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Instagram is a great place to market your company and product. Instagram doesn't allow for companies to advertise properly yet, but that doesn't mean that you can't use it to market. In this Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guide we break down the ways you can use Instagram to your advantage. This will teach you how to get your followers to do your marketing work for you, get yourself a good online presence, and gain new followers and therefore leads. http://yincmarketing.com


  • 1. Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guide From Yinc Marketing
  • 2. Can I Advertise on Instagram? Wellnot yet. Theyve begun to promote certain companies, but you arent allowed to actually advertise just yet. Facebook owns Instagram, so you can bet advertising is on its way soon. But for now, there are some tricks to use Instagram as a marketing tool.
  • 3. The Instagram Reach Instagram reaches a different market than Twitter or even Facebook. Instagram is all visual. All pictures and video. Available on iPhone, Android, and now has webpage profiles. Nearly 200 million monthly users. 7.3 million using it daily.
  • 4. Instagram Growth Grew 25% between December 2013 and March 2014. Only social app that could be used for marketing that outgrew Instagram was Vine-a short video service.
  • 5. Online Presence Follow for Follow? Follow your followers back. Like and comment on their photos or videos. Reply to their comments on your posts. Share their photos-with their permission of course. Make sure your followers know that you appreciate them.
  • 6. Contests and Promotions Users are able to like and share your posts, or tag their photos with your username or hashtag. Have your users get creative for you. Use them to promote you. People love contests and winning free things. Run promotions. Give promotion codes, or free shipping codes for your products.
  • 7. Location, location, location! Geotag your photos. Let your followers know youre near to them. Or find your followers that are close.
  • 8. Online Presence Post updates Show your work team Get creative Share your followers posts
  • 9. Best Time to Post Anytime for photos-research shows theres not a particular best time for this. Videos are a different story Post videos in the off hours of weekdays. Research shows this produces the best results.
  • 10. Shout-Outs Find ways to get your followers to give you a shout-out. Have them post a picture of your product or service and how its helped them. This will allow new followers to find you and your product.
  • 11. #Hashtag Hashtags are used like keywords. They will bring people searching that particular hashtag to a page with all the photos that have been tagged. This is why its important to have great photos. People will get drawn to a collage of photos, make sure yours stands out. Dont tag in the original description line. Add a comment after your post and fill it with hashtags. This will hide the long list of hashtags youve included and wont deter your followers.
  • 12. Hashtags Make them general hashtags Dont hashtag sentences. No one can read those, and no one will be searching those Between 4 and 7 hashtags work best according to research, but load those babies up if youd like.
  • 13. Filters Mayfair gets the most interactions, but isnt used very much. Research shows that no filter seems to get the best response. But dont forget to #nofilter your photo as well!