

    Melvin HulseStann Creek West

    Salvador FernandezCayo North

    Patrick FaberCollet

    Manuel HerediaBelize Rural South

    Anthony MartinezPort Loyola

    Michael FinneganMesopotamia

    Wilfred ElringtonPickstock

    Michael HutchinsonBelize Rural Central

    Pablo MarinCorozal Bay

    Rene MonteroCayo Central

    Always for the People!Arthur Roches


    Ramon WitzCayo South

    Erwin ContrerasCayo West

    John SaldivarBelmopan

    Dean Oliver Barrow

    Party Leader / Queens Square

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