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Understanding the W orld. Grade III Science Melissa R. Sison School of Teacher Education Saint Louis University Baguio City. Sense of Sight Sense of Hearing Sense of Smell Sense of Taste Sense of Touch. The Five Senses. The Sense Organs and the Brain. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Sense of sight

Understanding the World Grade III ScienceMelissa R. SisonSchool of Teacher EducationSaint Louis UniversityBaguio City

The Five Senses Sense of Sight Sense of Hearing Sense of Smell Sense of Taste Sense of Touch

The Sense Organs and the BrainThe sense organs relay to the brain what is happening outside the body. The brain interprets what the sense organs message is all about.

Common Ailments StyA swelling on the eyelid caused by infection.

Sore eyeEyes become reddish and painful.There is also fluid discharge coming out of the eye.

Taking Care of the EyesRead with enough light.

Use clean handkerchief to wipe your eyes. Do not rub it with your hands.

Use sunglasses when the sunlight is too bright.

Taking Care of the EyesAvoid reading inside a moving vehicle.

Be careful in handling pointed objects.

Parts of the Nose

Olfactory CellsOlfactory nerveNasal cavityNostrilsSinus

Common AilmentsRhinitis- a swelling on the nasal cavity caused by allergy, pollutants, drugs or other diseases.Sinusitis- inflammation of the sinuses caused by infection.

Common AilmentsColds- a viral infection caused by rhinovirus usually affecting the nose and throat.

Taking care of the NoseCover your nose in dusty places.

Keep foreign objects away from the nose.

Taking Care of the NoseBlow your nose gently when you have colds.

Clean your nose with clean, soft cloth.

Parts of the Ear

Outer ear canalPinnaInner ear canalEardrumHammerAnvilStirrupEustachian tubeCochleaAuditory Nerve

Common ailmentsOtitis Media- infection of the middle ear. A cold or some infection spreads to the middle ear and causes it to fill with fluid.Tinnitus-persistent ringing in the ear. It is caused by too much exposure to loud noises damaging the cochlea.

Common ailmentsDeafness-loss of ability to hear due to disease, drugs, trauma or inherent disorder.

Taking care of the EarClean the outer ear with soft cloth or cotton.Keep water from entering the inner parts of your ears when you swim or bathe.Keep pointed objects away from your ears.

Taking care of the Ear Stay away from places where there are loud noises.

Do not shout into your friends ears. Likewise, do not let them shout into your ears.

Parts of the Tongue

SourBitterSweet and Salty

Functions of the Tongue

The tongue is usually flat, has no bones and its muscle fibers run to different directions so it is easily moved.

Common Ailments of the Tongue Inflammation of the tongue occurs when there is infection, injury, deficiency in food that we eat, or if there is allergy.Spicy and hot food can also cause sore tongue.Taking Care of the Tongue

Do not eat very hot, very spicy, or even very cold food.

Brush the teeth and tongue regularly.Use your own toothbrush. Do not borrow or lend your toothbrush.

Parts of the Skin

EpidermisDermisHypodermisHair rootSweat GlandSebaceous Gland

36Common Ailments of the SkinTinea flava-appears as white spots on the skin especially on the face and arms.

39Common Ailments of the SkinScabies-caused by mites burrowing under the skin. It causes too much itching.

40Common Ailments of the SkinBoils-hard, painful swelling on the skin caused by bacteria.

41Caring for the SkinEat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Take a bath regularly.

Change dirty clothes.


Caring for the SkinDrink plenty of water.

Wash right away if the skin feels itchy.

Do not over-expose yourself to sunlight.

43All knowledge comes from the senses.- David HumeMr. Wilfred B. Bambico, PhDEducational Technology 2School of Teacher EducationSaint Louis UniversityBaguio City