understanding the youth of today

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Understanding the youth of today

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  • 1. Understanding the youth of today

2. The common bond between the Madonna generation and the Pink Floyd one is the latter's line - "We don't need no thought control".
3. The youth of today is
4. As comfortable withmithaias with McDonald's, withpailagooas with playing pool.
5. They are theconservative explorers
6. And they are a happy lot
7. 44.5% of the youth believe that their parents make them happy, followed by friends and partners.
Being happy and achieving success are the most important in life.

  • Hindustan Times Youth

Survey, 2011
8. They are redefining their relationship with my parents
9. My parents are my friends
10. And they are not afraid to embrace their culture
11. Go Desi is the new slogan
12. 13. They are moving beyond their lineage
The youth today is exploring new avenues and spaces. From personal choices to professional decisions, they are moving beyond the traditional strong hold ties.
14. And this is visible in their choice of
role models
15. Role models
The top three role models amongst the youth are SachinTendulkar, A P J Abdul Kalam and Shahrukh Khan.
These are all the outsiders taming unfamiliar terrain who started from scratch and blazed a fresh trail.
-Hindustan Times Youth
Survey, 2011
16. To experiment with unconventional career options
Their job expectationsinclude an opportunity to experiment with new skills, followed by an interesting workplace.
From Mumbai, nearly 64 % the students from the age of 12 -18 want to become reporters, advertisers, TV anchors and even radio jockeys.
- Hindustan Times Youth
Survey, 2011
17. The 6 subject curriculum is pass
Schools and colleges have moved beyond the class room to offer a variety of courses range from Pet Care and entrepreneurship, nature photography, organic gardening , social entrepreneurship, art appreciation courses etc.
18. Rising aspirations of the small towns
19. The young in Kolkata and Kochi are more money minded than their counterparts in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.
Kolkata (77 %) has the highest number of students using internet.
74%students from mini-metros want to go abroad as compared to66% in metros.
-Hindustan Times Youth
Survey, 2011
20. Youngsters in small towns are more open to pre marital sex as compared to their counter parts in the top five cities. 9out of 10 women in the age group of 18 -21 in Indore said they had premarital sex.
With respect to drugs, 37% males and 32% females in Bhubaneswar want marijuana legalised. This is in sharp contrast to 85% Mumbaites who want it banned across India.
21. The youth isnot rebellious
22. For 80% of the youth the definition of adventure is fun and exciting as opposed to 18% for whom it is risky and dangerous.
90% of the youth does not drink while about 87% do not smoke. Approximately 45% believes that Marijuana should be banned.
- TGI survey 2009
23. They've employed tact instead of tantrum, deftly weaving their way around tradition.
24. They are individualistic and opinionated
25. Because they are not ignorant
26. More than 50% of youth read newspapers for 15 minutes.
They are aware of the aboutthe multi-faceted problemslurking in India andbelieve in contributing to the society.
27. They are thenew age social entrepreneurs
28. Several entrepreneurs like Manoj Kumar Mandelia who devised a solution to deal with wastewater management and producing electricity, SwetaMangal who established Dial L For Life or Rajnish Jain who supplies cooking gas extracted from pine needles to people in Uttarakhand have emerged in various parts of India.
This has encouraged programmes such as Change Loom, Freedom of expression movement which encourage and support social action by young people across India.
29. Video
30. This generationwants to strike it rich and
strike it fast
31. But its important what their family perceives andthinks of what they are doing.
-TGI survey 2009
32. They are the responsible hedonists
33. Thank you