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Undergraduate Student Research. Cindy Wyels CSU Channel Islands. Panel presentation to Section NExT So Cal-NV MAA, Fall ‘05. Types of research projects. Voluntary mid-year projects Required (senior) projects Summer (REU-like) projects. Recruiting students for research projects?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Undergraduate Student ResearchCindy WyelsCSU Channel IslandsPanel presentation to Section NExTSo Cal-NV MAA, Fall 05

  • Types of research projectsVoluntary mid-year projectsRequired (senior) projectsSummer (REU-like) projects

  • Recruiting students for research projects? frosh (and ongoing) advising department culture (required activities?) promote REUs, NASA internships, SURF, etc. become a publicity hound (off and on-campus) encourage students to present2. Ask them.1. Create a climate in which involvement in extra- curricular activities is the norm.

  • Where do you get ideas for suitable projects?Beg, borrow, steal, and hoard. (Keep a file.)

    Develop a mindset of noticing problems.Some sources Math Horizons talks/ posters at meetings Monthly problem sectionMAA columns local situationsyour own research students interestsopen problems web pages

  • 2000 Putnam: Prove that there exist infinitely many integers n such that n, n + 1, and n + 2 are each the sum of the squares of two integers.Karl: I wonder if theres a pattern to how many ways you can sum squares to get that first number0 = 02 + 02, 1 = 02 + 12, 2 = 12 + 12

  • Types of Projectsresearch



    Computer simulation

    Computer implementation

  • How do you keep students involved and make sure (mid-year) projects are completed?Weekly or biweekly meetings, with time to work.

    Student-generated progress reports

    Schedule a presentation at the time you begin the project.

    Redefine completion as necessary.

  • Active readingFocused ponderingCritical idea testingConjecturingTalking/ arguing ProgrammingWriting/ scribblingProvingWhat should I do when Im working on my project?

  • My responsibilities Provide structure Know the literature; have ideas for good student problems Teach students how to read mathematical literature, how to do research Teach students software, presentation, and writing skills Encourage, encourage, encourage! Discuss ideas Help determine avenues for further investigation Help pull ideas together, write proofs Provide resources and advice about grad school and career options

  • Student Outcomes local acclaim Good rsume/ application fodder Oral or poster conference presentation Final write-up (in form of journal article) Improved computer, writing, and presentation skills Good source for letters of recommendation

  • RonaldPhillipVictor

  • Student OutcomesBetter understanding of mathematical enterpriseEnhanced self-confidence in mathematical abilitiesClass creditMajor scholarshipsIntrinsic rewardsPublication

  • So Cal-NV MAA Fall Meeting So Cal Conference on Undergraduate Research (SCCUR) Joint Meetings Pacific Coast Undergraduate Math Conference So Cal-NV MAA Spring Meeting (CSU Research Symposium) local colloquiaVenues for Presentations

  • Faculty Outcomes?FunIntellectual stretchingRevamp prioritiesRecognition?Tenure/ promotion boost?Danger: time costs. Assess value!

  • Resources for Student Readings A Mathematicians Survival Guide, Steven G. Krantz particularly the chapter titled How do I work on my thesis problem? How to Read Mathematics, Shai Simonson and Fernando Gouveau, http://academics.stonehill.edu/compsci/History_Math/math-read.htm How to Give a Good Talk, Joseph A. Gallian, Math Horizons, April 1998 How to Prepare a Poster, Sven Hammarling and Nicholas J. Higham, http://www.nmsu.edu/GRAS/PreparePoster.htm YMN site, MAA site, many others: grad school advice


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