ultimate cupcake recipe holly, kate, and zoha. what is the ultimate cupcake recipe? when we were...

Download Ultimate Cupcake Recipe Holly, Kate, and Zoha. What is the Ultimate Cupcake Recipe? When we were brainstorming, we all kind of wanted to do something

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  • Ultimate Cupcake RecipeHolly, Kate, and Zoha

  • What is the Ultimate Cupcake Recipe?When we were brainstorming, we all kind of wanted to do something food-related. We came up with a list of ideas, but one stuck out to us. The project we chose is called the Ultimate Cupcake Recipe. As you might guess from the name, what this project is all about is finding the best cupcake recipe.

  • Cupcake TypesWe made 3 kinds of cupcake: Vanilla, Lemon, and Strawberry. For the lemon cupcakes, we used all organic ingredients. For the vanilla cupcakes, we switched out and played around with the ingredients. For the strawberry cupcakes, we merged two recipes to make a unique one.

  • PinterestWhen we decided to do this project, we also wanted to bring technology into the picture. So we created a Pinterest account to document and share our progress. Pinterest is a fun way to share your ideas and learn about others ideas.{here is the link to Pinterest}

  • What were the challenges you faced?We faced lots of challenges: first, we were struggling with our cupcakes. We had made them for our project, but had gotten delayed. The cupcakes had hardened and spoiled, so we had to re-create them. Second, we were a bit unorganized with our final project, but luckily we found a way to work on it together.

  • Recipes-Strawberry (and vanilla mix) -Vanilla - Lemon