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DanyaShea Digital Marketing provides small business owners with Internet marketing plans that feature do-it-yourself options and tutoring sessions. This is a SAMPLE overview of services offered.


  • 1. DanyaShea Digital Marketing www.danyashea.com Digital Asset Optimization Beginners GuidebookWhitepaper Creative Commons License Granted with Citation By Danya Shea Glenny

2. 1Digital Asset Optimization: Beginners GuidebookTableofContentsWhatisDigitalAssetOptimization?.............................................................................2WhyisDigitalAssetOptimizationimportant?..............................................................3IsDigitalAssetOptimizationreallythatcomplex?.....................................................45WhocanhelpmewithmyDigitalAssetOptimizationneeds?......................................6References......7 By DanyaShea Digital Marketing 3. 2Digital Asset Optimization: Beginners GuidebookWhat is Digital Asset Optimization?Lets start by reviewing search engine optimization (SEO),which is how we help content get found on the web bypeople who are searching for it. By using research todetermine keyword use and statistics, using web contentwriting principles, properly entering meta data and variousother techniques we identify our content in such a way thatsearch engines can find our content better than ourcompetitors (ideally). Then, when a consumer conducts asearch for our product or service, the content we havedeveloped and the way we have identified it allows ourcompanys listing to appear in the top search results. Thatsthe elementary overview of search engine optimization.Digital Asset Optimization (DAO), therefore, is the newestterm applied to the evolving field of search engineoptimization so as to intentionally include ALL forms of digitalcontent you produce (your digital assets). One of yourdigital assets is your web site but now you have other forms ofdigital assets such as whitepapers, podcast, videos, images,pdf files and more. That content has to be accuratelyidentified, too, so it can be found by the people who arelooking for it.So, we use the term DAO (also known as SEO 2) to signify thatwe are applying old and new SEO principles to all of yourcompanys digital assets, better identifying them to be foundby search engines and other social search sites across the web. By DanyaShea Digital Marketing 4. 3Digital Asset Optimization: Beginners GuidebookWhy is Digital Asset Optimization important?Thats a fair question. If it used to be enough to have yourweb site found by people searching for your products orservices, why do they now need to find your other digitalassets such as images, video and whitepapers?Part of the answer to that question is in understanding the newway searches are being made and the new way results arebeing delivered. No longer do web users (users) feelcompelled to exit their current social media site to launchtheir favorite search engine when making an inquiry. Now,many social sites incorporate search directly into their ownsite, delivering results for the users from the major searchengines, but also from within their social networking spheres.If youve never run a social search, log on to your Facebookaccount and search for coffee. You will get results ofrelevant pages, posts by friends and Bing search listings all onone page. Even the major search engines like Google andBing incorporate video results, image results, social networkstream results and more for any search you run. Everyone isdelivering results that include more than a link to your website. If your competitors digital assets are being found insearch results, shouldnt yours? Obviously users want searchresults that deliver the information they need in the formatthey want. This is why digital asset optimization is crucial toyour business success. By DanyaShea Digital Marketing 5. 4Digital Asset Optimization: Beginners GuidebookIs Digital Asset Optimization really that complex?Yes it is. The development of digital assets, their marketingand their overall management has led to major industryrevolutions in digital asset management tools. These complexmanagement systems give a peek into the value of digitalassets and the necessity of their careful care and marketing.Consider the following partial list of potential digital assetsyour company may develop, your target market may besearching for and your competitors may be marketing: Web Site Facebook Page (& up to 200 other social site profiles!) Whitepapers eBooks Mobile Applications Images Videos Podcasts Slideshows Business Flow Charts Instructional PDFs Press Releases Blog Posts And More By DanyaShea Digital Marketing 6. 5Digital Asset Optimization: Beginners GuidebookIn preparing to properly identify your digital assets to be foundon the Internet, consider this partial list of essential tasks forsuccessful optimization: Research appropriate keywords for each asset and each niche market the asset is targeted to Register the assets in the appropriate directory or social sharing site Generate interactivity around the asset by target market Gather comments and reviews about the asset Stimulate social sharing of the asset Use these keywords in the right density, in the right places, as followso File Nameso Alt Texto Page Nameso Captionso Product Nameso Video Scripts and Transcriptso Tagso Descriptionso Linkso Tweetso Status Updateso URLso Headerso Meta Datao File Propertieso And More By DanyaShea Digital Marketing 7. 6Digital Asset Optimization: Beginners GuidebookWho should help me with my Digital AssetOptimization needs?Prefer an optimization specialist who demonstrates a macroperspective of both the history and the future of optimization.Look for a moderate attitude from your consultant; dont letthem make it sound too easy or like a simple solution, butdont let them convince you DAO is a new, incredible,awesome, dynamic, revolutionary, bleeding-edge (or anyother exaggerated adjective) quick-fix solution, either. ProperDAO takes patience, an eye for detail, tolerance of repetition,commitment to steady growth and creative exploration pairedwith smart risk management of new ideas and methodologiesas they emerge.DanyaShea Digital Marketing strives to give you the information you need to makethe right choice for your organization. Were happy to help with all your DAOneeds.Give us a call today or request a quick quote. By DanyaShea Digital Marketing 8. 7Digital Asset Optimization: Beginners GuidebookReferencesCasneuf, P. (2011, January 31). Digital Asset Management, Whats Next? RetrievedMarch 5, 2011, from Digital Asset Management:http://digitalassetmanagement.org.uk/2011/01/31/digital-asset-management-what%E2%80%99s-next/Gold, H. (2010, March 29). ClickZ. Retrieved March 6, 2011, from Digital AssetOptimization: Social Media Meets SEO:http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/1717009/digital-asset-optimization-social-media-meets-seoSannino, G. (2011, January 31). Will Digital Asset Optimization Be the New SEO?Retrieved March 5, 2011, from Search Engine Journal:http://www.searchenginejournal.com/will-digital-asset-optimization-be-the-new-seo/27508/By DanyaShea Digital Marketing