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  • 7/30/2019 Ultimate Workout Routine


    Your training programme will last 6 weeks and follow a one day on two days off routine.

    This will give plenty of recovery between workouts. This pattern is used assuming you will

    be following this workout strictly. Remember the one day on IS NOT GOING TO BE


    Each workout is followed by two days of rest, although you can do a light stretch and

    mobility workout the day before your next workout. DO NOT go hard in this workout. Theidea of this session is to loosen the muscles that are tight. If its your legs do a few light

    squats, if its your chest do some light presses or push ups. Couple this with light stretches

    and mobility work and NOTHING MORE!! 15/25 minutes MAX!!

    On your rest day prepare your food!! You will fail if you do not have your meals ready

    to eat at the times required. Dont fool yourself into believing you will cook that meal

    after the workout, YOU WONT!! You will be too concerned trying to stay conscious,

    believe me. Your goal is to put on lean muscle so help yourself every step of the way.

    Buy yourself a note book,EVERY WORKOUT record your progress. What exercise,

    how much weight you used, how many reps, how long you rested for. You get the idea. Trust

    me on this, this will take the guess work out of the programme and enable you to look back

    and see if there are any patterns or problems emerging in your workouts.

    FIGHT ACADEMY IRELANDFIGHT ACADEMY IRELANDEuropa Tool Yard, Springbank Industrial Estate, Pembroke

    Loop Road, Poleglass, Belfast, BT17 0QL

    Contact: Pol Murray: 07872018029 or Liam Shannon:07843823032

  • 7/30/2019 Ultimate Workout Routine


    The workout

    WARM UP!! Sounds stupid to say this but it amazes me how many people avoid doing this.

    Spend 5 minutes doing a light jog or on a spin bike, the 5 minutes doing some simple

    ballistic stretching. Maybe use a foam roller and hit areas that are tight, I.T band, back etc.

    Also stretch your hip flexors.

    Upper body

    Bench press.

    Do this correctly. Get your hand position right. Elbows must be UNDERNEATH the wrists.

    DO NOT have your hands spread wide so your arms resemble a W. Also make sure

    someone is there to spot you.

    Inverted row with a static hold

    Use a TRX system or climb under a bar, suspended on a squat rack. Feet on the floor or on a

    stool. At this point you should resemble a bench press in the extended position. From here

    pull yourself up towards the bar until your chest touches it. Make sure you are retracting

    your shoulder blades, as if trying to hold a tennis ball between your shoulder blades. Pause

    here for 3-10 second before lowering yourself to the starting position.

    Single arm press

    I love this exercise. It recruits a large number of muscles and can be learnt in a few minutes.

    Grab a kettlebell (dumbbell will do if no kettlebell is available). Hold KB in rack position,

    (elbow bent and tight to ribs, hand in between chest). Keep feet tighter than shoulder width


    ENTIRE MOVE. Press KB above head so elbow locks out. Lower KB to start position. Try

    and squeeze your lat to start the movement.


    This is a great exercise and if done right, one that will kill the whole body. Get on to ground,

    belly down. The idea is to support your body on your elbows and toes while holding it in a

    completely rigid position. You want to bring your elbows together and have them in line

    with your ears. You have to squeeze all the muscles in the body, lock the legs out so the

    quads are contracted, squeeze your butt as tight as possible, contract your abs as hard as youcan. DO NOT LET YOUR LOWER BACK DROP!!

  • 7/30/2019 Ultimate Workout Routine


    Wide grip pull ups

    Of all the exercises I do this has to be my favourite!! Forget about all these bodybuilder

    types that pull the entire stack of a lat pull down machine, it looks impressive but ask them to

    hammer out 15 FULL pull ups and see them DIE!! You have to have the hands wider than

    shoulder width, arms straight. Your body is held rigid ( you should not look like someone

    having a seizure while mid pull up). Squeeze your abs tight, pull your toes up towards your

    face and lock your legs. Squeeze the bar and pull your body towards the bar using your lats

    to move you.DO NOT SWING OR KIP!!Try and take 5 seconds per rep. 2 secs up pause

    1 sec 2 secs down. If you really cannot do any pull ups or struggle badly then use an assister,

    either a machine or band or a spotter helping you up by helping to push you up.

    This completes your upper body section of the workout.


    A complexe is a series of lifts/movements that flow into one another without the weight

    touching the ground until the entire complex is completed. You can use kettlebells,

    dumbbells or barbells. To put on size its probably best to stick with the barbell but thats not

    to say great gains cant be made by using the others.

    In a complex the exercises should flow together in a logical manner. It should also have a

    mix of push, pull, squat and bending exercises and just a bit of rest!!

    The complex we will use for the bulking programme goes like this







    Take the time to learn each exercise. Each exercise will eventually be done forEIGHT reps

    before moving on to the next one, TIP!! The first few times you do this, DO NOT stack the

    bar with weights, choose a weight that you are capable of doing every exercise with.

    Thank me later.

  • 7/30/2019 Ultimate Workout Routine


    High rep back squats

    You will be back squatting with a reasonable weight forLOTS OF REPS!!

    Keep your lower back tight and abs contracted. Take a DEEP breath and stick that chest out.

    SQUAT DEEP!!Believe me getting deep will make that 100kg feel like 150kg.

    Cool down

    Dont over complicate this, just loosen the muscles, some mobility work, a few stretches.Just make sure you feel as normal as possible before leaving the gym.

  • 7/30/2019 Ultimate Workout Routine


    Day 1

    Warm up

    Follow instructions for warm up

    Bench Press

    Do a set of five with an easy weight. Add more weight and repeat. Try and find a weight that

    you can press for a comfortable set of five. If you do this smartly it should take about five or

    six sets.

    5 sets of 5 ascending weights

    Do another set of 5 with the TOP comfortable weight. NOTE THIS WEIGHT> You will be

    using it for a few weeks.

    Inverted row with a static hold

    Do a sets of five of these aiming for a 3-5 second hold every time.

    Single arm press

    If you have a rack of dumbbells or kettlebells, walk the rack. Start with your weak arm and

    do two to five reps then switch arms. DO NOT KILL YOURSELF!!

    Note the heaviest weight you used. This will be your starting weight on your next workout.


    Practise this move a few times.

    Wide grip pull ups

    Try and do 2 sets of 3. Try for the 2.1.2 tempo. Dont beat yourself up if you cant achieve it.Ask your spotter to help you if you cant achieve this.

  • 7/30/2019 Ultimate Workout Routine



    Use an empty Olympic bar and do 3 reps of each exercise. If you can, add a bit more weight

    and repeat. Again, if you can add some more weight do so and repeat one more time.


    High rep back squats

    One set of 30 with 45kg. Remember SQUAT DEEP!! Ass to the grass!! (if under 60kg use

    empty bar).

    Cool down

    Day 2(start drinking a protein shake every night before bed)

    Warm up

    Follow instructions for warm up

    Bench press

    Warm up with a few light weights to prepare yourself for the heavier lifts. Take the weight

    you used for your last set on the 1st day and perform the following. A 2-3-5 set.

    Do 2 reps then rest a bit

    Do 3 reps then rest a bit

    Do 5 reps and REST

    Repeat this once more

  • 7/30/2019 Ultimate Workout Routine


    Inverted row with a static hold

    Do 10 reps with a 5 second hold each rep

    Single arm press

    Warm up with a few lighter weights. After a few begin the workout. Starting with your

    weaker arm and do a 2-3-5 set. Switch and repeat with the stronger arm.

    Repeat once more

    PlankAim for between 30 60 seconds. Remember to contract ALL the muscles for the whole


    Wide grip pull ups

    Do a set of 2-3-5. Rest a bit and repeat once more. Remember to use a 2.1.2 tempo. 2seconds

    up, pause 1 second, down 2 seconds.




    Row 3 reps

    Clean 3reps

    Front squat 3 reps

    Military press 3 reps

    Back squat 3 reps

    Good morning 3 reps

    Repeat 5 times. DO NOT ADD WEIGHT AFTER THE 3rd COMPLEX.

    The weight you use for 3, 4, 5 will be your target weight for the next workout.

  • 7/30/2019 Ultimate Workout Routine


    High-repetition back squats

    Two sets of 30 with 45kg

    If under 60kg just use bar for 1st set then add 10kg for the 2nd set.

    Cool down

    Day 3

    Warm up

    Follow instructions for warm up

    Bench press

    Warm up with a few light weights to prepare yourself for the heavier lifts. Take the weightyou used for your last workout and