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First slide presentation of the Under the Same Sun exhibition.



2. Curator Pablo Len de la BarraInvestigates Contemporary Artby Latin American of Artists from 16 CountriesTHE GUGGENHE IMPuerto RicoPeruVenezuelaCubaGermanyMexicoPanamaEcuadorBrazilColumbiaGuatemalaCosta RicaBoliviaArgentinaChileUSAhttp://www.guggenheim.org/guggenheim-foundation/collaborations/map/latinamerica 3. 1. LIGHTS2. Advertisements3. Tourists!!4. contructions5. Traffic6. Bad art!!7. Homeless people8. crowded.9. Mcdonalds (a big one)10. Shops for tourists who dont know anything11. Fake cell phones that may be real12. People taking pictures with cameras13. Police cameras for security14. People go here oftenP3WHO HAS BEEN TO TIMES SQUARE?Describe it.to consumebecause its in the moviesfor tourist attractions like M&M world! YUMMM and Wax museum, ripleysbecause tour busses dropoff/pick up hereTheater!New years eve shenanigans!LOTS OF TRAIN CONNECTIONS 4. P8WHO HAS BEEN TO TIMES SQUARE?Describe it.1. Mad stores2. Mad lights3. Mad tall buildings4. Mad tourists=mad expensive5. There is a lot of noise..oh my!Lots of people..tourists looking up at the buildingsand homelessindividuals, those people in the costumes (elmo, batman, the nakedcowboys, naked painted people. Europeans, and earthlings.Annoying person thats standing the middle of the street TAKING A FREAKINSELFIE LIKE A DUMMY!TRAFFIC (BIKES, TAXIS, PEOPLE, RODENTS, FOOD, 5. Join Noguchis TeenAdvisory Board (TAB), a freeafter-school program forhigh school students. TABmembers may receivecommunity service and/orinternship credit for theirparticipation in this program.TAB meets everyWednesday from 4:30-6:30pm.November 5, -May 27, 2015.http://www.noguchi.org/programs/education/teens 6. ALFREDO JAARA Logo For Ameica1987Digital color VideoIn the late 1980s , Jaarcreated an animationthat appeared on anelectronic billboard inTimes Square.This was during a timewhen Times Squarewas not so touristfriendlybut stillattracted a largenumber of locals. Hispiece of artworkappeared alongsideother scheduledadvertisements overthe course of twoweeks. 7. ALFREDOJAARA Logo For Ameica1987Digital color Video 8. ALFREDOJAARThis workchallenges thevisual concept ofwhat America is.This work faces theethnocentrism thatis found throughoutthe culture of theUnited States ofAmerica.A Logo For Ameica1987Digital color Video 9. Jaars work bears witness tomilitary conflicts, politicalcorruption, and imbalancesof power betweenindustrialized anddeveloping nations.Subjects addressed in hiswork include the holocaustin Rwanda, gold mining inBrazil, toxic pollution inNigeria, and issues relatedto the border betweenMexico and the UnitedStates.La Nube / The Cloud2000Public InterventionTijuana, Mexico-San Diego, USA Border 10. LA NUBE / THE CLOUD2000PUBLIC INTERVENTIONTIJUANA, MEXICO-SAN DIEGO, USABORDERThis event/performance took place atthe San Diego/Tijuana border at theValle Del Matador (Valley of Death), anominous but telling site.This work involved balloons and music,items associated with festivity andfrivolitythough there is little tocelebrate in this context.Jaar placed a cellist on the US side ofthe border and the balloons, 3,000 ofthem in homage to the number ofvictims of border crossing on theMexican side. Contradictionsabounded as it became clear thatballoons and music are free from anynotion of borders and can travelwhere people cannot. 11. THE SKOGHALL MUSEUM2000PAPER, WOOD, FIREI strongly believethat artists arethinkers, asopposed to objectmakers. My workingprocess is 99%thinking, and 1%making. Thatthinking process isat the core of whatI do. 12. THE SKOGHALL MUSEUM2000PAPER, WOOD, FIREI created anexhibition space fortwenty-four hours andthen burned it away Iwanted to offer aglimpse of whatcontemporary art isand what it can do ina community. Then bydisappearing it insuch a spectacularway, I hoped toreveal its absence. 13. ALFREDOJAAROne Million Finnish Passports1995Finnish passports 14. ALFREDO JAAROne Million Finnish Passports1995Finnish passportsFinland has a historically strictimmigration policy. Asstubborn nationalists theyaccept only a tiny fraction ofthe citizenship applicationsthey receive, far less thanother European nations.Observing this, Jaar managedto get 1 million Finnishpassports printed up torepresent the number ofpeople who should have beennationalized as Finnish citizensbut werent. 15. ALFREDO JAARFinland is a country thatonly has 5.4 millionpeople (compared tothe 8.4 that live in NYC).Only 5.5% of thepopulation in Finlandwas born in anothercountry, compared tothe USA, where almost12% are born in anothercountry.One Million Finnish Passports1995Finnish passports 16. ALFREDO JAAR The work was considered to be socontroversial by the Finnishgovernment that it was placedbehind a bulletproof glass wall. 17. ALFREDO JAARand every passport wasincinerated in after the exhibitionwas finished. 18. WHAT DO YOU THINK MOTIVATEDTHIS ARTIST TO MAKE THIS? P3Artist Intentions1.2.3.4. 19. WHAT DO YOU THINK MOTIVATEDTHIS ARTIST TO MAKE THIS? P8Artist Intentions1.2.3.4. 20. ALFREDOJAARAs I never studied art, it is a fascinating process toascertain what communicates with a viewer, how itcommunicates and with whom it communicates.I never forget that communication does not meanto send out a message; it means to receive ananswer.If there is no answer, there is no communication. 21. SO WHATS YOUREANSWER TO ALFREDOJAAR?P31. The point hes trying to raise with his art revolvesaround social issues.2. These are issues that we dont really pay attentiontoand it needs to be brought up to our attention.3. Hes very hopeful4. His work is helpfulpeople are able to see theflaws in the issues he brings up in his work. YOU NEEDTO SEE THE FLAWS TO MAKE A CHANGE.JOE: The MTA ANTHONY: Busses are alwayscrowded.and you cant feel the wind.Gissell: homelessness. 22. SO WHATS YOUREANSWER TO ALFREDOJAAR?P81. Answers can be built upon one anotherlike aCONVERSATION.2. Knows his work is controversial, and will create aconversation.its not just something on the wall.3. Forces people to take a side in a debate.4. Stop polluting my planet.5. ITS IN YOUR FACE! Makes you ask questions.6. Good advertiser for his work.its disposable butpeople still will pay to see it.but is he just trying tomake money? 23. Every night from 11:57pm-MidnightALFREDO JAAR #MIDNIGHTMOMENTA Logo For Ameica1987Digital color Video 24. HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTDUE MONDAYAs teenagers were often told what to do and whatnot to do. Much of our actions are controlled orcensored by adults.If you could say anything you wanted to anyone youwantedand be COMPLETELY UNCENSOREDwhatwould you say?Write a 1-minute speechwithout any censorship whatsoever. 25. TANIA BRUGUERATatlins Whisper #6 (Havana Version)2009, Color video 26. TANIABRUGUERAIn a performance at the 2009Havana Biennial, TaniaBruguera provided temporaryplatform for the free speechnormally denied in Cuba.Members of the audience wereinvited to take the stage andspeak uncensored for oneminute, after which time theywere escorted away by twoactors in military uniforms.Tatlins Whisper #6 (Havana Version)2009, Color video 27. TANIA BRUGUERATatlins Whisper #6 (Havana Version)2009, Color videoA white dove wasplaced on eachspeakers shoulder inallusion to the one thatlanded on Fidel Castroduring his first speech inHavana after thetriumph of the 1959revolution. 28. LETS DO THIS. 29. VLADIMIR TATLINWHO THE PIECE IS NAMED AFTER Was a portrait painter fora long time, turned tosculpture/architecture Favored Geometric forms Felt that all art shouldhave a purpose.Monument to the ThirdInternationalPlanned: 1919 after BolshevikrevolutionBuilt: Never. 30. VLADIMIR TATLINMonument to the Third InternationalPlanned: 1919 after Bolshevik revolutionBuilt: Never.This whole structure was to be builton an rotating axis running up thecenter, where Cube at the basewould make a full rotation once ayear, the pyramid in the middlewould rotate once a month, andthe cylinder would rotate once adayFurthermore, the cube would houselectures and legislative needs,The pyramid was for executivefunctions andthe Cylinder was for publicationsand radio informationincluding abroadcast screen that woulddisplay messages to the public. 31. OTHER WORKS BYTANIABRUGUERAThe Burden of Guilt 1997-1999Decapitated lamb, rope, water, salt,Cuban Soil 32. TANIABRUGUERAImmigrantMovementInternationalOngoingSocially EngagedArtwork108-59 RooseveltAvenueQueens, NY11368 What struggles to immigrants face?Who represents immigrants politically? 33. TANIABRUGUERAImmigrantMovementInternationalOngoingSocially EngagedArtwork108-59 RooseveltAvenueQueens, NY11368Opened in 2011 in Corona, QueensEngages local communities, socialservices, and elected officials to reformimmigration laws. 34. TANIA BRUGUERAIve been inspired by anythingthat is an attempt toimplement Utopian ideas.Restrictions also trigger me,especially when someone says,No, it is not possible.Lately, the revolution in theMiddle East (Tunisia, Egypt,Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria) hashad a great impact on me.These events were some of thefirst manifestations, togetherwith WikiLeaks, of significantrevolutionary actions in the 21stcentury. 35. WHAT ABOUT YOU?? P8How do you react whensomeone saysNo, it is not possible. ?1. Gabriel: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.2. JONO: IF THERES A WILL, THERES A WAY.3. JULY: Okay fine. Youre not worth arguing with.stupid head.4. KD: Makes me wanna try harder to prove them wrong.5. CHELLEY: OH REALLY NOW? HAVE YOOOOOUUUU TRIED?6. G-THANG: Open your mind bro, expand your imagination.7. RY-GUY: makes me wanna question them to ask WHY its notpossible.8. it MAY be possible. 36. WHAT ABOUT YOU?? P3How do you react whensomeone saysNo, it is not possible. ?1. Motivates you even MOAR!!!! MOAR MOAR!2. It may be impossible for you but not for me!3. Peeps be mad lazyOr like vanias braces (bodily control)4. You try to prove them wrong.5. .sighadmit defea


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